How To Drink More Water Every Day – 4 Proved Ways

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How To Drink More Water

It is always said that water is life and this is very true because it is essential for human health whereby 60% of human body consists of water and in case the body becomes dehydrated, the effects can be very serious and life threatening. On the other hand, there is still a considerable disagreement within scientists on the exact amount of water an individual should consume daily. But it would be best to for one take about 64-ounces of water per day and that is why most people today are replacing high-calorie soft drinks or alcoholic drinks with plain water. Taking water helps to control appetite and weight, improves sleep and energy levels, reduces on likelihood of dental issues or decays and also helps in managing chronic conditions. All in all, in case you would like to increase on your water intake for dietary, athletic or health purposes, then there are several effective and safe ways to do so as featured in the methods listed below:



  • Try playing water pong: this water drinking game can help you to drink more water but as you play it, remember not to drink too much water because this can cause fatal injuries. The water pong is similar to beer pong but the difference is just with taking water. In case you commit to playing this game for at least once in a week, you will be able to increase the water intake considerably by the end of the month. If you wish an added incentive to win the game, decide on a prize to get before you start playing. You will also need a large strong and flat table, 20-cups and 2 ping pong balls before you begin playing.
  • Play water-bank: this is a very nice game for the whole family to enjoy but you may also play it with friends incase you don’t live with your family. This game will not only motivate you to take more water but it will even offer you with a cash prize at the end incase you are the winner. With this game, you need a piggy-bank, bowl or jar to hold the money collected and a notebook or mobile phone to note your water intake every day.
  • Acquire a water card: this is just like a coffee-card and you will get a stamp on this card each time you drink a full 8 oz. glass of water. Once the card is filled up with stamps, you will get a prize. However, you will need to make yourself a card and then use a pen to cross off the boxes, a stamp or even stickers to do fill the blank boxes as you drink water.
  • Go for a charity water drive: with this game, you drink water in order to help a local charity. You can do this by coming together with your co-workers so as to find out how much water you can take in a month. The number of glasses of water take will represent the amount of money to donate to you favorite charity. Here, you will need a white-board or flip-chart to not your water consumption rate and a jar or envelope that will store the donations.



  • Determine how much water to drink every day: doctors usually recommend an average of 3.7 liters (125 ounces) of water intake per day for any healthy adult male and 2.7 liters (91-onces) in a day for a healthy adult female. However, you should determine what to take depending on the level of activity and health levels, elevation and climate. Also keep in mind that only 20-percent of daily water comes from food yet 80-percent of water intake comes from a combination of plain water and other beverages.
  • Try to carry water with you: carrying your own water in hands makes drinking it much convenient and easier. You can also place a reusable water-bottle into your gym-bag, purse, car or even desk drawer and try to refill it regularly. Having more access to water makes you more likely to drink it instead of soda or other drinks.
  • Create or set reminders: try to set alarms or computer reminders that help to remind you drink water for at least once per hour or you may even decide on a few personal-triggers for drinking water. Routine triggers that help you to take water can be like: a phone call, stretching while working, when someone calls your name, and many others.
  • Use the water cooler in your office: in case you have a water cooler or drinking system available or in close proximity within your office, you will be more likely to take a glass of water than when you have to move to the kitchen refill a coffee cup.
  • Try preparing flavored water: having a large jar of pre-flavored or purified water in your refrigerator at home makes it very easy for you to refill the water bottle every morning when going for work or to take a glass of water during each meal taken at home.



  • Know that sweetened beverages or alcohol cannot be substituted with water: if you are used taking soft-drinks, juice, beer or even wine with evening meals, consider exchanging them with water as your drink of choice inorder to increase plain water intake. Although these drinks contain water, they may not be good for your health and it’s just best to increase on your total water intake in order to avoid any side effects.
  • Try to replace at-least one drink with water per day: you can consider taking a glass of water instead of a second cup of morning tea or coffee, taking a glass of water with your lunch before drinking any soda and also alternating between water and alcoholic drinks in bars, parties or when having meal.
  • Make water a drink of choice: replacing any drink with water may not feel good but it is the simplest way of increasing on the amount of regular water intake.
  • Reduce your thirst with water: it has been proven that when one is thirsty, taking water will satisfy his/her thirst just like other beverages. But it would be best to take water since it does not contain sweeteners which are not good for the body.



  • Develop a habit of taking a quick glass of water around mealtime: taking a glass of water or even a few sips before and after eating any meal is a good way of increasing your daily water intake.
  • Try to sip water with each meal: replace your favorite during meals with water or you may have water to drink alongside your favorite drink.Taking water only when having meals saves money when you eat out and even cuts on the level of calories you consume while drinking.
  • Follow-up every meal with a glass of water: taking water during and after each meal helps to make you feel full abit longer after eating and it even helps in the digestion of your food.

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