How To Remove facial hair – Remove Facial Hair Without Any Irritation

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  • The very first thing you should consider is the tool that you want to use when shaving because practically they are very many types of razors and shavers that you can use but this will all depend on your hair type, skin type that is to say how sensitive your skin is and of course what you can afford to buy. So what I will show here are the different types of razors and shavers together with what kind of shave they give so that when you actually make the decision to buy one, you know what you are going in for.


Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor


‘’Use this safety razor; Whoever used a safety razor to shave will tell you that they got a close shave for the first time in their life. However, don’t get confused by the term (safety), to get better results, you need to practice wet shaving, apply a shaving cream before using this tool, it has sharp blades which get in contact with your skin directly, so irritation will occur if you do a dry shave. The blades that come with these razors are replaceable so when the blades start to feel funny on your skin, unscrew the handle and fit in the new blades then you will get yourself that really close shave. They are also cheap and if you are not well conversant with how o use them you will get on the board easily. 



  • Wash the area that you want to shave; this is a very vital step when you are going to shave, in fact some people recommend that you should always shave after taking a shower. This is because washing the area you are going to shave removes all the excess oil and dead skin that will come in the way of your razor which in turn causes irritation. Washing also helps to kill some of the bacteria that would cause infections, but more importantly using warm water to wash wherever you are going to shave moisturizes the hair and makes it very soft, opens up all the skin pores hence helping you achieve a really close and smooth shave.


‘’Despite your skin type, it is much recommended that you always wash your face before shaving to remove any dirt and what is the better way to clean your face other than this proraso shaving cream because it contains oatmeal that soothes and moisturizes your skin making very really ready for the shave.’’


  • Apply shaving cream; shaving directly on your bare skin will be the biggest regret you will ever have because instead of the razor removing hair and leaving you with a smooth skin, it is going to remove your skin as well. The imagination of that even gives me goose pimple, sound like a lot of pain. But the main point here is that you should always apply a shaving cream before putting the razor on your skin so that the razor only gets in contact with the hair but not your skin. You can apply shaving cream with your hands or with a shaving brush, so when using the brush apply the cream in circular motion so that you can be able to evenly spread the cream all over the area that you are going to shave.



‘’Shaving cream will help to make your beard really soft as it prepares it for the shave and also moisturizes your skin so that you do not face irritations as caused by shaving. This is one of the best shaving creams you can use when you are going to shave.’’



  • Leave the shaving cream to rest for a while; what I am trying to say here is that, after applying shaving cream do not rush straight to your razor to begin shaving, leave the shaving cream on the area for a few minutes, this will help to make you hair much softer so when you bring your razor it will be a walk over to get all those hairs removed.


Now that we know how you can prepare your face before shaving the next step here is how you can go about the exact shaving procedure and because they are two ways that you can shave that is wet/dry, I will break it down into two. First we shall look as how to have a dry shave then we shall see how you can have a wet shave.


I highly recommend that if you are planning on having a dry it is best to use an electric shave because they are more likely to cause harm to your skin even when do not use them wet. Below are the steps you should follow when having a dry shave with an electric shaver;

Series 7-790cc Pulsonic Men's Shaving System


”For dry shaves it is always much better to use an electric and one of the best choices is the Braun Series 7 because it will give you a shave the is close enough and smooth but at the same time not cause any irritations. It is good enough for people with different kinds of skin types because you can personally set it from intensive to sensitive depending on what individually works for you. It also has a precision trimmer that helps you choose the length that you want and with the clean and renew system you will not find any problems when it comes to cleaning the shaver.”


  • Put a pre-shave lotion meant for electric shaves; remember that the way electric shavers work is different from the way other types of razors like the disposable razors or multiple blade razors work so that means that you should apply a pre-shave lotion that makes the hairs stand up so the shaver can be able to get them off. Alcohol based pre-shaves work really well when it comes to electric shaves because they remove all the excess oil and lift the hair up hence making a dry shave really easy.



Mennen Afta Pre-electric Shave Lotion‘’The pre-shave lotion will make the shaver glide more smoothly on your skin hence helping you achieve a closer shaver and reduces skin irritations because it is formulated with skin conditioners that will help you get a closer shave without irritations.’’




