How to Do Treadmill Routines

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A treadmill is a popular piece of fitness-equipment that is usually used in some homes or the gym in order to provide someone with a consistent and heart-healthy workout. In fact, you can easily and safely walk or run over a treadmill without worrying about bad-weather, harsh-terrains or road-traffic and this actually enables you to work-out more comfortably and longer in order to reach your fitness-goals. On the other hand, you a treadmill will enable you to achieve different types of workouts which include intervals-trainings routines and weight-loss training routines hence it’s up to you to choose a treadmill exercise-routine that will meet your fitness-goals.


  • Step onto the treadmill: before you begin working-out, always put on well-cushioned athletic-shoes and exercising-gear then step onto your treadmill and choose a preferred workout speed and incline. Additionally, place a 16 or 24oz. water-bottle over your treadmill in order to keep yourself hydrated and healthy while having a workout.
  • Choose between walking, running and climbing: you will now have to decide on walking, running or climbing in the next 20-to-30 minutes of your quick-routine when on a treadmill. In fact, this will help you set the pace and incline-level of your interval-based workout. In fact, if your fitness-level allows you to walk on a flat-surface then do the walking for about 30-minutes and if your fitness-level enables you to run on an inclined-surface then do that.
  • Consider calculating your maximum heart-rate: you should always aim to be at about 70% of your maximum heart-rate zone while having a workout on a treadmill and if your treadmill isn’t equipped with a heart-rate-monitor, then consider getting a heart-rate-monitoring device because it will help you exercise at aerobic-levels which is a great for your health.
  • Try warming-up for 3-to-5 minutes: when having an interval-training, it’s always recommended to warm-up by simply walking for about 3-to-5 minutes at a speed of 2mph-to-4mph before continuing with your running or climbing workout.
  • Start with 1-minute intervals: it’s recommended to begin with 1-minute intervals by simply increasing your speed between 5mph and 6mph which allows you to jog or speed-walk. If you also want to climb during your interval-training, then consider increasing the incline-level between 3%-to-4%.
  • Return to a low-workout for 2-minutes: afterwards, you should consider returning to a resting-workout which involves walking or jogging at speed of 3-to-5 mph for at least 2-minutes then continue with the interval-training.
  • Carryout 5-to-6 intervals with 2-minute rest-period in-between: its best to carry-out about 5-to-6 interval-trainings of 1-minute coupled with a 2-minute rest-period in-between and at a lower-speed. In fact, the intervals will involve increasing your workout-speed and incline in order to achieve effective fitness-results.
  • Finish your interval-training: this will involve cooling down by reducing the workout speed and incline then walk for about 5-minutes until the treadmill stops. Get of the treadmill and rest abit but you may also compliment your workout with other not-aerobic trainings like mat-exercises for more effective results.


  • Wear appropriate exercising gear: before you begin working-out, put on comfortable athletic-shoes and sports-wear then prepare your treadmill and after grab hand-weights weigh about 2-to-5lbs then place them over your treadmill. In fact, weight treadmill-routine will combine cardio-exercises with weight-training.
  • Step onto the treadmill and start warming-up: switch on your treadmill, select a preferred workout-speed and then begin warming-up by simply walking at slow-pace between 3mph-to-4mph for at least 5-minutes. as you workout, try focusing on tightening your core-muscles like your back, obliques and abs. additionally, consider lifting-up your chest slightly in order to keep the body straight as you workout.
  • Grab the weights and increase the workout-pace: after, slightly increase on your workout-pace and then grab your weights then start by carrying out bicep-curls for at least 1-minute and you walk or jog. Slowly lower and raise the weights while focusing on form as you walk and after place these weights at the front of the treadmill then rest for about 2-minutes.
  • Do some shoulder-presses: grab the weights and then bring them up over the shoulders in order to carry-out some shoulder-presses. In fact, this will involve raising your hands straight above the shoulders with weights included for about 1-minute while walking or jogging and after rest for at least 2-minutes.
  • Hang the arms at the sides with weights included: grab your weights again and then hang and swing your arms from front to back in an alternation. In fact, it’s recommended to alternate 1-hand by swinging it forward while the other is swinging backwards like with a natural walking-motion in order to achieve more effective workout-results.
  • Do a weight treadmill routine twice: you should repeat weight-exercises twice during a workout-routine while resting and cooling down for about 5-minutes in-between each weight-exercise. Additionally, you may even consider using the treadmills pre-programmed routines while holding your weights and also try alternating the routines in order to know what works best for your muscles.


  • Put-on the right exercising clothing and shoes: you will need to wear your most comfortable athletic-shoes and sports-clothing and then switch-on your treadmill and start warming-up at a slower-pace of about 2mph-to-4mph for at least 10-minutes.
  • Experiment to find your fastest comfortable workout-pace: you will have to carefully experiment with the treadmill’s speed-setting in order to find out the highest speed at which you can comfortable workout. This will actually help to increase on your workout-pace slowly whether you’re walking or running.
  • Stay or workout at a comfortable pace for 5-minutes: after finding the speed at which you can walk or run comfortably, stay at that speed for about 5-minutes and then rest abit.
  • Carryout 10-to-20 minutes of walking/running again: afterwards, run/walk again for about 10-to-20 minutes at your comfortable workout-pace in order to build your endurance and after cool-down by walking for about 5-minutes between 3mph and 4mph.
  • Increase the speed and time by 1-minutes every week: it’s recommended to try increasing on the period of time you workout by 1-minute and at a higher-speed every week for about 10-weeks. This will help you to increase on your speed and endurance in order to achieve a more effective workout.

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