How to Shave a Mustache For The First Time

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How to Shave a Mustache For The First Time

I know you might love your mustache, but there is a time when it feels more like a burden than a style, a mustache can be trimmed of shaved in any way you want, but in this post, we shall see how you can shave that mustache in style. You can use more than one shaving tool to get better results, however let’s go through steps 1 by 1 and see how the end results will be.


  • Start by trimming your mustache: Before shaving that mustache off, it is better to trim it using a pop-beard trimmer which is found at the back of the shaver. Most electric shavers by Panasonic & Philips Norelco have these pop-beard trimmer, there role is to reduce on the thickness and length of your beard & mustache before shaving them off. But before trimming your mustache, I suggest you wash it clean using warm water, this will remove all dirt and make the beard soft at the same time.
  • Use a pre-shave product: – Most of you might think that you don’t need to use a pre-shave product when shaving a mustache, this assumption can apply when you’re trimming the mustache, but if you’re shaving it for the first time, you can’t take that risk, because shaving clears off all hair and leaves the skin exposed, so during the process, the skin around the lips might get irritated and this might result into razor bumps. So, to avoid getting into any preventable effects, you would rather wet shave that mustache than dry shaving it. Apply moderate amounts of pre-shave lotion like (NIVEA PRE-SHAVE LOTION), let it sit on your mustache for a while as hair gets soft, this will make it easy to shave that mustache.
  • Pull skin near the lips / Mouth: – To get a perfect shave with an electric shaver, you have to pull the skin above your lips. You have to do this while standing in-front of a mirror, this will give you a clear insight on what you’re doing, however, you might not like what your face will look like when the lips get pulled / stretched, but this is the best way you can get a close shave.
  • Start shaving: – I’m not sure of the type of electric shaver you have, but rotary shavers like Philips Norelco’s shave in a circular motion, so if you have a rotary shaver, you should move the shaver in a circular motion. On the other hand, if you have a foil shaver like Panasonic / Braun shavers, you need to make straight strokes in order to get a smooth clean close shave. But the skin above your lips is too soft, so be gentle, move the shaver slowly, this is a very small area, 2 – 3 passes will get you better results.
  • Conclude with aftershave:- After getting the clean shave, you need to apply an after shave to calm down the skin where the mustache has been. This aftershave will also kill germs and bacteria around that area saving you from bumps


  • Trim your hair:- Before shaving your mustache with a safety razor, you need to trim it fast just like we did in our first method. When your beards become short, the razor won’t be clogged and hence give you the best results in a short period of time. Safety razors are by far the best shaving tools ever, but at the same time, they can cut / nick your skin if you don’t use them right.
  • Clean that mustache with warm water:- I talked about this step in our first option, using warm water will soften the beard and the skin and make it easy to shave the mustache. You can easily apply warm water by using a clean cotton face towel.
  • Use a pre shave oil / cream:- Wet shaving with a safety razor is very safe and tender to the skin. When you apply shaving cream, it will soften the beard and make it very easy to shave. But when applying this shaving cream, make sure you don’t put it on the mouth.
  • Follow the grain as you shave:- When shaving with a safety razor, you have to follow the grain, this will ensure that your skin is not pulled or irritated. I know many of you would prefer shaving against the grain because it gives you a quick clean shave, but the risks of doing this include; getting razor bumps, ingrown hair, nicks and cuts. So, if you decide to shave against the grain, be very gentle and pull the skin so that the razor moves smoothly.
  • Rinse off the shaving soap / gel: Use cold water to wash off shaving soap, this cold water will close skin pores and leave shaved area smooth and clean.
  • Apply after shave:- Just like we did with the electric shaver, you have to close this chapter by applying aftershave to the shaved area. The mustache is off, but the skin has to calm down and the only way you can do this is by applying non alcoholic aftershave.



  • 1st Trim your mustache:- I’m not a great fun of straight razors because of the possibility of cutting yourself is really high. When you trim your mustache, it will be very easy to shave it clean with a straight razor without cutting yourself. A straight razor does not get clogged and once it runs out of sharpness, you can re-sharpen it again and you never spend a dime to buy razors or anything related which makes it a relevant shaving tool.
  • Prepare your mustache by washing it with a warm towel
  • Use a pre-shave oil / gel to soften the beards just like I explained in the above sections.
  • Shave with a straight razor to get rid of that mustache, but make sure your strokes are very slow and gentle, because any small mistake you make can leave you with a bloody shave. Pull your lips to reduce chances of cutting them with a straight razor.

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