How to Remove Your Mustache – Ladies Nightmare

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For guys, it is okay to have a mustache, but no lady will tolerate this natural gift. To them, it’s a distortion of beauty, so they will do anything to get rid of a mustache permanently. In this post, we shall see how you can get remove a mustache and retain the feminine beauty.

How to Remove Your Mustache

METHOD 1:- Bleaching Method:

  • Choose the right bleaching product: – I know many of you are scared of this method because bleaching can mess up your looks if you do it in a wrong way. So the first thing is to find the right bleaching chemical / lotion for your face. Most these bleaching creams can light up your hair and this helps in eliminating that mustache. However, that bleaching cream should only be applied on the mustache not the all face.
  • Test that bleaching cream:- Before applying any recommended facial bleaching cream on your mustache. Test it in small amounts on any part of the body, it could be your hands, thighs, stomach etc. Leave on the bleach on the skin for a while and wait for results. If your skin reacts badly to it., then don’t use it, go for another option. Wash of bleaching cream / lotion after testing to avoid permanent results.
  • Wash Your Face:- This is a basic step which I expect every lady to know about, but still, I will not take things for granted, because we all think in different ways. Before applying any bleaching cream on your face, wash it clean with water & soap, this will get rid of dirt and any lotions / oils found on your skin.
  • Put bleaching cream on your mustache:- Bleaching cream should not be applied with bare fingers, wear gloves before getting in contact with it or use a Popsicle stick. When applying this bleach, make sure it doesn’t spread to your lips or any nearby area. It’s supposed to sit on that mustache, the all process is similar to lathering up when you’re going to shave off your pubes / armpits.
  • Let the bleach sit on that mustache for a while:- There is a recommended time, but if you don’t get it, you can let it sit in the mustache for at least 10 minutes, this is enough time to weaken the mustache. Please, for safety purposes don’t go beyond 10 minutes, because bleaching chemicals are very strong and reactive.
  • Wash off that bleaching cream:- At first you will start by wiping it off with a soft cotton tissue, check results and then wash it off with water. I suggest you wet a face towel or a very small clean cloth and wipe the cream slowly from your mustache. If you splash water on the mustache, the cream might find its way to other sensitive parts. Remember, bleaching cream was created for ladies who want to change their natural color, so if this not your intention, make sure it does not get to other facial areas.
  • Thoroughly wash your skin:- After wiping off the cream using a wet clean towel, you can now rinse off the remaining solution using water. However, you will need to wash the all face.



  • Choose the right wax:- By default, waxing removes hair permanently from the skin. When you wax, hair can take like 6 months to grow back, but when it comes to the face, you have to use a recommended wax for face, otherwise you might not enjoy the music. You can wax yourself or ask someone to do it for you. Wax comes in different types and these include; spreadable wax & strip wax. However, you can only get results if hair is long, so you might need to grow out that mustache for a few weeks.
  • Wash your face with warm water:- Once you do this, your skin pores will open and make it very easy to remove hair. Avoid washing your face with very hot water, it can burn you and end up with wounds. Let the water cool down, pour it in a bowel and start washing your face.
  • Warm up the wax:- I advise you to heat up that wax just a little bit before using it, however, if you use strip wax, you can skip this step if you want too. But I recommend you read instructions on how to use strip wax.
  • Apply wax on your mustache:- You can use your fingers to apply this wax or an applicator which comes with a waxing kit. But make sure it does not spread over to other parts of the face; it’s supposed to sit on the mustache. If you have used a strip, it has to sit on the top of the mustache, let the wax be on your wax for some time.
  • Tear off the strip:- If you have used a strip wax, you can follow this step, those who used normal wax, you have to wash it off. Tear off the strip gently, you will notice that as you tear it off, both the wax and hair are removed. However, the only downside with this process is pain. By all means you will feel some pain when plucking off that strip wax, but pain is gain, so bare with it.
  • Pluck hair which has remained:- You will do this manually and I’m sure it will be painful, but you can soften it with warm water.



  • Buy a good Epilator: We have many of them on the market. However, this method can only work when hair is long so you might as well consider growing out that mustache. It is also a painful process but results last for long.
  • Wash your face with warm water:- This process opens up skin pores and at the same time makes hair very soft and easy to remove.
  • Move your lips inside the mouth to make it easy to remove hair using an epilator. This method will take a while and it’s painful, but results will last for long.

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