How To Clean Your Carpets

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Carpets add that really beautiful and appealing appearance in our homes but because of the how much we step on them, pets play hang on them and trips of food and drinks that fall onto the carpet every day they can get really dirty. A dirty carpet makes your home look filthy and shows how unhygienic you are as a person which is why you must learn how to clean it. A carpet with too much dirt and dust will eventually cause respiratory diseases. Having the right products and procedure will make cleaning your carpet really easy, of course depending on how dirty the carpet is, on that note I have come up with some really helpful ways that you can use to clean your carpet without taking too much time and effort.

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Vacuum the carpet:One really effective method for cleaning the carpet is vacuuming that is why it is coming in as number one on this list, here is how you should go about it.

Pick any large debris from the carpet: this is a very good way of preparing and preventing any large items from blocking suction as you vacuum. If you see any papers, your kid’s toys, or whatever else you see can be removed with your hands then pick it up. Try to look carefully around the whole room as some small items could be hidden under or behind furniture so check every single spot before you actually start vacuuming.

Begin with problematic areas: most of the dust will collect around the corners, edges of the carpet and areas on which furniture sits but the vacuum without a nozzle attachment will not clean those areas well. Therefore connect the nozzle attachment to clean such hard to reach areas, if the nozzle cannot get under furniture and spot that those areas of the carpet are dirty, use a crevice tool to clean those areas.

Vacuum the rest of the carpet both vertically and horizontally: while vacuuming horizontally, move the vacuum cleaner forward and backward and make strokes close enough so that you do not leave some areas of the carpet with dust. Then turn over and also vacuum vertically using the same technique you used while vacuuming horizontally.

Endeavor to vacuum the carpet once a week: this is not so easy but it is for the good of your carpet as it will make the carpet look good every time and make deep cleaning of the carpet easy for you. The areas which usually get heavily dirty should be cleaned on daily basis while those that get slightly dirty can be cleaned just once a week.

Cleaning the carpet using steam:

The pressure of steam is also very effective in getting the carpet thoroughly clean so this is another really simple way of making the carpet clean.

Organize the room to make it ready for cleaning:to get the best results when steam cleaning it is better to put out all the furniture so that there is completely nothing left of the carpet. If you cannot carry heavy furniture out of the room then just push it off the carpet.

Remove spots and vacuum the carpet: carefully vacuum the carpet paying more attention to the corners and edges, it is also very important that you remove any stains before steam cleaning or else they will become even tougher to remove. This is simply a way of preparing your carpet for vacuum cleaning.

Grab your steam cleaner to begin steam cleaning the carpet:steam clean the carpet making sure that you do not leave out a single spot un-cleaned. If you are planning to steam the carpet by yourself please read the product’s manual carefully to know how to use it well.

Leave the carpet for some minutes to get damp: ensure that the last spot you clean with steam is right next to the door so that you can walk out without stepping where you have finished cleaning. Leave the door open or window open so that it can aerate and do not allow anyone to get into the room.

Fill the machine’s water tank with hot water and some detergent: add just a little bit of soap because too much will not be easy for you to rinse away and if you are not lucky enough it may cause damage to the machine and carpet.

Use an extractor to suck water out of the carpet: while pulling the machine up water is removed so make sure you pull the extractor very slowly. The slower, the more water is removed from the carpet.

Leave the carpet to dry: if most of the moisture was sucked out of the carpet before, it will take less time to dry. If you have cleaned in the morning leave the room un-occupied throughout the day to give enough time for the carpet to dry well, also leave the air conditioner set to medium.

Removing spots from the carpet:

However much you clean the carpet, spots need their own time to come off completely, there is no way the carpet will look clean if it has spots all over.

Get a clean plain white cloth or paper towel: the essence of using something plain white is to avoid any other colors from staining the carpet even further with dye.

Test the product you are about to use: try out the product to find out what its reaction with your carpet will be. Some cleaners may react badly with your carpet but enzyme based cleaners are definitely the best when it comes to removing spots.

Rub the areas with spots: pour a reasonable amount of the product onto the cloth or paper towel and gently rub that area that has a spot. Applying too much of the product will not make the stain come off faster so only use what is enough. Also use less pressure since pressing too much can instead force the stain further into the carpet.

Finish up by rinsing the carpet: rinsing does not mean pour water on to the carpet to get it soaked but rather grab a fresh clean cloth and deep it in clean plain water. You can then rub over the area to remove any remaining soap and allow the place to dry.

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