How To Put Out A Toaster Fire Easily

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Toaster fires can be very dangerous to both property in the whole house and lives because they spread out very fast. Some people have a belief that when your toaster catches fire you can stop it by pouring water on it but this is very wrong as it result into electric shock and hence cause more damage. Learning how to put out a toaster fire is something you must learn as you cannot always be sure that it will not catch fire. They are very many reasons that can cause your toaster to catch fire, sometimes it can be electricity shock, or burning bread crumbs so endeavor to keep the toaster clean and used it correctly to prevent the possibility of it catching fire. Just in case it does, here are some guidelines that you can follow to put out a toaster fire.

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  • Unplug the toaster: if you can safely reach out for the socket in which you plugged your toaster then first of all turn it off and plug the toaster out. Only do this if you are sure touching the socket will not cause any damage to you personally.
  • Leave the toaster alone: sometimes the toaster fire can burn and eventually put itself out. If by any chance you do not see any signs of the fire spreading out wild to the rest of your kitchen then it is best advised that you stay away and let the fire burn itself out. This is mostly recommended if you have one of old-fashioned or traditional model toasters.
  • Try using baking soda: for people that cannot have access to a fire extinguisher then baking soda is nice option to put the fire out. Pour a handful of baking soda in your hands and throw it at the base of the fire flames. Whenever baking soda is heated it produces carbonidioxide which is the best gas for putting out fires.
  • Use a fire extinguisher: sometimes fire spreads out really fast and by the time you get to it, there is not a thing you can do by getting too close so stay far away a distance away from the fire and put it out with the extinguisher. Direct the nozzle of the extinguisher at the bottom of the flames and press the clip on top to start blowing away the fire. For better results it is better to the extinguisher from side to side, you will be able to put the fire out faster.
  • Leave the toaster to cool: after burning you toaster will be extremely hot and you cannot risk burning your hands if your touch it so wait for minutes to let it cool before you do anything else.
  • Do not use the toaster again: in most incidences the fire might have been caused by electric shock which practically means that your toaster’s wiring might have been spoiled therefore do not bother trying to use the toaster again.

How to prevent toaster fires:

Prevention is much better than cure, instead of going through the trouble of putting out the fireit is much better to care for you toaster well to avoid it from catching fire. So here are some tips that will help you prevent toaster fires.

  • Empty and clean the crumb tray: each time you toast bread, crumbs fall off into the toaster so the more these crumbs build up the higher the possibility of the toaster catching fire during the usual toasting cycle.
  • Ensure that the machine is in perfect mechanical condition: sometimes fire comes from poor wiring in the toaster it therefore advisable for you to take you toaster for servicing often to ensure that any wiring problems are sorted out earlier.
  • Do not keep any flammable items near the toaster: if you by any chance forget to turn the toaster off and there are any flammable things nearby they will definitely catch fire. So keep the toaster neat without leaving any papers or dish towels that can easily catch fire.
  • Stay nearby while toasting bread:the toasting cycle does not even take a lot of time so there is no reason as to why you turn on the appliance and walk away. If you toast bread while watching it will be much easier for you to notice any burning bread before it actually turns into a wild fire.
  • Be very careful while getting bread out of the toaster: when you are removing bread form the toaster it is important that you pay maximum attention especially if your clothes or gloves have any lagging material. By the time you remove bread the toaster has heated up too much so if it gets in touch with your any clothes then fire may catch.
  • Always use the toaster as directed: in most cases the toaster comes with a manual that directs you on how to use the toaster therefore do not ignore those instructions because using the machine wrongly could the cause of the fire in your toaster.

Safety tips:

  • Make use of a toaster shield: this is a device that is usually installed on top of the toaster prevent the toaster from over-heating and helps to put out toaster fires. This can be very helpful just in case the toaster tries to catch fire.
  • Use low heat setting for flammable toppings: toppings with sugar are likely to result into fire, if you have chosen to toast bread with such toppings then you must use the lowest heat setting. If not, just stay away from such toppings as they can result into fires.
  • Always have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen: all cooking is done in the kitchen which means that most of the fire are likely to result from the kitchen so if you do not have a fire extinguisher then have it mounted somewhere in the kitchen as soon as possible. Having the extinguisher near will help you put any fire from the toaster as soon as you can before it spreads out further to other parts of the house.

In conclusion, take perfect precaution of your life and the rest of your house by cleaning your toaster and having a fire extinguisher in your home to take out fire as soon as possible.

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