How To Make Slow Cooker Carnitas

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Having a slow cooker is more like having a ticket to having the healthiest meals every single day in your own prepared just the way you like them, and for those that would like to try out carnitas in the slow cooker I can totally assure you that you are the right as I am about to avail with the recipe for it. Making slow cooker carnitas helps you to prepare a delicious meal for your entire family without necessarily putting in a lot of effort. I know that many of you have tried out making carnitas with many other different methods but trust me after trying out slow cooker carnitas you will look back ever again because it is such a simple but very healthy procedure to use.

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  • A tea spoon of ground cumin
  • A tea spoon of garlic powder
  • Half tea spoon of crumbled dry oregano
  • Half tea spoon of coriander
  • 5 boneless pork shoulder
  • Two bay leaves
  • Two cups of broth chicken
  • A table spoon of salt
  • Two tea spoons of chili powder


Make a mixture of spices: in a small bowl you can mix coriander, oregano, cumin, garlic powder and salt, mix them well so that you get them to all infuse into each other.


Cut onions or garlic into pieces: some people love garlic while others cannot stand it so if you do really like garlic it is okay to either leave this step out or better yet use onions as they add a really nice flavor to you carnitas.


Cut deeply into pork shoulder: you have to be as careful as possible not cut entirely cut meat into pieces because you are going to cook it as a whole. But the main essence of cutting it in is to create more space for rubbing spice in and ensure that each and every part is filled with the flavor.


Smear with the spice mixture you made: keep the mixture of spices into the pork shoulder but do it evenly so that each side of the pork is filled with the spices. At this point you can as well fix your garlic or onion pieces into the pork.


Layer ingredients: place the two bay leaves in the slow cooker, please take note of the fact that the bay leaves should be the first down at the bottom of the slow cooker. You can then place the pork right on top of the bay leaves.


Add chicken broth:pour the broth onto pork but careful not wash off the spices you out on the pork, it is best if you pour broth on the sides or around the pork but not right on top of it.


Start the slow cooker: let the pork cook for not less than 10 hours and it should with the low heat setting. After five hours you can turn the pork on the other side to make sure that it has cooked perfectly.


Shred with two forks: wait until pork is really tender the use two forks to strip it into two


Add moisture to the meat: there will be soup when you remove the piece of pork then you can pour some soup from the slow cooker to moisten it.


Crisp the carnitas: if you love to have your carnitas with some crispy taste then you continue into this step but if not then you can as well leave the step out. Put just a little liquid on the meat and wrap it in aluminum foil paper and then bake for around 15 to 20 minutes as the liquid vanishes your carnitas will be crispening.


Serving carnitas

They are many ways in which slow cooker carnitas can be served so it is therefore up to you to choose one you know will be taste best for you.

Serve with either brown or white rice and beans, this is a very healthy and delicious meal that you would really love to try out


Roll meat in flour tortillas, this can be detailed with tomatoes, plus some cheese to make the serving tastier.


Another perfect option is to serve you carnitas with bell peppers and onions detailed with plain yoghurt and cheese, you will absolutely love the taste you will get.




  • Some people may not be of some ingredients that we have included in this recipe but that is no problem at all, you can just leave out whatever you do not enjoy and remain with only those ingredients that you prefer.


  • Perfectly store any meat that you will not be eating immediately to prevent contamination, use muffin tins to store you remaining meat and keep it in the freezer. However it is also not advisable to leave it in for too long.


  • You may add some more liquid into the slow cooker depending on how you want you carnitas to be. You however do not need too much liquid as it may instead spoil your food.


  • You do not want to have carnitas that are too hard and extremely dry so it is best that you do not use pork that is coming from the freezer. If it is frozen than wait for it


  • Do not use high heat setting when cooking carnitas, pork shoulder will cook best on the low setting and it leaves more time for you to get the best flavor of your carnitas.


  • Remember to cut all fat off the pork before actually throwing it into the slow cooker, pork has too much fat that is not really necessary in preparation of carnitas.


  • If possible only prepare what you will be able to immediately, carnitas taste best they have just been prepared otherwise they can easily go bad.


In conclusion, preparing slow cooker carnitas is such a simple procedure it is however necessary to clearly follow the instructions to get the perfect results otherwise your carnitas might come out tasting weird. It needs some time, some people even recommend preparing ingredients hours before so that you can it enough time to cook. And much as the high setting might take a shorter time, the most perfect results are received at high setting.

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