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Rugs can actually make your room look neat and amazing but they can be expensive and at times delicate to handle. So, by knowing how to clean rugs, you will be able to preserve their nature/look for a longer period of time. On the other hand for extensive treatment of more valuable and delicate rugs made of wool or hand-knotted, a rug/carpet care professional will be required. However, most rug-maintenance can be done at home and this may include; regular-vacuuming, removal of dusts and insect, prompt treatment of spills and stains in order to keep your rug in a perfect condition. Below are some of the ways you clean and maintain a rug in order to keep it in proper condition.

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  1. Clean the stains/spots immediately after a spill: you need to clean-off the stains/spots as soon as they appear on your rug but you must always first test your rug with a damp white-cotton-towel in order to ensure that the rug-colors don’t bleed. Additionally, never allow a rug to dry over the floor because this may cause damage to the floor and lead to a permanent water-damage. On the other hand, avoid using carpet-shampoo on wool-rugs and always check the rug-label before using any spot-cleaners and rug-shampoos. however, if you use a spot-cleaner or shampoo to clean your rug, then make sure that you rinse it out thoroughly because if there is any soap-residue left within the rug then it may attract dirt.
  1. Blot the spilled-area and remove any solid-debris gently scraping the rug: you will have to blot the spillage on the rug by using a clean, white, 100-percent cotton dry-towel. After, press the cloth down very hard over the spillage and do this repeatedly while turning the folded-towel over again until it absorbs as much moisture as possible. However, when blotting the affected-spot move the towel in lines and never rub in a circular motion because this will damage the fibers and construction of your rug.
  1. Clean/treat your rug according to the type of spill: if your rug contains mud and mild stains, then it can simply be treated by blotting-dry and vacuuming. it contains more complicated and serious stains then it requires some chemical cleaning-solutions in order to remove the dyes staining your rug. Additionally, a light-detergent and ammonia will help to remove any debris and even disinfect a rug but only use these ammonia-products in non-wool rugs.
  1. Use a fan to dry-up your rug: dry-up the rug by using a fan while exposing the affected-area as much as possible to the air-stream to aid in the evaporation of moisture quickly. In fact, never allow your rug to dry in the open-sun because photo-bleaching may ruin the colors within the rug and even cause degradation of fibers. Likewise, don’t allow the rug to dry on the floor and if you happen to experience a major water-damage, then try seeking professional help.



  • Vacuum the rug regularly: in order to properly maintain your rug, flip-it upside down and vacuum the back-section for at least once in a month. Additionally, vacuuming the back while using a beater or bar/rotating brush will help to push out the dirt trapped deep-down towards the top of your rug. In fact, you will also need to flip the rug’s other side up and then vacuum-out the dirt. However, only use suctions at the front of wool-rugs but for synthetic-rugs you may use the beater bar/rotating brush on both the front and back. Lastly, don’t vacuum the fringe or tassels because they are delicate materials that can easily be tangled into the vacuum’s beater bar or even ripped-off by the suction. So, fluffing them by hand is just enough to keep them clean.
  • Rotate your rug to even-out tear and wear: you should actually know that foot traffic-patterns can create tracks into the pattern and fibers of the rug but this can be prevented by rotating the area-rug regularly in order to avoid the formation of unwanted wear or tear. Likewise, in case any furniture is resting over the rug, then consider moving this furniture regularly in order to avoid impressions or uneven fading on your rug.
  • Roll rugs for storage and moving: rolling your rug before moving or storing it helps to prevent creases and folds from forming within the rug. Additionally, it’s even much easier to break-down, move or store your rug when it’s rolled-up. Likewise, in case you’re transporting the rug for steam-cleaning or dry-cleaning, then you will need to roll it beforehand.
  • Restore the carpet color and shine by using dilute white-vinegar: dilute vinegar as 1-part to 3-parts of water and then blot gently in the direction of the carpet/rug-pile with a sponge. in fact, don’t soak the carpet but simply damp it and after allow it to air-dry while avoiding exposure to the sun because this can bleach its colors.
  • Sprinkle borax over your rug in order to remove any insect-infestation: shampooing and steam-cleaning not effective at controlling insect infestations. So use borax over the rug because it naturally coats and degrades the exoskeletons of insects and also destroys eggs and larvae. Additionally, sprinkle borax on the rug and wait for approximately 20-minutes then vacuum-up the rug. However, make sure that there are no pets near your rug because they could potentially inhale the borax which is actually a mildly-toxic irritant.



When using any type of spot-remover, always put this spotter on a white cotton-cloth and then blot the stained section on the rug. In fact, applying the spot-remover directly onto the rug makes it difficult to remove the spot and may even lead to a permanent stain.

In case a rug is soaked, then just dry it up as much as you can and after take it to professional-cleaner. In fact, water-damage can’t be treated or reversed at home without any significant care, expertise and cleaning-tools.

If your rug gets a perishable spillage, then you should carefully rinse the affected area with mild-detergent and water in order to prevent spreading or souring of residue.

For tough-stains that may require treatment with ammonia, just consider taking your rugs to a professional-cleaner in order to carefully remove such stains.

Try using an approved vacuum and filter-bag to remove dust form your carpet or rug because such vacuum-cleaners are highly efficient at removing potential toxic-dust.

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