How To Choose An Air Purifier For Allergies

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Choosing an air purifier may not be such a big task but if you know nothing about choosing one then you sure will find it difficult finding a good one or the best one most especially if you are looking out for an air purifier for allergies. Allergies move in the air that is why some people call them air borne which makes owning an air purifier such a big necessity if you want to get rid of allergies. When it comes to choosing an air purifier for allergies there are number of things that you need to put into mind in order to have the best results and these are exactly what we are about to look at now. We are simply tackling those really important factors that will help you if you are choosing the best air purifier for allergies.

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  • Know what specifically your allergy is: there is no way you can look for an air purifier for an allergy you don not even know about which means the very first you must is have a test with doctor the you can know the perfect air purifier for the particular particle that you are allergic to. Buying just any air purifier for allergies might be a waste of money because different air purifiers eliminate different particles in the air.
  • Find out the difference between different allergies and what the air purifier removes: for some particles using an air purifier will basically not help so you need to be careful to check out what the air purifier is designed to remove. Buying an air purifier for particles that are large and heavy such as pollen and dust mites is almost useless because such particles have a tendency of quickly settling in case of any disturbance so the air purifier is will not capture anything. On the other hand smaller and lighter particles like smoke, mold spores and pet allergies that loiter in the air can entirely and easily be trapped into an air purifier.
  • Stay away from ozone generators: if you have any sort of allergy it is best advised that you completely avoid ozone generators reason being the have been found to cause or worsen respiratory problems. They are such a great cause of respiratory infections that is why the environmental protection agency has put a warning against their use.
  • HEPA air filters are the best for allergies: you will possibly not find a good quality air purifier for allergies that does not use HEPA filters,this is because HEPA filters are designed to remove at least 99% of the particles as small as 0.3 microns. You however need to take care to replace the filter every after the directed time to maintain its effectiveness. Some HEPA filters are designed to replaced after six months, some after one year and others after three years.
  • Avoid ionic filters: just like ozone generators, iconic filters are also not much recommended because it is not that easy to find one that works that efficiently. Air purifiers with ionic filters use electronic ions to capture particles and once these ions are released into the air some particles will fall on the floor and others will get stuck on to the walls. Such filters have also been found to discharge ozone though in very small amounts but they are still not suggested for people suffering from allergies.
  • Make research about the air purifier: the only way you can if the purifier is good enough is buying sparing some time to good research about the product. This will help you find which particles the air purifier can remove the air, how best to use it and from people’s reviews you will more confidence about the particular air purifier that you want to try out.
  • Cost of maintenance: just like you do when buying the regular purifiers that are not designed for allergies, when you are choosing an air purifier for allergies you must also put its cost into consideration. Greatly think about the prices of replacement because in one way or another you will still have to replace them, also think about how often you need to buy new replacement filters then you will realize if it is the perfect choice to make or not.
  • Noise output: some air purifiers for allergies produce only a reasonable amount of noise that is bearable while others have the sleep mode that allows quiet operation so to avoid being disturbed by noise or even irritating others around you it is best to select an air purifier that it not too loud.
  • Simplicity of changing the filters:it is really frustrating when you try to replace a filter and have to pull tools out to do, on that note the best air purifier should make it extremely for you to replace the filters. Such an air purifier will leave you with completely nothing to worry about.
  • Weight and portability of the air purifier: you can inhale allergens from any room in your house so keeping the air purifier in just your bedroom is more of wastage of time. You should therefore select an air purifier that is light and one with handles to make it easy for you to move it from one room to another. Since whole house air purifiers are overly expensive considering an air purifier that you can easily transfer to any room of your choice is better option.
  • Outgassing: an air purifier that releases any bad gasses or emits ozone are never recommended as they can be extremely dangerous both to people with or without allergies. Make sure that you choose an air purifier which does not expel any dangerous substance for the good of your health.
  • Warranty: air purifiers with longer warranty period are definitely the best choice because they provide peace of mind. A really good air purifier should have warranty of not less than five years.

In conclusion, much as an air purifier can be of great in eliminating allergens the very first thing you must always do is thoroughly clean and vacuum your home. The sanitation in your home is number factor is determining whether you will suffer allergies or not. Also do not forget to cover yourself well before cleaning to prevent inhaling any particles.

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