  • Grab your shaver and starting with against the grain; like I said before shaving with electric shavers is different from razors so much as it hard to shave against the grain with razors, when it comes to electric shavers, shaving against the grain is the best way you can achieve a close shave. When using the shaver ensure that you take it slow, do not apply any pressure and do not force the shaver just let it do what it’s supposed to do. If you apply pressure you are going to cut yourself and when you start shaving always start with the areas that you think are more sensitive this way you will be able to prevent any irritations.
  • Continue shaving until you get the smoothness you want; keep shaving to all the areas you want to get shaved, it is most likely that if you are to get a close shave you will take multiple passes so always keep in mind that you should not press down hard. Multiple passes with added pressure will cause too much skin irritation, also remain patient it is the best way you will get a smooth shave.
  • Clean the shave and area where you have shaved from; if you want your shaver to last long, you should always clean it immediately after shaving because when you are done shaver, the shaver will have oil and other residue from your skin which when left in the shaver head will make the shaver blunt. You can also apply a lubricant, also ensure to clean up the area where you have shaved from.



You should never have a dry shave with razors otherwise you will not stand the irritations that will come after that. With razors it is best to have a wet shave and with that in mind I will give you the steps on how to shave wet with a shaver;


Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl Lined Detail Chrome Plated Double Edge Safety Razor

‘’When it comes to safety razors the only way you will be able to a get a close is if the razors are sharp enough and firmly attached to the razor. The Edwin jagger has been voted a favorite for many because it can fit any razors so you will have no hard time getting replacements for the razor. It is smart and durable so it will last long and has really great balance to give you a close shave without getting any difficulties.’’



  • Hold the razor in one hand and use the other hand to pull the skin; at this point you have already applied the shaving gel or foam on your skin, so use one of your hands to pull the skin this will help you achieve a really close shave. Unlike with when you shave with an electric shaver, when it comes to the razor it is advisable that you shave in the direction of your hair growth in order to reduce the risks of you getting red bumps and cuts. Also remember not to apply any pressure, you need to be extra gentle. Always hold the razor at the right, holding it flat on your skin may not remove any hair so hold the razor at about 30 degrees.
  • Make the second pass for a closer shave; on the first pass it is most likely that you will to take second pass but before you take the second pass you need you have to clean your razor and remove all the dirt that may be stuck in the blades after the first pass. Just dip the razor in class of water ensure all the hairs are out and if the foam has dried out apply another layer of foam then you can take the second pass.
  • Dash some cold water on to the shaved area; you must use cold water after shaving because cold water closes the skin pores and at the same time close all those slight small cuts together with ingrown hairs.
  • After this you can clean your razor; if you feel that your razor is still sharp enough for another shave then you should just clean it to get out any residue, rinse it under clean water then you dry the razor with a cotton cloth. Make sure the razor is totally dry or else it will rust. If you used a disposable razor you can just throw it away.
  • Pour alcohol in bowl or glass and dip the razor; it will be very hard to remove all the traces of water that will be in the razor yet alcohol can help to evaporate all that water that would have made the blades rust. It will further remove the entire residue and minerals which may be stuck in your razor hence making your blades last much longer than they would. After this just keep your razor in a cool dry place with blades facing upwards.



The way you shave will determine how good your shaver was and also the effects you are likely to get will depend on whether you have considered all the important points, take a look at them;

  • Ensure that your skin is soft before you shave; in normal circumstances even a single pass of the razor on your skin will exfoliate your skin and when you keep shaving that dry skin a lot of dead skin keeps coming off you and going into you’re the razor which in the end clogs your skin. Whenever this happens you are going to end up getting skin irritations or cuts and nicks, therefore to prevent all this mess you should always wet the skin, wait for a while for your skin and hair to become smooth then you can go ahead and shave.
  • Do not apply shaving cream on a bear skin; sometimes these shaving creams could also be a cause of irritations because of the chemicals they contain much as they are of major help to preventing you from getting nicks. It is better if you apply baby oil or olive oil before the cream so that even when water gets the cream off your face the oil will still be there to keep your skin well protected from any harm that the razor may cause.
  • Try to always the best razor for skin type; before you actually use a razor try to find out from people who have used it before to see how it worked for them or ask around from different people about razors that work well and you will be able to find something that will not cause you any skin damages.
  • Make sure your razor is sharp enough before you shave; the only way you can always keep your blades sharp is if you always keep your razor or shaver clean whenever you shave. Always make sure you are the only one using the razor to prevent any likely diseases. Despite your hair type or skin type the moment you use razors that are blunt you are definitely going to get nicks and red bumps. Shaving becomes hell the moment you use a razor or shaver with blunt blades.
  • Exfoliating will be great before you shave; when you exfoliate it help you to get rid of all the dead skin cells that may clog up in your razor and make shaving difficult. If you are going to shave the face a facial scrub will be a good way to exfoliate.
  • Know the direction of your hair growth; different parts of your body have hair growing in different directions and this will determine how close a shave you can get in different parts of the body. The direction in which shave on the arms will be quite from that of the under arms, from that of the head, and the bikini area.
  • Always apply a moisturizer after shaving or an after shave oil; after shaving your skin will be dry and if you do not apply anything after shaving your skin will become even drier and after sometime become flaky as well.

