How To Maintain A Vacuum Cleaner – Step By Step Guide

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A vacuum cleaner will last for as long as it supposed to if you always take trouble to maintain it. Even the best ever vacuum cleaner will stop performing well if it is clogged with a lot of dirt and you are not doing anything about it. Some people think maintaining is just about cleaning but this involves much more than that, a lot of things have to be done for the vacuum cleaner to perform excellently and look brand new from time to time.



  • Be quick to empty or replace the vacuum: you must always check the bag or cylinder of your vacuum cleaner so that you notice how full it is earlier. The bag should be emptied when it is half way full, the moment it gets fuller than this, it becomes very hard to clean and performs poorly. A clean bag or well emptied cylinder gives enough room for air flow enabling the vacuum to perform better. This way dust particles are blown into the air when you are cleaning.
  • Change the vacuum cleaner’s filter often: when the filters get too clogged they are extremely hard to clean yet they play a very important when you are cleaning. If the cleaner has plastic filters ensure to thoroughly rinse them clean and wipe them dry until no spot of water has remained before putting it back. Every vacuum cleaner comes with instructions on how you should clean and replace the filters so follow those instructions carefully.
  • Avoid leaving the vacuum cleaner plugged into power when not in use:electricity can badly damage the cleaner in case of any backfires. Therefore as soon as you are through with cleaning, please do not forget to plug it out of power.
  • Report any signs of damage immediately: the moment you smell anything burning or sense that any part of the cleaner is damaged, ensure to take it for repair or investigation by a specialist before it’s too late.
  • Check the brush roll to see if it is in place: whenever the brush roll is not in its right place the vacuum cleaner does not to expectations. So open up the cover plates, if you notice that the brush slot is not in its right place, ensure to put it back. The vacuum cleaner’s belt must is supposed to be above the drive shaft and brush roll.
  • Always ensure that air passages are not blocked: each time you use the vacuum cleaner dust is blown on to the air passages so whenever you do not remove it these air passages get blocked hence making suction less powerful. Use a dry cotton cloth to wipe off all the debris on the air passages.
  • Clean the vacuum cleaner and lubricate: check if the brush roll is working well. If it can spin well on its own then you have nothing to worry about, if not, then clean the bearings or replace them because they might be worn out. Sometimes the bearings just need to be lubricated, in that case you will have to open the bearings clean them and there after lubricate. Ensure to replace them as perfectly as they were before, whenever the brush roll is in good condition the vacuum cleaner performs more effectively.
  • The entire cleaner must be cleaned: it is not just the belt or brush roll that should be cleaned, you should also clean the outer surface. Use clean water and soap and gently wipe the surface clean with a damp cloth, this will keep your vacuum cleaner looking brand over a long period of time.
  • Always make sure that the hoses are not blocked: this is a rare scenario but it does happen sometimes and it is one of the major reasons as to vacuum cleaners lose suction. The moment you notice that suction power is not as strong as it used to be then find a way to unblock the hoses so that your vacuum cleaner is ready for the next time you use it.
  • The carpet should be totally dry: before switching on the vacuum cleaner, for the sake of your life and that of the vacuum cleaner ensure to check if the carpet or floor is not wet. Using the cleaner on a wet floor will not only fill the hoses with moisture but can also cause electric shock. If the floor you want to clean is wet, wait for it to dry then work on it later.
  • The vacuum cleaner needs service: just like any other device, you vacuum cleaner also needs service every after a year or two. This will help to notice any small damages before they become terrible and at the same make your machine work like it is new. Vacuum cleaners that are serviced often last much longer and as give you the best results.
  • Do not the belt work for a whole year: some vacuum cleaner have more long lasting belts which operate well for more than a year but most of the vacuum cleaners have just the normal ones that must be changed every once a year. This is because a worn out belt or one that has become loose is not strong enough to thrust the brush roll efficiently.
  • Ensure that the brushes are perfect condition: if the vacuum’s brushed are not in good condition you will always find dust left behind. The brushes must always be stiff and scoop out even the tiniest dust particles for thorough cleaning.
  • Avoid using the cleaner when the brushed are rotating in the wrong direction: whenever you switch on the vacuum cleaner and brushed are moving in the wrong direction, please do not force it to clean. Just switch it off, this is a sign that there is something wrong that has to be checked out. as the saying goes prevention is better than cure, check out for any problems before they become worse.
  • Store you vacuum cleaner properly: this is like an investment, you lose if you take good care of it ensure to keep the cleaner in the right place, do not just throw it anywhere.

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