How To Do Sit Ups Properly – Detailed Instructions

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How To Do Sit Ups Fast

There are many different types of exercises today but doing sit-ups is a quick and good way of achieving stronger abdominal muscles. However, you should to start-off with the basic exercises and then try some modifications before going for traditional sit-ups which need someone to be a little bit stronger. Below are some of the steps that help to guide you through the process of doing sit-ups and they will really help you.

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  1. Begin by having the knees bent while keeping the balls of your feet and heels placed flat on to the ground. This gives your body a proper exercising angle so that you can achieve a thorough workout.
  2. Place the hands on opposing shoulders, so that the arms can be crossed over your chest or you can even place your hands behind the head. This provides you with a central rising point while doing sit-ups.
  3. Tighten the abdominal muscles gently by drawing in the belly button to the spine.This is not easy by you will get used to it after sometime.
  4. While keeping the heels on the ground and the toes flat to the ground, gently and slowly lift your head first followed by the shoulder blades.Try to focus the eyes on your bent knees while gently contracting the abdominal muscles. Pull-up from the floor until you reach at a 90-degree angle or until the elbowis on or past your knees.
  5. Hold that position for a second then slowly bring the torso back to the floor but try to keep it slightly elevated and off the ground. This actually means not to place the back flat on to the ground but instead keeping it a slight yet relaxed arch or angle.
  6. Repeat the same steps over and over again for the best results from this exercise. In fact, it’s advisable to only do 2 to 3 sit-ups if you are a beginner and then slowly increases on the number sit-ups as time moves on and as your strength increases. At the end of it all, you will hopefully lose weight while building up your muscles and this means that you actually be living a healthy life.

How To Do Sit Ups Properly


  • Oblique sit-ups: you can actually do these sit-ups while working out the sides of your abs. these will help to remove any fat from the abdomen and even facilitate in the development of strong, healthy muscles on the abdomen.
  • Bicycle sit-ups: this type of sit-up should be done incase you want to work out your legs as well. This will in turn help to make the legs much stronger and fit.
  • Reverse crunches: do these sit-ups when targeting your lower abdominal section. This type of exercise will be of great help for people with fat abdomens and wish to reduce on the size.
  • Sit-ups with an exercise ball: try to do sit-ups with the help of an exercise ball in case you want to work out your back. These sit-ups will actually help treat your back by reducing on back-pain and also help to minimize strain to your back.
  • Jack knife sit-ups: do these sit-ups if you want to work out the whole torso and even your legs. This will actually make your torso and legs to feel much stronger and healthy.
  • Military sit-ups: you should learn these sit-ups in case you wish to thoroughly workout your abs. but they are not easy and they need someone who is physically fit and healthy otherwise, you may get problems out of them.



  • Incase you get a hard time keeping the balls of your feet or heels on the ground, try to ask atleast a friend to hold them down or you may use a heavy object and then place the feet under it. This actually helps to offer you with support when attempting to bring yourself up during the workout.
  • Try to always breathe in and out while doing sit-ups because this actually helps to keep you moving until you reach your target.
  • Always be careful and even limit the first couple workouts so that you don’t get tired quickly and easily.
  • As you become stronger, try applying a Pilate’s variation to this exercise. Thismeans that instead of holding the hands behind the head or shoulders, you will instead keep them straight next to the torso and as you rise into a sit-up, glide these arms forward and after raise these arms at the same time as your torso and then stretch them forward. But during this process, keep your shoulders relaxed and try not to nod the head forward too far.
  • You should also know that moderation is the key element to any abdominal exercise since these abs are the center of your entire body. With such a principle in mind, you will probably be aware that in case you overdo these sit-ups or any other abdominal exercise, you will be most likely to experience pain in the abdominal section on your next day. This actually means that in case you are a beginner, start-out slowly and gradually increase on the number of sit-ups as your body also becomes much stronger.
  • The other tip to consider is to breath in as you sit-up and to breath out as you go back to the ground. This will greatly help in the circulation of oxygen through your body.



  • Try not to go for sit-ups incase you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis. This is because sit-ups require bending you spine and this increases stress on the bones thus putting you at risk of experiencing stress-fracture.
  • Incase you do so many sit-ups to a point whereby you feel a stinging sensation on the abdominal section, then you’re over-doing this exercise and this actually deteriorates your form meaning that you will not be performing a proper sit-up.
  • If you decide to place your hands behind the head, try not to push the head forward while lifting the torso because there is a natural tendency of doing so since it helps to lift you up easily as your abs get tired. But pushing your head forward actually strains the muscles in the neck and that’s why it recommended placing the arms elsewhere in order to keep the head out of the exercise.
  • Never try to place your forehead on the knees because this puts too much strain on to the lower back section.
  • If you can not to keep the feet on the ground or fail to secure them properly, you will be putting all the effort the thighs and these can actually give up quickly before the abs hence rendering the whole sit-up exercise completely useless.

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