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How To Lose Fat With Weights

When it comes to fitness, it is well known that losing fat with weights is very effective but simple and that’s why most for this option. In fact, lifting weights helps to burn calories but not as much as aerobic activities like running, swimming or bicycling. It is also very clear that when you burn more calories than you eat, your body loses weight and this is actually the main of doing exercises.On the other hand, the extra muscle tissue you build from lifting weights will help to burn more calories than the body’s fat tissue even when you are resting. This implies that weight training should be carried out together with healthy eating habits, daily activities and any aerobic exercises whereby all these should be part of a well-rounded healthy lifestyle. Below are some of the steps that you may follow when using weights as a means of losing fat.

  • Begin by warming up: you can do this by simply walking for about 3 to 4 minutes and you can use a treadmill to accomplish this. However, in case you don’t have a treadmill, try walking around your compound or house for some few minutes then move to the next step.
  • Go for strength training: do strength training while using your own body weight before or after having aerobic exercises like push-ups, squats or sit-ups. This will help to work out your entire body while giving it strength and that is why it’s always important to go through these exercises.
  • Integrate hand held weights into your daily exercises and activities. This actually means that you should workout with hand-held weights while walking or running and this really makes your work out more intense because it makes all the muscles in the body active.
  • Try to substitute some aerobic sessions with weight training sessions: for example, instead of running for 4 days in a week, just run for only 3 days and then lift weights on the fourth day. You may also cut on the time spent doing aerobic activity on any given day and then replace the remaining time with strength training. All in all, there are several workouts that you can actually substitute with weight training sessions in order to make your work out experience more intense.
  • Take water every after 10 minutes: drinking water after a few minutes actually helps to provide you with stamina and it even increases on the level of fluids within your body. This even helps one to be able to engage in other exercises thus helping in burning fat more quickly. However, try not takingtoo much water because it will make you feel heavy and relaxed hence you may end up failing to complete your exercising routine.
  • Go for circuit training: this method usually involves moving quickly from one strength training workout to another one. This helps to keep the heart rate up and even helps body to burn more calories while moving from one activity to another. however, this can be tiresome and it requires determination together with alot of strength and this actually means that it will easier to do incase you have been training on a regular basis, but in case you are new to exercising, please don’t try it out because you will not even stand it for 5 minutes but instead give yourself time until you become much stronger.
  • Make some research: try to research on the different exercises by simply looking through your favorite fitness magazine or by going online while using a favorite search engine. This is very important because you notice that many fitness experts actually have recommendations written down within their magazines or ontheir online websites and these can be of great help and use. In fact, many workouts do not require any hand-held weights but instead require only using the weight of your own body but this can only be learnt by making some research.


  • You will not be able to lose fat just around a specific area through strength training.For example, doing squats to build leg muscles cannot by itself reduce on the fat around the legs. Likewise, doing crunches or sit-ups will help to work out your abs but will not target the belly fat. All in all, building muscle will just help to keep those areas look better by simply reducing on the surface area over which fat is spread which is actually a good thing.
  • When you want to lose fat through using weights, then it is advisable to also change your diet because in most cases it what you that makes your body become fat. This implies that you will have check your eating habits while using these weights and trust me; you will achieve the best results out of your workout.

Most women are always less concerned with the idea of losing fat by using weights because of the misconception that they may end up looking like a male body-builder but this is not actually true. In fact, it will take someone several years of intense weight training to get the body-builder look. I can only say that body weight training is great workout for both men and women whereby it will contribute to fit and healthy look.



  • Weights can be very dangerous if dropped down accidentally or carelessly. So try to ensure that you have firm grip while exercising with these weights inorder to avoid injuring yourself. It is also advisable to use weights that are appropriate for you or with the kilograms you can manage to lift, otherwise you may end uphurting or straining your arms.
  • Try to avoid overworking yourself with these hand-held weights because this tends to strain your muscles and joints which is not actually good and can lead to injuries. Just use them for reasonable amount of time and then switch to doing other exercises.

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