How To Create Your Own Logo – Short Course

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In the past, creating a logo for a website/blog required purchasing and downloading a logo-making software before creating a desired logo. However, today things have really changed whereby there are several online logo-makers that will enable you create a logo in a just a few second’s compared and old offline logo-makers. So, in this article i will list and show you how the different online logo-makers operate and most of these logos are free of charge in case you want to use few features. However, if you want to use all the features in a given online logo-maker then you will need to pay an upgrade-fee. All in all, below is a list of some the best online logo-makers that will help you create a logo in quickly;

A Detailed List Of The Best Online Logo-Makers:



    Free Logo Design is an online logo-maker that will enable website-builders, bloggers, entrepreneurs, freelancers and other internet-users create professional looking logos in just a few minutes. In fact, the logos created with Free Logo Design can be used on your website, business-posters and a lot more.


Steps to follow when creating a logo with Free Logo Design:

  1. Select and type the name for your business and choose a category: the first thing you will need to do is to type in your company-name in the first-field and afterwards choose a category in which a company falls under. So, below is an illustration on how to add a company-name and choosing a category.
  2. Choose a template: after typing in your company-name and selecting a category, several logo-templates will appear below so that you can be able to choose a template that suits your company services. Afterwards, press on the “START” button in order to proceed to the customization process.
  3. Customize your logo: after selecting a logo-template, you will be immediately directed to the editing-page which will enable you to carry out several customizations on your logo as shown in the illustration below;

Note: click on “Add text” to add text into your logo, click on “Add shape” to add a preferred shape to your logo, click on “Add icon” to add an icon to your logo and you can even click on “Add logo” to add a new logo. On the other hand, you can click anywhere on your logo in order make any changes like deleting, adding new items, changing color and size and a lot more.

  1. Preview and save your logo: after making all the necessary editing on your logo, you may press on preview in order to view how your logo will look like and afterwards press on the “SAVE” button if you’re satisfied with how your logo appears as shown in the illustration below;

Below is where your logo will appear after saving it:

  1. Download your logo: after saving your logo, you will need to download it by simply pressing on the “DOWNLOAD” button in the second tab. Afterwards, you will be asked for your email-address that you will have to enter in order to receive your logo in a PNG format as shown in the illustrations below:

Below is an illustration of the page that will appear after clicking on “Download”;

Below is an illustration of a message that will be sent to you after entering your name and email-details.


So, go to your email inbox and then click on the download link that will be provided in the sent message. In fact, below is an illustration of what will happen after clicking on the download-link.

Below is my downloaded logo that is ready for use on my website. However is you what more professional logo that looks very clear then you will need to buy it.




Online Logo Maker is great logo-designing software that will enable you achieve a nice-looking logo in less than 10-minutes. in fact, the Online Logo Maker is very easy to use whereby even beginners can easily create a logo within this software and they can eve save and download the created logos. However, this software offers the user with a free-version and upgradable-version whereby it will be upon the user to select a package that works perfectly for them.

Steps to follow when creating a logo in Online-Logo-Maker:

  1. Access online-logo-maker and then press on “Start Logo Maker”: you will first need to access the home-page of online-logo-maker by clicking on this link . After accessing the home-page, click on “Start Logo Maker” and then you will be directed to the logo-creation section as shown in the illustrations below.

Below is the logo-creation page that will open-up after clicking on “Start Logo Maker”:

  1. Begin creating your logo: creating a logo can actually be a long-process if you’re using traditional offline-software. However, with online logo maker you be able to make a great look in matter of seconds. In fact, you just need to click on “ADD TEXT” in order to add text to your logo, click on “ADD SYMBOL” to add desired logo symbol or even click on “UPLOAD IMAGE” in order to upload a desired logo-image form your computer.

Below is an illustration on how to add and edit a symbol in online logo maker;

Below is an illustration on how you can edit your added symbol. In fact you can change the symbol color, position, size and a lot more.

NOTE: in case you fail to get a symbol that can work perfectly within your logo then consider uploading your own symbol/picture by simply clicking on “UPLOAD IMAGE”.

  1. Save and download the created logo: after creating your logo, click on save-icon in order to save the logo and then click on the download-icon in order to download or get your logo as shown in the illustrations below.

Below is an illustration of the page you will go-to after clicking on the download-icon.

Below is an illustration of my logo being downloaded and saved after clicking on the “Download Free” button. However, you will need to fill in your email-details for the logo-download to start.

Previewing my saved logo: after downloading and saving the created logo onto your computer, you will now be capable of viewing it. in fact, it this downloaded logo that you will place onto your blog or website. So, below is an illustration of my downloaded logo.


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