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There are a few considerations that you must have in mind if you want to have the right espresso machine, these range from your own personal needs to the espresso’s features. They are basically two types of espresso machine and both types offer different results so finding the right espresso machine is more of a personal decision. Steam driven espresso machines and pump driven espresso machine for people who feel that their cup of cappuccino or espresso is always number one priority. However I will give you the two types in detail and how they work plus a few other issues you should consider so that you can find the right espresso machine.

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  1. Capacity of the espresso machine: different espresso machines have different capacities and volumes, some are 2 cup capacity machines with volume of 12 ounces while others are 12 with volume of about 60 ounces cup capacity so choose an espresso machine depending on how big or large your family is. In fact if you can afford a coffee maker with a dual brewing system then even much better because you can make more coffee at ago and even have the chance to prepare different types of coffee if you wish.
  2. Ease of use: the first thing to consider when finding the right espresso machine for your home is convenience, the machine should be very easy to understand and use for everyone in the home. Also think about how easy it will be to clean and maintain the machine so that the machine does not become a frustration for you instead for you.
  3. Accessories that come with the machine: an espresso that comes with a variety of accessories is the best as it offers you a lot of options to use. Both necessary and optional accessories give the espresso machine added advantage.
  4. Price of the machine: in most cases high quality espressos come at high price this is mainly because they have special features that you do not just find in any cheaply made espresso machines. But you must also think about how much you are willing to spend sometimes the machine may not be worth the money you are will be spending on it.
  5. Customer reviews: from customer reviews you will get lots and lots of ideas about different espresso machines so it will become more than easy for you to know which one is right for you. I understand that sometimes it is not that easy for you to spare time and go through review but trust me, you will get a really good hint and definitely find the right espresso for you.
  6. Type of the espresso machine: like I told you in the introduction, they are just two types of espresso machines so let us see what makes them different and after knowing what each of them is about you will choose one that is right for your needs.
  7. Steam driven espresso machines: this type of espresso machines uses steam pressure to boil water and force it through espresso grinds to give you a cup of espresso. Such espresso machines do not produce well flavored espresso because steam pressure is not enough to go through those espresso grinds to give get the best espresso flavor.
  • Steam driven espresso machines require a lot of time before you start a new brew cycle, this is mainly because you cannot open the machine in the middle of the brewing process to add more water. It uses steam from boiling water to perform which is why you have to wait for a whole brew cycle to end before you start another one.
  • With steam driven espresso machine, before adding more water to the machine to make another brew cycle, you have to leave enough time for the machine to cool.

Pump driven espresso machine:this is the second type of espresso machines with this type, water heated at the optimum temperature is forced through espresso grounds through an internal pump. This is the best type of espresso machine because it uses the right amount of intensity and force therefore it produces the best quality espresso with just the right flavor which makes this type better than steam driven espresso machines. Pump driven machines are designed with high bars of pressure which are perfect for extracting full espresso flavors.

  • With pump driven espresso machines, the water tank can be filled at any time so you can have as many brew cycles as you wish without too much lagging time like in steam driven espresso machines.

Category of the espresso machines: espresso machines are designed in four main categories and each category has its own advantages that will suit what you want to achieve from the machines. These categories involve manual, semi- automatic, full automatic and super automatic.

Manual espresso machines: the first espresso machines used to fall under this category but manual machines are extremely difficult to operate, they cannot sustain water pressure which means the quality of coffee they produce is not that good.

Semi-automatic espresso machines:these are more modified than manual machines because they can maintain water pressure on their own, their boiling temperature is automated though you have to manually turn the machine on and off.

Full-automatic espresso machines: these are more like the above category though this time round the water that goes through the espresso is regulated by the machine itself. Full automatic espresso machines brew and get rid of coffee grounds automatically, all you have to do is press a button. These are engineered with features that maximize flavor extraction which gives them added advantage over semi-automatic machines.

Super-automatic espresso machines: everything about these machines is automatic and they come with their own special accessories. They usually have lights that indicate whether the machine is on or not, they allow you to serve a cup of coffee while the machine is still brewing. They are also designed with quite large water reservoirs compared to other categories so that you do not have to re-fill the machine every now and then. They have automatic controls for brewing and also come with separate heating chambers. This category of machines is designed with all the best technology which makes them the best espresso machines, paying extra dollars for such an espresso will surely be worth it.

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