How To Repair A Drill Power Cord – Replacement Instructions

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Any damage on the drill power cord whether small or big can turn out to be the most dangerous hazard so don’t risk using a drill with a damaged power cord. In any case repairing the power cord is not that hard so there is no reason for you to put your safety at risk. Repairing the power cord is not only wise for your safety but also for the machine because when there is electric shock even the machine will be damaged. To make it all easy and safe for you here is a set of instructions that will help you repair your drill power cord when need be.

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  • Ensure that the drill is disconnected or unplugged: this is the first step to determining your safety, before working on electric appliance you must make sure that the drill is disconnected. Any tests you plan on doing to check for damages should be done with the drill disconnected or unplugged.
  • Start by finding out what damage the drill power cord had: there are different things that can cause damage to the power cord take for example poor maintenance, the drill itself or the socket. This will make it easy for you to find the best solution to what is causing damage to your drill’s power cord. If you repair the cord without getting rid of the cause you will be wasting time as the cord will get damaged over and over so you must get to the root cause of it all.
  • Check out for insulation damages: the major indicators of damaged insulation are burnt connectors and missing insulators especially if the drill has double insulation. This will help determine what exactly has been causing damage to the power cord.
  • Check the voltage: you need to know if the receptacle into which you plug the drill has the right voltage. Plugging the power cord into a receptacle of the wrong voltage is one of the reasons that cause damage to the power cord so test it first.
  • Smell around any visible parts, if there has been excessive heating inside the drill you will smell that burning smell of plastic.
  • Take out the terminal wires: at this stage you will more than sure that it is the power cord that has a problem so you must take the wires connecting to the drill to start repairing it. The power drill is in most cases connected to the switch with screws so to take those wires out, you have to use a screw driver to make the screws loose and later take the wires out.
  • Disconnect the power cord from the motor housing: you will find a lock that tightly attaches the cord to the motor housing, it is this lock that keeps internal connections well protected.
  • Remove the power cord from drill housing: it will now be very easy for you to take the power cord out of the drill housing, you just have to pull it out and then you will also have to take off the cord protector. If the damaged area is not midway the power cord for example it if it at the top part of the cord you can just cut off that damaged area but if it is in the middle there is obviously no way you can cut the power cord into two you will just have to get a new power cord.
  • Look for a replacement power cord: find a replacement that is similar to the one that the drill had before, a two wire cord can be used to replace a double insulated cord but can never be used in place of wire. If your drill has a grounded cord then you must look for a three wire cord to replace it. The replacement cord should be the same size as the one that was damaged.
  • Prepare the replacement cord: measure about three to five inches of the replacement cord and rip it off and from the conductor insulation also rip off about three to four, as you do this you need to be extra careful to avoid damaging the wires.
  • Install the new cord: slip the new cord into the cord boot and let several inches of the cord slip down from the insulation guard.
  • Connect the wires: you now have to attach wires in their corresponding terminals, if you put any wire in the wrong hole then the drill will not work. Those wires are colored so you can be able to put then in the correct terminals or holes. Make sure that the screws are tightly attached.
  • Replace the cord clamp or lock: put the clamp back and tighten it really well, you can then go ahead to place the cord boot back into its place. Put the drill switch cover and try to firmly fit on all the fasteners.
  • Test the drill to see if it works: after replacing the cord you will have to try the drill to make sure that it works otherwise if it fails to work then you must take the drill to a repair shop to find out what the problem could be. There could be something else wrong with the drill instead of the power cord.

What else can cause a drill to stop working?

  • Worn out brushes: brushes help to transmit power to the motor so when these brushes wear down they cannot transfer power to the motor hence stopping it from starting. Brushed cannot be repaired in any away you just have to replace then with new ones. New brushes stay in touch with the motor and hence transmit all the necessary power to the motor.
  • Switch problems: with the help of an ohm meter you should make tests to find whether the switch is still functioning. A faulty switch can be extremely dangerous as it can be a cause of electric shock so you will have to replace the switch and the run the drill to check if it will work.

Electric drills are very versatile yet portable tools that every household need to have but you also need to take very good of all its part to keep it performing well.

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