How to Maintain a Treadmill

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Today, some people own a treadmill within their homes and this is actually a great thing because these fitness-machines enable them to be fit and healthy. However, treadmills require some maintenance an on a regular basis in order to keep them in a great operating-condition. In fact, it’s very important to keep a treadmill’s conveyor-belt clean because this will facilitate for a smooth operation thus preventing injuries as walk/run over the treadmill. Additionally, your treadmill’s belt should also be lubricated periodically and even adjusted to ensure proper alignment thus enabling you to achieve a more comfortable and smooth workout at all times. On the other hand, there also other parts of the treadmill that require some maintenance but most of them may require a professional-technician for best operation results.

MEHTOD-1: Steps To Follow When Maintaining Your Treadmill:

  1. Place the treadmill on a flat-surface: you have to begin by placing the treadmill on flat-surface or floor which is completely leveled in order to prevent the treadmill’s motor and belt losing balance. However, if you’re unable to position your treadmill on a leveled-spot, then consider adjusting its position by altering the inbuilt-supports located at the bottom-rear-section of the treadmill and make sure that the treadmill has gained balance before you start working on it.


  1. Clean-up the treadmill: afterwards, you will have to clean-up your treadmill using a dry-cloth in order to remove any sweat and dirt that is left behind on the treadmill’s deck and handrails so as to prevent corrosion of the treadmill. In fact, if dirt over builds-up over the treadmill then it is most likely to get mechanical-problems in the long-run so always try to clean-up your treadmill in order to keep it in a top-notch condition.


  1. Wipe-up any dirt on the conveyor: you also need to wipe away any dirt or debris that may have dropped onto the conveyor-belt or under it in order to prevent the treadmill form malfunctioning.

METHOD-2: Steps To Follow When Making Weekly Treadmill Maintenance:

  1. Clean-up the entire treadmill: you need to first clean-up the entire treadmill using a damp clean-cloth in order to remove any dirt and dust from its surface, belt and electronic-display for at least once in a week. This will actually help to prevent dust form building-up over your treadmill thus keeping it looking good and functional at all times.


  1. Always use water and a cloth to clean the treadmill: it’s recommended to use only water and a cloth to clean-up or dust your treadmill instead of using furniture-polish, detergents or any other cleaning-solvents because these can actually cause damage the treadmill in the long-run. However, you need to be careful when cleaning the treadmill with water so that it does not drip into mechanical-components of the treadmill which may lead to severe damage.


  1. Vacuum where the treadmill sits: you can also decide to vacuum or sweep the floor/carpet underneath or around the treadmill in order to prevent any dirt/dirt particles from entering into the treadbelt-region or even other components of the treadmill.


  1. Clean-up the treadmill’s deck-area: you will have to clean-up the treadmill’s deck-area or belt using a vacuum-cleaner or with a soft damp-cloth. In fact, you should put more emphasis on the section between the main-frame and conveyer-belt when cleaning-up because this will help to keep the treadbelt running-smoothly at all times.


  1. Clean-up the back-section of the conveyor-belt: it’s also recommended to clean-up the behind-section of the treadbelt by simply rotating it to 180-degrees and then start doing the vacuuming and cleaning procedures on it. In fact, it’s that back-section of the conveyor-belt that causes most malfunctions in treadmills because it can easily get clamped by dirt and dust with continued usage of the treadmill.

MEHTOD-3: Steps To Follow When Making Monthly Treadmill Maintenance:

  1. Unplug the treadmill before cleaning it: always first unplug your treadmill from any power-source and then let it sit for about 10-minutes before you begin cleaning it in order to prevent being electrocuted while cleaning-up some internal-parts of the treadmill.


  1. Clean-up the motor-section: after, you will have to remove the motor-hood from your treadmill and then start cleaning-off any dust or debris that may have accumulated inside the motor-section using a clean and soft dry-cloth or smaller vacuum-attachment. This will actually help to keep the motor drive-system in good-shape thus facilitating for optimum operation of the treadmill at all times.


  1. Replace the motor hood-cover: after cleaning-up the motor-drive section, you will now have to replace the motor-hood cover and then plug the treadmill back into a power-source to test whether it’s still operating.


  1. Checkout the conveyor-belt: you will also need to checkout your conveyor-belt to know it’s in a good-condition and if it’s not, then you will have to-do some repairs on it. For example, you may have to tighten and align the conveyor-belt incase it become loose due to wear. In fact, to tighten the treadbelt you will have to turn of the belt adjustment-screws a quarter clockwise and then use the wrench that was provided with the treadmill to tighten-up the conveyor-belt, secure the screws and then your treadmill will be good to go.


  1. Lubricate the treadmill conveyor-belt as directed by the manufacturer: consult the treadmill’s instruction-manual to get information on how you should often lubricate your treadmill-belt and where you need to apply the lubrication. In fact, it’s very important to lubricate the conveyor-belt because it’s the one that operates most when working-out over a treadmill.

Tips To Consider When Maintaining A Treadmill:

  • Always refer to the treadmill’s instructional-manual in case you want to get more information on how to clean and maintain the treadmill and how to locate certain parts of the treadmill during the maintenance process.
  • In case your treadmill fails to work even with proper maintenance then consider taking it to a professional-technician for a more advanced repair.
  • Always unplug your treadmill from any power-source before you begin cleaning it because if you don’t, then expect getting electrocuted during the cleaning-process which actually harmful to your health.

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