How To Make A Banana Milkshake Without A Blender

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There are times when you will badly crave for a banana milk shake yet you do not have a blender or your blender might be damaged, that being you case what is the solution to quench your craving, simply make a banana milkshake without using a blender. I know how smooth the banana milk shake made in a blender can be but just so it is not available I will provide you a really clear, simple and fast way to make yourself that banana milk shake you love so much. You will fall in love with this method of making a banana milk shake especially because it saves you from the irritating noise you go through while using the blender or any other electric appliance. A nice cold and delicious milkshake during those hot temperatures will definitely change your mood. Any way let us get straight into business and see how you can make a banana milk shake without any machines.

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Necessary ingredients:

  • A ripe banana, to make a perfect milkshake, the banana should just ripe enough in this I mean don’t use bananas that are too have not ripened as they will make be very hard to crush and the banana milkshake will not taste the way you expect it to. On the other hand using bananas that have ripened too much is also not advisable; simply use a banana that is ready.
  • A cup of full fat milk, this kind of milk makes really thick foam that will make the milk shake as thick as you want it.
  • A cup of ice cream of your favorite flavor
  • Extra fine sugar or honey, this is not as must have but it can as well help to a little more sweetness to you milk shake especially if the banana you use was not as rips as it should be.


  • Have your ingredients ready: after looking at the list of ingredients that I have provided above, when you are preparing the milkshake place all of them on your working table. This way you will not have to walk around looking for a something you need to use when it is not right there.
  • Put the banana in a bowl without the peeling: remove the peeling of the banana and put it in a bowl, grab a wooden spoon and crush the banana. Crush it up until you cannot feel any hard lamps in your bowel.
  • Mix in the cup of ice cream: with the first crushing session, your banana may still have some lamps so when after adding ice cream continue to mash the mixture to make all the lamps soft. Choose the flavor of ice you love the most, vanilla, fruit flavors and chocolate make a very delicious milkshake. Mix in the ice cream until it has totally infused into the banana, you do not want to have lamps blocking the straw when you are taking your milk shake so do not get tired of mashing your mixture. The more you mash the smoother the results.
  • Pour milk into the mixture: to make thick and really creamy milk froth you should use a hand whisk it is very good at creating thick foam. As one hand pours milk into the banana and ice cream mixture, the other hand should keep whisking, this will make milk absorb into the mixture well unlike whisking after pouring in all the milk. If you like, also add some sugar or honey and continue whisking. At this stage you should whisk the mixture for at least one and half a minute to better yet two minutes even if you do not feel any lamps. You will love your milkshake more if it has smoothened really well.
  • Shake the mixture of milk, ice cream and bananas:here you have two options, either pour the mixture in cocktail shaker but if you do not have one use a tin that has a very tight lid seal. After pouring in the mixture, shake for just a few seconds.
  • Try the milkshake: before you actually go ahead and serve your milk shake, first try a little of the milk shake and find out if tastes like you want it. If the milk shake is not sweet enough, try adding some more honey, ice cream or sugar and if it too sweet then add some more milk. Shake the mixture again to make the newly added ingredients mix up well in the milkshake. Since the milkshake is cold, ensure to shake really well.
  • Your milk shake is now ready to serve: since you are not using a blender, it will not be that easy to get rid of each and every single lamp so pour the milk shake through a strainer so that you remain with only have a very smooth milkshake without lamps at all.

Some tips to consider when making a banana milkshake without using a blender:

  • Just in case you do not have ripe bananas or the one you have over ripened then you can as use banana syrup as substitute but you must know that milk shake made using banana syrup definitely do not taste as perfect as that made from pure ripe bananas.
  • Even vegans can take milkshake, since such people are allergic to cow milk they tend to stay away from milk shake but soy milk can also make a really nice milkshake so you can try using it if you are a vegan.
  • If you are shaking your mixture in a tin or container make sure that the lid it has is extremely tight because a loose lid might fly off when you are shaking up the mixture.
  • Always serve the milkshake through a strainer to avoid serving the milkshake with lamps of bananas, it does not taste nice.

In conclusion, much I have provided this method of making milk shake for those that do not have blenders or any other optional devices like food processors or blending wand, the ever best method to make a smooth milkshake is by using a blender. This is because blenders are designed with unique features like those sharp blades that mix and crush the banana without leaving any lamps behind.

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