How To Make Buttered Toast

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Making buttered toast is not that difficult or different from the usual way of toasting plain bread, you just have to make a few additions here and there and you will have you buttered toast ready in no minute. With just a simple recipe that I about to provide you can make buttered toast using different techniques, all you will need is any bread type of your choice and butter then you will have your toast ready. Instead of having plain toast every breakfast, you can add some butter to make your toast more delicious using any method that is available.

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Use a toaster to make buttered toast

Making buttered toast using a toaster is one of the quickest and simplest way so if you are short of time this particular method will definitely work for you.

  • Pick your favorite bread types: to make buttered toast, whichever bread type you choose to use will make a perfect buttered toast it is therefore up to you to get a type the best suits your taste and preference.
  • Put bread slices in the toaster slots: carefully place bread into the slots if your toaster ensuring that they fit well to prevent burning.
  • Select a browning setting: most toasters will provide with you either six or seven browning options that range between light and dark. It is from those settings that you choose one that will darken and crisp bread according to your desires. If you are used to toasting, probably you do it every single day you will be sure of which setting to choose however for first timers it is best advised that you begin with the lighter setting and if bread does not brown the way you want then make a second toasting cycle to make it as dark as you wish.
  • Get the toast out: when your toasting cycle is done, the toaster’s lever will lift up high for you to remove but in some instances bread tends to burn before the toasting cycle is over so if that happens, press the cancel button and remove the bread. Please do not remove bread while the toasting cycle is ongoing.
  • Apply butter while the toast is still hot: since you already prepared your butter by the time your toast is ready it will have reached a perfect serving temperature, as soon as you get the toast out spread butter to is using a butter knife. The amount of butter you spread on the bread is entirely your choice, if you want your toast really soft then apply a large amount of butter to the toast and if you are the type that loves to have their toast all crispy and dry then really small amounts of butter will do that for you.

Using an oven to make buttered toast

  • Allow the toast to heat up before you toast: whether you are using a conventional oven or toaster oven, you are required to preheat it before you go ahead and toast. Select your desired browning setting and move on to the next step.
  • Apply butter on bread slices: for this method you are supposed to apply butter before toasting the bread and it must be pure butter not margarine. Put the slices you want to toast on a plate and use a butter knife to apply butter on both sides of the slice or just one of them if you prefer. The main reason for applying butter before toasting is this particular method is to make butter sink perfectly into the toast giving it that extra delicious and exceptional flavor.
  • Put bread in the oven: depending on the type of oven you are using put bread either on the rack or broiler. Stand close by to watch the bread toast on the upper side so that when it is ready you can turn it to the opposite side before it burns. If you want your toast dry and very dark then let it toast a little longer, but if you want the toast soft just toast it for a short period of time.
  • Serve your toast: after bread browning to the extent you want it, remove it from the oven and serve. You can also add some more butter if you like.

Using a stove to make buttered toast:

  • Pick the bread you want: if you have a whole loaf of bread then cut it into slices first but make the slices somehow thick. Thicker slices take require little cooking heat and take some more time to get ready compared to thin slices.
  • Melt the butter: turn the stove on to heat the frying pan and add some butter most preferably a half teaspoon of butter. Heat the butter until it melts completely.
  • Place a slice of bread in the pan: when you put the slice of bread into the pan it will immediately get infused with butter then let it toast for about two or three minutes after it has browned you can flip the bread over to another side and allow to also cook for the same time. Make sure that the bread sinks up all the butter in the frying pan.
  • Remove bread and serve: for this particular technique enough butter has sank into the bread so there is no reason for you to add more butter after, you will just spoil the flavor of the toast. Most people love this method of making a butter toast because it has more advantages than other methods as it evenly spreads butter to the entire toast and gives bread a really nice flavor and it makes it crispy.

Try making a cinnamon butter toast.

A cinnamon butter toast is also another to make your breakfast more enticing. The most basic thing with a cinnamon butter toast is preparing the butter but otherwise everything else is simple. To prepare cinnamon butter, follow the steps below.

  • Get butter out of the refrigerator and give it some minutes for it to cool off. Scoop off some butter and put it into a small bowl.
  • Add some sugar to the butter, it should not be too much and mix in two table spoons of cinnamon. Stir the mixture well until all ingredients have dissolved up well.
  • Apply the butter and toast bread either in an oven or frying pan with a stove.

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