3 Ways On How To Curl Hair With Foam Rollers

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There are different hairstyles for women today but most women will always prefer trying-out curly hairstyles because they make them look beautiful and attractive. in fact, it’s very easy to style curly hair while using foam-rollers and you will even be able to protect your hair form hot-rollers and curling irons when using foam-rollers. On the other hand, foam-rollers are actually spongy cylinders that can easily be placed into your hair in order to create attractive and gorgeous curls which are just perfect for any occasion. So, below are some of the steps that you can follow when using foam-rollers to create curls within your hair.

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  1. Clean-up your hair: you will need to shampoo and condition your hair in order to remove any dirt from it and to make it gentle enough for styling. Try cleaning your hair around bedtime so that it gets plenty of time to dry-out during the night. Additionally, consider using the right hair-products depending on your hair-type in order to achieve the best styling results.


  1. Gently dry-up your hair: you will have to towel-dry all your hair after cleaning it in order to remove any excess water from it. In fact, never rub your hair with a towel as you dry it out but instead pat it dry in order to avoid damaging the hair-strands.


  1. Comb through your hair: after drying-out your hair completely, gently brush or comb through it while using a hairbrush in order to remove any tangles from it. On the other hand, you may use a wide-toothed comb if you have longer hair so that you don’t break or split the hair-ends. On top of that, you should consider applying a detangling hairspray just before starting to comb through your hair for best results.


  1. Blow-dry or air-dry your hair: after combing throughout your hair, consider blow-drying it but with extra care until it loses almost half its moisture. However, make sure that your hair is damp enough for styling but not so wet because it dry-out and hold into the curls causing tangles.



  1. First roll the bangs: you will have to first pull-out your bangs and then prep them with a quarter-size dab or sprits of any setting mousse or lotion. Place the mousse onto your fingertips and then run through the bangs. Afterwards, position the foam-roller under the bangs at about 2-inches from the hair-tips because this will provide you with enough hair to wind around in order to catch-in the foam-roller. You will need to continue wrapping hair around the foam-roller until it touches your scalp and consider tightening the hair within the foam-roller in order to prevent it from loosening-up as you wait or sleep.


  1. Divide the remaining hair into 5-sections: you then have to divide the rest of the hair into 5-sections while using claw-clips to keep each section separate. In fact, you have to create the top-section, 2 side-sections and 2 back-sections in order to make the curling process much easier.


  1. Roll-up the top-section: begin rolling the top-section while making even-rows and using large foam-rollers. Additionally, try to section your hair roughly the width of the foam-roller but the amount of hair to roll will depend on how many you wish to create within your hair. Afterwards, consider prepping your hair with more setting mousse or lotion while ensuring that the entire length of hair on each foam-roller is coated. On the other hand, if you want to create ringlets, you have to position your foam-rollers vertically as you wind hair inwards while for softer and fuller curls you will need to position the foam-rollers horizontally.


  1. Roll-up hair on the sides: get your foam-rollers and then begin rolling hair on the sides until all sections are worked upon. In fact, it’s recommended to use large-to-medium foam roller when rolling-up hair on the sides for best styling results.


  1. Roll the hair at the back-section: after rolling-up all the hair on the sides, start rolling hair at the back of your head but make sure that you switch form medium to small foam-rollers as you get closer to the neck-line for best curling results. Additionally, try to make sure that all the hair is rolled-up by either into a mirror as you rollout hair most especially at the back-section.


  1. Prevent the outer-curls from getting any unsightly dents at the top: you actually need to prevent outer-curls from getting any unsightly dents or crimps at the top by simply repositioning the clasp from the top-section of the curl to the bottom after fastening the foam-roller. Afterwards, you have to anchor the roller enclosure using a bobby-pin or an aluminum duckbill clip. When all the hair has been properly rolled, go to sleep and consider removing foam-rollers the next morning.



  1. Unsnap and remove the foam-rollers form hair: you will have to unsnap and gently remove each roller from your hair in the morning. Additionally, if you want to create a tousled and carefree look then you will need to lightly run your finger-tips through the curled-hair because this will be just enough to loosen-up the curls in order to achieve that great look. On the other hand, if you want to use a hairbrush, then just consider touching-up the hair-ends of each curl for best styling results.


  1. Set your curls with a hairspray: after removing the foam-rollers form your hair, consider setting the curled-hair with a recommended hold and shine-enhancing hairspray in order to keep the curls in shape all day long and to achieve that fabulous new look.


  1. Try checking-out yourself in the mirror: after styling-up your hair into gorgeous curls, consider checking-out yourself in a mirror in order to make sure that all the hair has been styled perfectly and if not, then you will have to restyle the sections that weren’t worked upon well in the morning.



  • Consider tying a bandana or hand-kerchief around the rolled-up hair in order to keep it into place all night along. But be careful during the tying process so that you don’t loosen-up the rolled-hair.


  • Try spraying individual hair-sections with water before you start prepping and wrapping all hair into foam-rollers. This will help to moist hair abit incase it dries out fast.


  • Consider twisting your hair just before wrapping it onto foam-rollers if you want to achieve a spiral look or spiral-curls.

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