How To Shave Body Hair (for men) only

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In the past, only sports men were required to shave body hair, for example, bodybuilders who need to show case muscles on their bodies were required to have a smooth clean skin and swimmers where also supposed to look clean while in the pool. However, as centuries evolved, many hairy men started shaving thick body hair so that they look appealing to the opposite sex. If you have lots of body hair and your spouse complains about it, this post is dedicated to you. Keep on reading….


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  • Prepare and get everything you need:- Shaving your body is hygienic, don’t take it as a punishment and don’t rush to get rid of body hair on instant. At first you need to prepare and get everything you need. You have to use the best body grooming tools and products. For example, you can use an electric body groomer / a safety razor; these two shaving tools are effective and friendly on any type of skin. I know many of you have multiple blade razors; these are very good when it comes to close shaving, but they also pull and cut hair beneath the skin and this irritates the skin and sometimes it results into razor bumps / ingrown hairs. You also need to lather up before shaving, so you need to invest some little money and buy shaving cream / soap. May be the other tool you need to buy is an electric hair trimmer, this could be a clipper / a beard trimmer, any of these two can work.
  • Trim your hair before shaving:- So, I told you to buy a clipper / a beard trimmer. I know you want to have a clean body shave, but you can’t have it at once, their is a process you have to follow until you get that impressive clean body shave. At first, you will trim your body hair short, making it very easy to shave. If you use a safety razor on very think long hair, it will get clogged every time you shave and this will disrupt the all shaving process. So, I suggest you attach a shaving comb on your clipper / beard trimmer and reduce on the thickness / length of body hair.
  • Take a full body warm shower:- Yep, after trimming your body hair, go ahead and take a warm body shower. Warm water will open skin pores and at the same time make your hair very soft and easy to shave. You should mix bathing soap with that warm water, this will make your skin clean, soft and it will also lift flat-laying body hair.
  • Apply shaving cream / soap:- In my own view shaving soap will do a good job than shaving cream, because covering the all body with shaving cream might be costly yet it’s very easy to use shaving soap. Actually this time you don’t need a shaving bowl to melt down the soap, all you need is warm water, use shaving soap the same way you use normal bathing soap. That warm shower water will melt down shaving soap and it will help you create a strong lather. When you lather up your body with the best shaving soap, body hair will become soft and easy to shave.
  • Clean / sterilize your razor: – If you didn’t buy a new safety razor, I suggest you clean and sterilize the one you. This will help in cleaning germs and making that single blade tool very friendly to your skin. You can use vinegar / surgical spirit / alcohol to sterilize your safety razor. May be the other thing you have to buy is a new packet of double edge safety razor blades, one single packet of 100 blades costs only $10. Avoid using old razor blades; these keep lots of germs which might be harmful to your skin.
  • Shave towards the grain: – I guess this is the only safe way of shaving body hair and avoid / prevent getting razor bumps. Even though you use an electric body groomer, you need to follow the grain (direction to which hair grows too). Hold the razor firmly in your hands, press it gently on the areas to be shaved and slowly move it towards the grain. I know following this direction will not give you an instant close shave, but it save you from cutting hair under the skin which sometimes results into ingrown hair / razor bumps.
  • Rinse of shaving cream / soap with cold water: – At first you washed your body with warm water, but this time you will use cold water to rinse off that shaving soap. Cold water will close all skin pores on your body and prevent germs from finding their way inside your skin.
  • Apply aftershave: – When you get out of the shower, make sure you use a very clean dry cotton towel to dry your skin. Once the skin is dry, apply aftershave so that you calm down the skin and at the same time kill germs. A good aftershave can prevent bumps from appearing on your skin after shaving.



  • An electric body hair trimmer / clipper
  • Safety Razor
  • New Double Edge Razor blades
  • Electric body groomer
  • Warm & Cold water
  • Shaving Soap
  • A towel
  • Aftershave
  • Vinegar / Alcohol

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