How To Cook A Slow Cooked Ham

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When preparing for holiday or picnics, you will probably want to go with several food stuffs which means your oven will be extremely busy, this is when the slow cooker becomes really efficient. Instead of wasting a lot of time waiting to bake your ham in the oven, simply do it in the slow cooker and trust me it will come out extremely tasty and delicious. With very little preparation needed, cooking ham in the slow cooker takes up little or no energy at all since it is super simple. Ham can be served as any meal because of its easy preparation so you can have it for dinner, lunch or even breakfast if you wish. I am just glad I can share with you some of the ways in which you can make a slow cooked ham and enjoy your holiday even much more than you would have.

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  • Apply cooking spray into the slow cooker: some slow cookers have really sticky interiors so you will need to apply some cooking spray top prevent ham from sticking inside.
  • Put ham into the slow cooker and place the lid: the flat side of the ham is the side you should place on the bottom. Close the lid or place aluminum foil first to maximize sealing heat into the slow cooker.
  • Cook on high setting: one hour is enough to perfectly cook your ham if you are using the high setting. Many times people love to cook on low setting but this time round the high setting will be more appropriate at this stage.
  • Adjust to low setting: after an hour of cooking the ham, switch the slow cooker into low setting and let it heat for about four or five hours. Keep alert so that you can check on your ham immediately after the required time.
  • Add your favorite coating: this is not a must so you can as well do without it but ham tastes much better with coating or glaze especially if it is your favorite one. This should be done in the very last hour or 30 minutes just before cooking time is done.
  • Cool rest ham on cutting board: get your ham out of the slow cooker and put on a chopping, wait a few minutes for it to cool so that you don’t burn your hands.
  • Cut ham into slices to serve: use a sharp nice to proportionally cut ham into slices and serve. With that you will be through so it is that simple.

Slow cooker honey glazed ham

Before we have seen how you can cook plain ham in the slow cooker but some people like to have a more detailed and flavored on so let us see how you can cook the honey glazed ham in a slow cooker.


  • Fully cooked spiral sliced ham
  • Quarter cup of water
  • Half cup of honey
  • Half cup of brown sugar
  • Two tablespoons ground cloves
  • Two tables spoons of Dijon mustard

Place ham in the slow cooker: the ham should go first into the slow cooker’s cooking pot.

Heat the glaze: your glaze is a mixture of honey, cloves, mustard, brown sugar and water, mix all these ingredients well in a small saucepan and heat on high heat. Do not let it stay too long because all you need is for sugar to dissolve so just make it warm.

Add mixture into the slow cooker: try to pour it over in between ham slices to make sure that each slice gets the glaze. Evenly distribute it over all the slices to have the same flavor throughout.

Cook the ham: you can use either the low setting for six to eight hours or the low setting for four to eight hours. Keep adding some cooking liquid to moisten the ham after every two hours though be very careful so that heat does not escapetoo much from the slow cooker.

Serve the ham: you have two options at this stage either to serve the ham as soon as it has cooked in the slow cooker or go ahead and broil the ham. So if you are choosing to continue below are the steps.

  • Preheat the broiler as soon as you get ham out of the slow cooker
  • Put ham into a dish that is safe to be placed into the oven
  • Heat cooking liquid in a small sauce pan using medium or high heat for about five to seven minutes or until the liquid gets really thick.
  • Smear cooking liquid on to ham and put into preheat broiler for just four or five minutes. Remember to keep moistening ham with glaze after each minute, this will make it tastier.

Slow cooker maple brown sugar ham

Another really great way to make ham in the slow cooker is with maple syrup and brown sugar. This procedure only takes five minutes so do not worry about wasting too much of your time so with the simple procedure that I will give you, there is absolutely no way you will go wrong.


  • Spiral cut, bone in ham
  • Quarter tea soon of powdered black pepper
  • Whole cloves
  • Two table spoons on Dijon mustard
  • One and a half cup of pineapple juice.

Make your glaze mixture: in this case you will be mixing maple syrup, pineapple juice, Dijon mustard and pepper. Use a whisker to properly whisk them all in small bowl.

Put ham into the slow cooker: first you place in the slow cooker is the ham and then pour brown sugar evenly on all side of the ham.  Try to rub in deeply on all sides.

Add pineapple juice and cloves: place the cloves on top of ham until it all covered in and then pour pineapple juice over it.

Place the lid and cook: cover up the slow cooker and cook ham on low heat setting for a period of four to five hours in each and every hour remember to moisten.

In conclusion, above are three different ways in which you can cook ham in the slow cooker so it is up to you to pick on that is your favorite for those special days you are about to attend.

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