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Every man wishes to get the closest shave possible but no one has to tell you that getting a close shave is a pain in different ways. This is because achieving a close shave is associated with skin-irritations like nicks and bumps which are actually major skin-problems. In fact, when someone is young the skin can be cut more easily because the hair will be thinner and pulls out rather than being cut. But as someone ages, the consistency of hair and the skin changes whereby the skin will be tougher and the hair will become thicker. However, with thicker hair you can achieve a close shave the hairs will tear or break-off. Additionally, if you try to trim the stubble, your skin will be left irritated and raw. This means that you have to be very careful when shaving closely and you should try to use perfect shaving tools like a double-edge safety razor or high-quality shaver for best results. All in all, we have to accept the fact that shaving is an un-natural act and this means that you have accept whatever happens while shaving but you may achieve a close shave without skin irritations by simply following the methods and tips outlined below:



Dry-shaving shaving is mostly associated with the use of electric-shavers including those with a wet/dry function. In fact, most wet/dry models of electric-shavers will allow the user to shave wet in the shower or shave dry at any time he wishes. Below are some of the steps that you use to achieve a close dry-shave.

  • Get bath with warm water: begin by bathing with warm water prior to shaving because this will help to soften your hair and skin. Additionally, thoroughly wash your skin and hair in order to remove any clogged dirt so that the shaver can smoothly glide over as you shave.
  • Make sure that the skin is dry but not too dry: Simply air-dry the skin and hair in case you are going to use an electric-shaver and this mainly because damp or wet hair cannot stand-up for the shaver to trim easily.
  • Ensure that your shaver is in a good condition: this means that you try to keep the shaver clean and also ensure that the shaving-blades are still sharp in order to achieve that close and comfortable shave you are looking for. In case your shaver is in a poor condition, you won’t be able to get a close shave and you may even end-up irritating your skin.
  • Use short and even strokes: try to use short and even strokes while shaving any hairs because this helps to capture more hairs and even reduces on the risk of irritating your skin compared to using longer and uneven strokes.
  • Never apply pressure onto the razor or shaver: try as much as you can to avoid putting pressure on your razor as you shave. Just leave our razor to glide smoothly across the skin and you actually achieve a close and comfortable shave without any skin-irritations.
  • Brush-out the shaver frequently: try to always keep the shaving-head clean by brushing-out any stuck hairs or clogged skin frequently as you shave. Also have the have the shaving-blades serviced or replaced if necessary.
  • Don’t let the shaver become hot: make sure the shaver does not get hot while shaving because may lead skin-irritations which are not good. But to achieve this, let your shaver rest for a few seconds by simply shutting it off and then turn it on and continue shaving until you finish.



Achieving a close wet-shave is usually associated with using double-edge safety razor but you can still use wet/dry electric-shaver to achieve one. wet-shaving will also involve using a lather like shaving cream or gel in order to get best results and below are some of the steps you should try to follow to achieve a close and comfortable wet-shave:

  • Go for a bath: start by going for bath with hot water before beginning to shave. it is important to first have a bath because it helps to soften the skin and hairs in order to facilitate for a smooth and gentle shave.
  • Select good-quality lather: get high-quality lather and apply it over your moist skin and hairs using a badger-brush or with plain-hands prior to shaving. This lather will actually help to place a layer of protection between the shaving-blades and the skin while shaving. In fact, there are many shaving-creams available on the market that will to protect the skin while shaving and these include; shaving soaps, gels, creams, foams and shaving-oils. The only problem will be finding a lather that works best your skin.
  • Start to shave: begin shaving while using a quality, clean and sharp razor and in case you like using disposable razors, then try to choose a high-quality brand for best results. Additionally, make sure that the disposable razor you are using is still new and if it’s a safety-razor, ensure that the blades in it are still new in order to get a close and comfortable shave.
  • Pull the skin tight: pull your skin tight and then start shaving from high points of your face, along the front of side-burns as you take short strokes downwards. Pulling the skin tight will also help to minimize on the occurrence of skin-irritations hence ensuring a comfortable, irritation-free shave.
  • Shave using short and even strokes: while shaving your hairs, make sure you use simple, short and even strokes with little pressure. This will ensure that you get a close, even and irritation-free shave compared to using longer strokes. However, wash your razor frequently whole shaving in order to remove any debris because this also ensures that one gets a consistent and close shave.
  • Finish by simply cleaning your face with clean water in order to remove any lather and then apply your favorite aftershave in order to treat the skin from any irritations or to keep it moist and soft. Don’t forget to thoroughly clean your shaver or razor because if you don’t, then the blades will become dull and you will not be able to achieve a close and comfortable shave next time.

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