How To Shave Body Hair For Guys

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In the past, men never used to shave their bodies, but as time went on, things changed, civilization kicked in and men started taking care of their looks, though not all of them have considered this option, but a few who have are looking much better and attractive to the opposite sex. If you’re a guy and you have a very hairy body, you should shave it well and look nice, follow steps below: –

How to shave body hair for men

  • Gather what you need:- This has to be the first thing to do. To shave your body fully, you need three body grooming tools and these include; a safety razor, hair trimmer and a body groomer which you can use to shave your back. If you don’t have any of these, shop for them today from Amazon, they will deliver them to your door the next day.
  • Trim your hair short:- Before shaving hair from your body, it is better to trim it first so that it becomes short. You can use a beard trimmer / a clipper. Forget about the back at the moment because it needs a back shaver like MANGROOMER ULTIMATE PRO BACK SHAVER. On the other hand, if you use a hair clipper, it can give you a close shave if you use the lowest settings, but remember to shave towards the grain not against it. Going against the grain can give you a quick close shave but it’s risky as well because the clipper can pull hair out of the skin and cause you bumps / ingrown hairs. So, whoever decides to shave against the grain should do it gently.
  • Take a warm shower:- After trimming your body hair short, take a warm shower so that skin pores open up making it very easy to shave off that hair. I recommend you to shower the all body, that is you plan to shave the all body. But if you want to shave just a few parts like (chest/ legs and hands) then wash only those areas and later you can have a full body shower.
  • Leather Up:- After washing your body / area to be shaved with warm water, apply shaving soap / cream. Use a non-sensitive cream and create huge foam on your body, this will make it very easy to shave off that hair. Let the foam sit on your body hair for at least 3 minutes before shaving.
  • Clean the razor:- As you wait for the foam to settle down on the body, sterilize and clean your safety razor so that it’s free from germs. The last thing you want to get close to is a skin infection caused by bacteria, so clean that razor very well. You can sterilize it with alcohol or vinegar.
  • Shave with a razor:- It is now time to get a real clean close shave, grab that single blade razor, insert in a new safety razor blade, close it well and start shaving towards or against the grain. I always recommend people to shave towards the grain because it’s too much forgiving and risk free, however, most readers have reported that when you shave towards the grain, it takes very long to get a close shave, yet on the other hand, when you have against the grain, you get a very quick clean shave. In my opinion, everyone has something which works for them, but what I know is that when you shave against the grain, you stand a high chance of getting bumps and ingrown hairs.
  • Apply more shaving soap / cream:- If you see more hair in certain areas, apply more shaving scream and go over them once again.
  • Continue Shaving:- Don’t stop shaving unless when you see no hair on your body. Sometimes you might need to make more than one stroke to get that close shave.
  • Shower with cool water:- Go and take a shower after shaving your body, but this time, you have to use cold water, it will close skin pores preventing germs from entering your skin and at the same time, it will leave your body clean.
  • Apply Aftershave:- Use a non alcoholic Aftershave, this will calm down the skin and at the same time prevent your skin from suffering from bumps.


  • Safety Razor
  • New Razor blades
  • Shaving Soap / cream
  • Water ( warm & cold)
  • Hair Clipper / Trimmer
  • Body Groomer
  • Back hair shaver
  • Sterilizer ( alcohol / vinegar)

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