How To Purify The Air Using Plants

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To save your money, energy and all the disturbing noise try purifying the air using plants in fact they can do it much better than air purifiers. Just in case you cannot afford an air purifier then do not beat yourself up spending all your savings just to get one yet you can use plants and have the cleanest air. Air purifiers can get really costly in the process as you have to buy replace filters every other time, some of them are very expensive and at time you will find some even emit gases that are harmful to you so to save yourself all that it is much better to purify the air using plants. Well now let us have a look at the plants that you can use to have your air completely cleaned while at the same time giving your home that beautiful appearance.

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  • Know the importance of cleaning the air with plants: when you know how important plants can be in keeping your indoor in the best of quality then you will always find it very easy and even add in more effort into the activity. With all the chemicals off-gassed from the products inside out houses indoor air can get extremely polluted which calls for some action in order to reduce their effect on your health. The first thing you are always advised to do is thoroughly clean your environment but this is just not enough to get rid of all the impurities in your air. A lot of studies have however proved that plants are very effective in purifying the air and making our indoors fresh and safe to stay in.
  • How plants purify the air:plants especially those with large leaves can be of great help in purifying the air simply because their leaves inhale impurities in the air. Plants are known to take in bad gases such as carbon dioxide which we as humans breathe out. The most important thing though is that before we get to inhale any contaminants in the air, plants have already absorbed most if not all of it. This therefore lessens rate at which allergies, reactions to mold, asthma and many other respiratory infections.
  • Find a strategic place for the plants: in most cases the best places to put your plants are next to the window around the sill, on the table, plant vessels, or even on the floor. This is because in such areas it becomes really easy for you to access your plants and also water them without any hardship to keep in perfect condition.
  • Choose the perfect place in which you want the plants to purify air: all rooms can benefit from plant purification so you should first of all consider rooms in which you spend most of your time like the bedroom and living room. Since plants take in carbon dioxide and expel oxygen they will create the perfect environment for you to spend your time. If you can avail yourself with more plants then you put them in more place like the kitchen where fumes and smoke are released into the air and even in those room with many electric appliances.
  • Look out for the best air purifying plants: like I mentioned before in the post, plants with larger leafs tend to do a better job in purifying the air therefore if you can access them then they should come as your first priority. Below are some of the best air purifying plants that you can choose from;
  • Aloe Vera: for that sunny kitchen window, this is one of the best choice of plants you can make, with its ease to grow the plant is well known for eliminating benzene, formaldehyde which is why it used in many cleaners.
  • Spider plant: this plant features small white flowers and rich foliage that are very resilient so they cannot easily be killed. This plant is very efficient in removing carbon monoxide, benzene, formaldehyde as well as xylene. If you have any pets in your home, this is a great air purifying plant as it causes no harm to pets in its air purifying activity.
  • Gerber daisy: this is a very pretty plant, with its bright colored plant it can add a really nice addition to your home. It is greatly filters away benzene, it can be placed either in the bedroom or laundry room.
  • Snake plant: this one is best to be placed in the bathroom, you will find some people calling it mother-in-law’s tongue. It is has been found very operational when it comes to filtering out formaldehyde which is it used as an ingredient in many personal care products.
  • Golden pothos: because it spreads really wide as it grows, it is best to keep this plant in your garage. In addition it is also very helpful in eliminating formaldehyde.
  • Chrysanthemum: this really beautiful and colorful plant is not just pretty but also very important in filtering your air either in office or at home. It perfectly gets rid of benzene which is released into the air by very many products such as glue, plastics and paint.
  • Red edged dracaena:the mere fact that grows really long gives it added ability to get rid any toxins in the air. It is well known for removing formaldehyde, trichloroethylene and also xylene.
  • Weeping fig: keep this plant right in your living room and enjoy leisure time in a really clean environment, it is good at clearing out all the benzene formaldehyde that comes furniture.
  • Azalea: you can now get to also purify the air in your basement with this very pretty plant, it removes formaldehyde that comes from plywood.
  • Warneck dracaena: for those toxins that come from varnishes and oils this is the best air purifying plant, it is pretty enough to be kept anywhere in the house and grows really tall to purify even larger spaces.
  • Ensure that the plants are in perfect condition: the better the condition of the plant the better it is at getting rid of any pollutants in the air which in that case calls for constant watering and fertilizing of the plant. A well grown plant will perfectly clear your air unlike one that has is malnourished. Just like an air purifier that is in perfect condition performs better than a clogged one.

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