Proraso Aftershave Lotion


  • Treat ingrown hair early enough; in some cases when you shave, some hairs curl under the skin and this is what we call ingrown hairs and if not treated earlier they can be really painful. One of the ways to treat them is exfoliating more often or to apply a lotion meant for treatment of ingrown hairs on the bumps that red bumps cause, within a few days the in grown hairs will be no more.



They are many different ways in which you can treat razor burns, many of which I have been providing and I would not want to repeat the same things over and over again. So in case you shave and find yourself with razor burns I will give some of the ways you can treat them using products.

  • Always wash the area you want shave with a moisturizing face wash; this does not only apply when you are going to shave, it should be part of your daily routine in order to keep the skin with moisture that prevents it from running completely dry. now when it comes to cases where your are about to shave you are advised to wash the part you wish to shave with this face wash, rinse it off then you can go on and shave.


CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser

‘’May cleansers will remove all dirt from your face but some of them remove even the natural oil of your skin which makes your skin dry and flaky however this face wash removes dirt, excess oil without disrupting your skin’s natural health. It is made with ingredients that go deep into your skin and keep well nourished; works well for people of all different ages and when for those with sensitive skin, look no further than this.’’



  • Apply shaving gel; I will recommend shaving gel rather than shaving cream because some of these creams just clog your pores hence making your shaving even harder than it would have been. On that note you should apply layer of shaving gel before you shave because it will protect the blades of the razor from going directly onto your skin. Shaving dry with only water is a no for me, so do not try it out.


Nivea For Men Sensitive Shaving Gel

‘’Whenever you razor or shaver can smoothly glide over the skin you will never have to complain about anything like irritation or cuts and this is where a good shaving gel like nivea becomes a necessity. It forms a rich creamy lather so that you can get a clean, comfortable, close and smooth shave while protecting your skin from getting irritated. It is made to specifically take care of the sensitive skin so that you never have to worry about shaving but rather be excited to shave.’’  



  • Make use of aloe Vera; this should be applied after shaving because it is at this time the your newly shaved skin feel really sensitive and is likely to easily infected because the pores are still open and you may have some cuts on your face. However aloe Vera will prevent your skin from irritated as it soothes it, the best to do this is by applying aloe Vera on the shaved area, let it stay for minutes not less than five then you can rinse it off with cold water. Gently pat your skin with a dry towel after rinsing, make sure you do not rub.
  • oatmeal mask is also much recommended; this has always worked great on any type of skin irritations that may be caused by shaving so what you do is mix it in some milk apply the mask on the area where you feel any small rushes then rinse it off with warm water. you do not have to first notice any sort of rush to apply the mask, if you have a really sensitive skin using oatmeal mask will help be an early way of preventing your skin from getting irritated.


Freeman Facial Masque


‘’One of the main reasons as to why you get ruches after shaving is because your skin pores are clogged with too much oil and dirt and whenever this dirt gets into the razor it causes irritations that is why the mask will be of great help. it washes out all the dirt and excess oil in the skin leaving it well refined and conditioned, it contains only botanical extracts will prevent your skin pores from getting blocked thus making your skin totally smooth, clean and soft. There is no way you are going to get razor burns on such a skin.’’


  • Antibiotic ointment could also be of great help; you can also give this a try reason being the moment you apply on you newly shaved skin it will kill all the bacteria which may be stack in your skin pores which is the major cause of skin rushes. It will be more effective if you apply it daily on the irritated area until you see that the irritation has totally gone away.


Good Sense Maximum Strength Triple Antibiotic Ointment


”A good quality ointment like this one will definitely relieve you from the pain of razor burns and not only stop at that but will also prevent you from getting any further infections. Sometimes you will not know about things like this because it is not written anywhere but this is what we do for you, bring close to you the products that will make your shaving experience much better.”

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