How To Do A Jack Knife Sit Up Exercise

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How To Do A Jack Knife Sit Up Exercise

In this century, more people are being advised to go for different exercises in order to improve their health. Today, people have bad eating habits and even their diets are not that good and this has leads to a steady decline in health leading to several diseases. However, the only medicine to avoiding all these diseases is going healthy diet that is complimented with useful exercises. One of the amazing exercises usually recommended by doctors today is the sit-ups and these exist in different types. in this article, i have decided to talk about the jack-knife sit-ups and the steps you can follow to them but you also remember that these sit-ups are a great, low-impact exercise that helps to strengthen the abdomen muscles and will even help you achieve that six-pack looks.



  • Get into the starting position by lying flat over the floor with the legs straight: begin by lying on the floor after placing there at least an exercise mat or carpet so that you can feel a little bit comfortable.
  • Extend the arms straight backwards behind the head: after lying comfortably on the floor, stretch your arms straight backwards behind the head but leave the other body-parts the way they are.
  • Raise both arms and legs so that they can meet the top of the jackknife position: at the peak of rising, you should try to balance only on your bottom and the legs must be straight at around 35 to 45 degrees from the floor while the arms should be parallel to the legs. Try to exhale as you perform this exercise step.
  • Inhale air and then lower both arms and legs up to the starting position. Be slow and gentle as you lower the legs and arms because this greatly helps to work out your muscle which is the main aim as to why you are doing this particular exercise. Do not let gravity to the work for your legs and arms as you lower them because this means that you won’t gain from the exercise.
  • Repeat the whole process inorder to make the exercise more effective but try not to overwork yourself because you may end up injuring yourself. If you are just a beginner and it’s your first to do this exercise, then start at a slow pace then increase on the intensity with time as the body becomes much stronger and adaptive.



  • Try using an exercise ball: to make this exercise more of a challenge, do it with an exercise ball. Begin by lying with the stomach on the ball then slowly walk with your hands until the ball reaches under your ankles.
  • Exhale and gently bend at your knees inorder to bring the ball in towards the torso. Don’t drop the hips or try arching your back. Instead, tighten the abs so that you can be able to support the body.
  • Inhale and straighten the legs until you reach the starting position. Do this process slowly inorder to work out those muscles. However, the whole process will not be easy but it will help to entirely work out the body and it’s even recommended to do this when the body is much stronger.



  • Go for 10 to 12 repetitions of this exercise per set. Do these until you have completed about 2 or 3 sets?But if you’re a beginner, you can do one set then you can increase to 2 and 3 sets as time moves on because your body will be much stronger.
  • try to keep it up over-time: if you want to start seeing or feeling results, aim at doing 2 to 3 sets for at least 4 days in a week for about 6-weeks. if you wish to achieve faster results, increase on the number of sets or times per week that you will this exercise but you must be very careful so that you don’t harm yourself.



  • This exercise will greatly increase on the strength and flexibility within your core.But this is only possible after doing it for some good time and consistently.
  • To make the jack knife sit-up exercise less of a challenge, try to bend the knees instead of keeping them straight as you raise your legs. This will work for beginners but with time you will have to make those knees straight so as to make the exercise more effective.
  • Never touch the hands or arms with the feet but instead position the arms parallel to the legs inorder to achieve a great workout.
  • Do not overwork yourself while doing this exercise but just do sets that make you feel comfortable and with time you can begin to add more reps.
  • When raising the arms and legs to a jack knife position, make sure that the arms and legs are approximately parallel to each other.
  • While you are in a jack knife position, ensure that your butt is in contact with the ground for a more effective exercise.



  • Potential injuries are likely to occur within the lower back section in case you perform this jack knife sit-up exercise incorrectly.
  • Repeat this exercise for only a recommended number of times and don’t try to over work yourself because you will end-up getting injuries.
  • If you do this exercise past the recommended number of times, this will result into muscle burn which can actually be a very painful experience. So it’s best not to push yourself too hard when doing this exercise.
  • Lastly, if you have any back problems or issues and the doctor tells you not to over use your back, then never try doing jack knife sit-ups because you may end-up greatly injuring yourself hence you should only do this exercise when your strong and healthy for best results

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