How To Create A Baby Monitor With A Cell Phone

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There is nothing that gives peace of mind like knowing your baby is safe and sound in their room and that can not only be done with a baby monitor, even with your cell phone it is super easy to keep track of your little one. Sometimes you might have a baby monitor but the distance you plan to go to is not in range with the range of your baby monitor so in such desperate you can make good use of your phone. They are two ways in which you can make a baby monitor with your cell phone giving them to you. Oh and thanks to technology there is a wide variety of applications that will help your to monitor you baby when you are a distance away from your home.

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This is the software method and it works for smart phones because they are the only ones that can access Wi-Fi internet. If you have any smart phones kept, now is the time to pull them out and put them to use.

  • Have two phones: make sure that both phones are accessing the same Wi-Fi to make get easier for them to connect.
  • Download a monitoring application: when you go over the internet you will find several baby monitoring applications so it is up to you to choose on that you feel will best work for you. Make sure that both of the phones that you want to use have the same application.
  • Create a set up: just like you set the real baby monitor, one of the phones should be used as the camera so set it up with the camera facing towards your baby’s bed. Place it somewhere not too near the crib but also not so far from it because you must able to clearly view your baby and also hear any sound that they make.
  • Watch your baby on your phone: the phone you just set up will act as your monitor you however need to be very prepared by endeavoring to check that you have perfectly connected to the internet and that the phone either has enough battery on plug it into power.
  • Check security features: before you can go ahead and watch your baby’s video check in to the security features of both phones and customize them to make sure you are the only one who watches your baby. If your privacy settings are not activated your baby’s videos and audios might spread to too many people.



This is a more manual way of creating a baby monitor with your cell phone and much as it is quite more bothering than the software method, it still does help. One thing about this method though is that you need only use it if you are not moving far away from your baby’s room, it must be within a short distance for example if you want to take a shower. But if you are going far away do not bother using it. Let us see how to go about it;

  • Get two cell phones:Look for the mute or silent function on one of the phones and activate it and then put the other into loud speaker as far as I know, every cell phone even if it is not a smart phone will at least have these features so do not feel left out just because you do not have a smart phone.
  • Place one of the cell phones on your baby’s crib: the best place you could put the phone is probably on the stand of the crib so the phone that is in loud speaker should be placed on the baby’s crib while you the parent should take one that is muted.
  • Make a call between the phones: as you carry the phone that has been muted and to connect that two phones you should make a call.
  • Test your effort: try check that what you just did worked before walking away, if the connection was successful you will get must be able to hear any noise from your baby yet your baby cannot hear anything coming from the phone.


There are very many baby monitoring applications so I will give you just a few of them so that you know which to look for when you go download one for your baby.

  • Dormi for android: for android phones, you can always download this application from Google, it is a very nice and reliable reason being the moment you down load it, you can use it forever. It offers both images for those of you who want a video monitor and can also act as an audio monitor. This application uses both mobile networks and Wi-Fi can operate even from a distance. If you are using your phone for anything and baby makes a sound you get a vibration notification.
  • Cloud baby monitor for iTunes: now this one is much more reliable the android one because it does not just record videos and audios but also makes notifications for movement or any small noises. With this application signal is encrypted to make sure that no one hears anything from your baby besides yet it also allows you to sing or talk back to the little angel.
  • Baby monitor for both android and iPhones: this is another great application for both iPhones and android phones and it works through vibration notifications. It transfers, audios, videos as well as snap shots from the nursery.


  • Make sure that phones are fully charged because walking because if any of them blacks out you will not be able to monitor your baby.
  • The phone you leave in the baby’s is room should be on low volume because any loud sound will instead disturb baby’s sleep and prevent them from resting peacefully.
  • Do not leave your baby alone for too long, much as you are monitoring them , it is no big excuse for you to relax and sit back for too long. You must be able to attend to the baby in the least possible time always.

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