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I know how pets are all lovely and interesting to have in your home, the company they give sometimes they are even more caring than humans however the moment you get them into your house you must be ready to learn how to get their hair from different upholstery, all over the carpet and even on your clothes. Pet is too clingy and tiny so it is not that easy to remove but with the tips I am about to provide here. It only on leather furniture that pet hair does not cling but noteveryone can afford it but there is surely no reason for you to give up owning your favorite pet. Simply take up these really easy methods and pet hair will be no worry for you anymore.

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Deep your hands in water: when you spot pet hair in your clothes, just deep your hands into a bowl of water or wet them under the sink and start rub away the hair while moving hands from up to down. As you do this, the hair gets heavy batches up and loses its ability to stick on to your clothes.

Make use of a damp sponge:for this you need to first vacuum the whole area exhaustively so that you are only left with pet hair to remove. Simply moisten the sponge leaving it almost dry but do not make it wet and start rubbing it over the carpet and furniture to get fur off.

Using latex gloves: the texture of latex gloves can easily grab pet hair as you wipe over the area that you spotted with fur, it will stick on to the gloves. Even rubber gloves work well so if it is what you have you can also use that, but to grab more hair you can soak your hands into water with the gloves on so that it grabs more hair.

Vacuuming is also very efficient: after spotting out surfaces with pet hair, connect the upholstery attachment of your vacuum cleaner and use to suck away pet hair. This is the most effective method and if your vacuum has a good filter even much better because it will suction the pet hair away without causing them any irritation.

Use wide tape or sell tape: roll the tape on to your hand leaving the sticky side outward so that when you begin rubbing over fur areas, fur can stick to the tape. If you usually have pet hair on your clothes or carry pets in your car, moving with tape will be a very good way to keep any fly away pet hairs off. Just keep rolling the tape over any areas that you suspect to have pet hair.

Try using Velcro curlers or straps: you will love Velcro curlers more because they can even get to those hard to reach areas for example the corners of chairs, areas on the carpet on which sofas sit among others. Roll the curler over areas for it to capture hair. If you are using Velcro straps rub the rougher side over the area lit with pet hair, as you rub you will notice hairs getting trapped on to the strap. If you can get a wide Velcro strap then much better because it can cover a wider area hence grab more fur each other time.

Use a balloon: blow air into a balloon to rub over the littered area, when air is blown into a balloon, its surface becomes static so the moment you run it over the pet hair it will quickly stick onto the balloon and leave you sofas and clothes clean. This method is so much fun and the balloon can be used several times.

Use a fabric softener sheet or dryer sheet: scrub the area dirtied with pet hair and all that loose fur will jump off your carpet onto the sheet.

Try fabric softener itself:because pet hair is so clingy fabric softener helps to loosen it up hence making it easier to remove. So for this method simply make a solution of water and fabric softener, pour the mixture into a spray bottle and then mist over the area with pet hair. Give the area time to dry and then use a vacuum cleaner to suction away the hair, since the hairs now loose each pass with the vacuum cleaner will not leave even a single hair behind.

The rubber broom method: if you have a feathery carpet, pet hair is most likely to get stuck in there and because it is very tiny you will probably leave it behind without noticing. But if using a rubber broom brings about static electricity whenever you move the brush hence trapping all the pet hair on the brush.

Make use of your shoes that have rubber soles: a shoe with a rubber sole can surprisingly help to get rid of pet hair, wear the shoe and rub your foot over the area with hair. When you are through carefully take the shoe off and dispose the hair away.

Throw clothes into the dryer: if the clothes have a lot of pet hair getting it all off will require too much effort but you can put the cloth into the dryer and hair will be sucked away. For more effective hair removal, throw the clothes along with a dryer and leave the dryer to run for about 10 minutes.

Use the vacuum’s pet hair removal feature: not all vacuums have this feature but if you have very many pets or if your litters too much hair and you cannot do without it then purchasing a vacuum with the feature will surely be worth it. Unlike the normal vacuuming that suctions dust and dirt only setting your vacuum in the pet hair removal mode will suction up all that pet hair in your home.

In conclusion, for people that are used to having pets with them in their homes, giving up the pet is definitely not an option but with the tips provided above pet hair will only take you seconds to remove. Ensure to brush areas where your pets usually hang to prevent their hair from building, it will make removal much easier. The longer you take without removing the pet hair the more effort you will need to get off.

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