How To Cook Without A Food Processor

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Everyone would love the convenience of using a food processor to cook but not everyone is in place to afford it or sometimes you have one but power might be gone or the machine itself might be not be in perfect condition to perform. So in such situations you must always have an option for whatever you want to prepare. With the simple methods that I am about to provide you will realize that cooking without a food processor is a very good solution for boredom and even though it a bit slower than when you use a food processor it is much more interesting. In this post I have provided really amazing cooking options you can try out instead of using a food processor.

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  • Using a sieve to puree: you can puree your tomatoes or anything else you want to puree through a wire sieve. To puree tomatoes, you will get better results if you simmer the tomatoes for some minutes so that can easily pass through the sieve. Another option for pureeing is a blender it also does a great job.
  • Using a mortar and pestle: getting a fine texture for items that seem hard like garlic, onions or nuts simply place them in the mortar and crush using the pestle until you get them to the texture you want. The more you crush the better the flavor you will get.
  • Using a rolling pin: a rolling pin is one really multi-purpose tool, you will be surprised by how many tasks it can help you achieve. Some of the things that it can do include, making paste whereby you just place the nuts in a plastic bag that seals well and crush. It can also be used to make crumbs from biscuits and really dry stale bread, here you will use the same crushing method but you will need to filter off the larger particles through a sieve so that get the fine crumbs sand crush the rest.
  • Using a coffee mill: for crushing and dry ingredients like herbs and grains, using a coffee is a very effective method however to prevent your ingredients from smelling coffer you should make sure to clean off all the coffee before using the machine and as soon as you finish using the device ensure to clean it immediately.
  • Try using a grater for shredding: a commercial grade food grate is the perfect option as it does not easily rust like other regular ones. It is very good at shredding so you can use it in place of a food processor.
  • Slicing using a mandolin: it is not only a food processor that slices nicely, this simple device called a mandolin can also be of great use when you need to slice things like potatoes.
  • Manually slicing finer slicer: you can slice potatoes into the size you want to imitate the job of the julienne blade, this might take you some time but will surely be an alternative when you have no food processor.
  • Using a vegetable peeler: a vegetable peeler can also be used for slicing into very thin portions, so don’t to give up on them just because you don’t have a food processor yet they make a very good addition your side dishes. For this same function you can also use a zester.
  • Using a blender:just in case your recipe calls for mincing or chopping you can as well use a blender if you do not have a food processor. A blender is also multi-task as it can perfectly ingredients like flour, milk or any other liquid to give a very good combination.
  • Using a dough hook: one of the most difficult tasks to with your hands in making dough more so if it stiff dough for bread, pastry or stiff whisk but with a help of a dough hook it will be easier though not as easy as it would have been in the food processor. While using a dough hook you will first of all need to put your ingredients together with hands and knead some more by yourself to achieve the best results.
  • Using a meat tenderizer: when you need to grind meat for your burger, having no food processor is no excuse for to give because you can as well use a meat tenderizer to have your as tender as you want it.
  • Using a potato masher: to make thick soups and sauces consistently, a potato masher is another really good option but you will need to crush until the ingredients are as smooth as possible. After filter the soup througha sieve to get rid of any large particles that might remain.
  • Using a standard knife: people tend to minimize the importance of knives yet they can used for a wide variety of food preparations for example chopping vegetables and fruits for salads, peeling, slicing and many others that the food processor would have done. For accurately similar sizes use than a mezzaluna knife it is more consistent than a regular knife.
  • Using a whisker to whip: you can whip your butter ice cream or meringues in a whisker and have it appear the way it would if you used a food processor.
  • A mechanical mincer for grinding and mincing: some ingredients cannot be ground consistently if you are using your hand for example making minced meat, this machine will help achieve the perfect consistency for minced meat. The perfection at which the mechanical mincer minces meat is incomparable.
  • Using a mixer: to make whipped ice cream, your ingredients can perfectly can be perfectly blended in a mixer, it is also good for aerating recipes.
  • Using a wooden spoon foe kneading: before this whole new culture of cooking with food processors, people used wooden spoons to knead dough and it would come out really well.

In conclusion, the practice of cooking food using food processors has just come recently with all the technology that keeps advancing every now and then but before that people used to prepare their meals perfectly using their hands and other methods some of which I have mentioned above. Therefore much as these other methods are slower and require more effort they are still very useful so you can always have perfect dishes without necessarily having a food processor.

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