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A toaster-oven can actually be a great and versatile appliance in every kitchen because it will be used for baking, broiling, reheating or defrosting and much more depending on how you want to prepare your food. In fact, a toaster-oven produces less heat and its energy-efficient hence this means that it will keep your kitchen cool while saving electric-energy compared to regular ovens. However, shopping or choosing the right toaster-oven can be a great journey of discovery since you need to consider the features, price and quality of the oven in relation to your needs. In fact, this is why I have provided you with some of the features to consider when it comes to finding or choosing the toaster-oven that can fulfill all your kitchen needs.

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  • Decide whether you need countertop oven or a model that can be mounted under the cabinet: in case you value portability then choose a countertop toaster since such a model can be stored away from the counter when not in use. In fact, a countertop oven does not require any installation procedures. On the other hand, if you want to free-up counter space in the kitchen then you can choose a wall-mountable or built-in toaster oven.
  • Measure the space where the toaster-oven will be placed: it is very important to measure the space where toaster oven will be placed or stored before choosing or buying one. This is important because it will enable you to know the actual dimensions of a toaster-oven you need to choose when making a purchase.
  • Choose a convection toaster-oven: some toaster-ovens are equipped with a convection feature which helps to speed-up the cooking process because it reduces on the overall cooking-time. However, convection-ovens are a bit expensive but they will produce great results when it comes to cooking food.
  • Consider the size of the toaster-oven: the size of a toaster-oven is an important factor when making a choice. In case you have limited counter-space then have to buy an average sized oven but not a very small oven that may not satisfy your cooking needs. In fact, you should also consider what you are going to use the toaster-oven for and how much counter-space you have.
  • Measure the distance from the power-outlet to where the toaster-oven will placed or used: measuring the distance from the nearest power-outlet to where the toaster-oven will be used is very important because it will enable you to choose a toaster-oven with a cord long enough to reach the power-outlet. On other hand, try to avoid choosing a toaster-oven with a short cord because it may require you to use a power-extension and this can cause a fire hazard when using it with an oven. However, it’s recommended to look for a location in the kitchen that is closer to a power-outlet so that you can be able to the toaster-oven directly into the wall for best results.
  • Consider the toaster-oven features: it is good to consider the features of toaster-oven basing on your individual needs. you can choose a small-oven to free-up space in the kitchen or a large-oven in order to expand your cooking options, you may choose a toaster-oven with settings that enable you to warm, defrost or reheat food in case you are looking for an alternative to using a microwave, choose a toaster-oven with a broil-setting in case you frequently cook meat, consider buying a toaster-oven with a light inside because i t will enable you to see the food-progress while cooking and there are also several features to consider when choosing a toaster-oven as long as they meet your personal needs.
  • Make some research on toaster-ovens: try to make some research online and in consumer publications in order to get reviews and extra-information on different toaster-oven models on the market because this will enable you to make the right choice when purchasing a toaster-oven.
  • Check whether a toaster oven features digital or twist-dial controls: it very important to know whether a toaster-oven uses digital or twist dial controls because this will enable you make the right choice depending on your personal preference. In fact, some people like the standard twist dial controls while others prefer new digital-controls but both controls will get job done. However, both control-options have advantages and disadvantages so you need to take not of what people say about each control option before making a choice.
  • Consider ease of cleaning: it is very important to think about how easy it is to clean a toaster-oven when making a selection. Some toaster-ovens can become quite dirty and messy after use so it is best to choose a toaster-oven that is easy to clean. Look-out for features that make a toaster-oven easy to clean like slide-out crumb-trays and non-stick interiors.
  • Consider the quality of a toaster-oven: it is recommended to consider the quality of a toaster-oven when choosing one. This is because most toaster-ovens today are made in china and there quality is not good especially the lower-end toaster-ovens. This means that you may have to replace lower-end models sooner compared to high-end toaster-oven models. So it is recommended to choose a good-quality, high-end toaster oven for best results.
  • Consider the safety-levels of a toaster oven: it is very important to take note of safety when choosing a toaster-oven because most people complain about toaster-oven exteriors getting quite hot while cooking. In fact, the reason as to why some toaster-ovens heat-up more than others is in the difference of the insulation and materials used. cheaper toaster-ovens are actually made with light and thin materials which make them really hot when cooking while expensive high-end toaster oven are built with heavier and thick materials which makes them well insulated and heat-resistant when cooking.
  • Choose a toaster-oven with a timer: try to choose a toaster-oven with a cooking-timer coupled with the ability to automatically turn-off because such ovens will prevent food from getting burnt and even mitigate potential fires thus making them a safer option to use in your kitchen.

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