How to Maintain Stubble – The 5 o’clock Shadow Look

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5 oclock shadow look

Definition of Stubble:-  This is short hair which grows on a man’s face that can’t be classified as a full beard. It’s always termed as a 5 o’clock shadow because it always shows up during that early morning time before shaving. Sometimes it comes when a man clean shaved a day before or at night before going to bed. But still, you can use a beard trimmer to get this nature of beard; advanced trimmers like Philips Norelco QT4070/41 can enable you get a 0.5 mm stubble look within minutes, so you might not wait for it to grow 12 hours from now.

Now that you know what stubble means. Let’s see how you can maintain it. I will make each step easy to read and remember, so you don’t have to refer back to this article every now and then.


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Good question, so before you even decide to leave that stubble on your face, are you sure it looks cool on you. I know every man has had stubble at one time, this is not your first time, but does it look good on you, if the answer is a yes, then keep on reading…..

  • Face Shape Matters: Your face shape will play a big role when choosing a stubble style. The fact that it looks good on you, you have to choose a style which matches your face shape. This might something every man might ignore because beauty perfection is not our thing, but times have changed, you have to mind about your looks, in that case, you don’t just throw up trends on your face and think that it will look okay. To make it easy for you to choose the best stubble style for your face shape, I have compiled a few pictures of men with the best stubble looks, see example below:


5 oclock stubble looks

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  • Don’t shave: Please, don’t take this a command; it’s just one of those steps you need to take to have nice looking stubble. Maintaining your stubble does not mean trimming it immediately you it rising, give it some time to grow at least by a few inches, very short stubble might not be visible. Also allowing your stubble to grow a little bit will give you the opportunity to decide it looks good on you / not and at the same time it will give you multiple styling options. You can give up shaving for at least 3 – 5 days; it is enough time for your stubble to grow out well.
  • Be ready for the maintenance tusk:- Looking good is one thing, but maintaining those looks for long takes some b*a*l*l*s. Good things come at a price and if you’re not willing to pay the price, then opt for a full beard, because it does not require too much work (but some work is required to maintain a full beard too, so I guess a clean shave every after 2 days will sound like less work to you)..For your stubble to look good all the time, you need to clean it up almost 3 times in a week, exfoliate the skin to remove dead cells, trim it with a beard trimmer at least once / twice a week. Yaaaaa, that sounds like too much work, so get ready dude…



In stage 1 you made a decision to host this stubble, and I also featured some good examples to inspire you, but the big question still stands, ”What is the best stubble length?”

  • Determine Stubble Length:- You can only determine and set the length of your stubble by letting it grow a little bit. I talked about this option of not shaving in stage 1, but it does no harm to repeat myself as long as you get the point right. It is better you let the stubble to a length of a short beard; this might take 7 to 14 days depending on how first your beard grows.
  • Trim with a longer setting: – Once the stubble grows out to a length you want, you can use a beard trimmer like (Philips Norelco QT4070/41 Beard Trimmer), to trim it. I suggest that Norelco trimmer because it has 12 length settings, so you can chose a desirable setting, may be you can start with 5 mm, this one is not too short or too long. However, before trimming your half grown beard, I suggest you condition it well with a good beard conditioner; this will make it easy to trim. But make sure the beard is dry and wet free because the Norelco I suggested above does not do well in wet conditions.
  • Reduce on the settings: Once the beard gets short, you can now adjust the trimmer to even a shorter length. This time you can set it to 2 mm and later on move to 1 mm. It is always better to have your stubble on the same length; it looks better that way, though some men can alter the length which needs some balancing too.
  • Shape the edges: – After getting the right length, I suggest you fix areas which look messy, make sure they look like the rest of the stubble. When that is done, trim the edges of your stubble, take care of your neckline and hairline, they have to be in shape and perfect.


  • Choose preferable stubble length of your neckline:- This can be a very tricky thing, because if your neckline features more hair than the stubble on the chin and jaws, your looks might be wired, so you have to be very careful when dealing with hair found on the neck. In my opinion, I suggest you give it the same length like the rest of the stubble or shave it clean completely. In the picture I featured in stage 1, you can see Beckham with balanced stubble both on the chin and the neck, it’s of the same length, but the other celebrity next to him has a clean neck shave.
  • Fade it out as you reach the edges:- If you decide to host stubble on your neck, you should let it fade out as it goes down. You can use an electric shaver to create that effect, but at the same time adjusting your beard trimmer to the last setting will help you create that fading effect.
  • Apply After shave:- Your skin has been interacting with electrical devices, so it has to be irritated and the best way of calming it down is by applying after shave. Not necessarily that you have been shaving, but it will be very good if you use an aftershave.

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