How To Shave In The Shower Without Clogging The Drain

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I don’t remember of any day I have ever shaved while not in the shower. To me, it’s a default place to shave from, though my only trouble is clogging the sink and bathtub. However, at a later stage, I found a way of shaving in the shower without clogging it, learn how I do it and save time.


  • Take a shower:- Men might feel like this is not what they should do first, but trust me, having a full shower is better even though you might only shave your face or legs. But nothing beats general cleaning, it takes just a few minutes, after-roll you’re heading to work, so why burn time washing just a few parts and at a later stage get a full bath.
  • Leather up with shampoo / soap: – If you have hair shampoo, it works very well on beards, chest hair or hair on legs. Put a few of it in your hands and mix it with water, rub your hands together to create a white foam, this will soften hair follicles and make it very easy to shave your beards, pubes, armpits, chest or legs.
  • Use the right shaving tool:- We have like 4 tools which you can use to shave while in the shower and these include a safety razor, a wet & dry electric shaver, disposable razor and a straight razor. Use any of these tools to get a close shave. But me I always use a safety razor, though, I have to change blades every-time I wet shave, because I can’t trust old blades, they harbor germs and sterilizing them can also consume time, yet the main goal is to save time yet at the same time get a real clean close shave. A full packet of Double edge razor blades costs only $15, that is a very small amount because these packets have between 50 – 100 razor blades, so you can use a new blade every time you want to shave, that will guarantee you with a safe clean close shave.
  • Stand in-front of a mirror:- The advantage of a mirror is to help you see what you’re doing and at the same time help you see those sharp angled areas like below the neck. The only challenge will keep the mirror fog-free because shower water has to be left on running. So the best solution is to wash the mirror with shampoo and water every now and then as you shave.
  • Turn on shower water:- If you decide to shave in the shower, you have to leave shower water on, increase its pressure after taking a bath, this will ensure that each and every shaved hair is run down immediately by water. If you wait for the hair / beards to compile, water will make them very think and very difficult to flash out of the shower which might cause clogging. On the other hand, ladies who prefer shaving legs or pubes while in the bathtub, let water in the tab run non-stop, don’t use a bathtub water stopper; it will prevent the hair from getting flashed out of the tab.
  • Start Shaving:- Your goal is to save time, let’s not waste, starts shaving your face / legs. If the shampoo / soap dry out, apply some little water and go ahead with shaving. If you’re using a safety razor, try to damp it in water to remove any clogged hair and continue shaving. But as you shave, your hair will fall on the floor and it will be washed by running shower water. This will save you too much time, because after shaving, you don’t have to bother with cleaning the shower, fast running water will have washed away everything.
  • Go back for Shower:- This time don’t spend too much time showering, all I want is that running water to wash off hair which is still on your face or body, you will see it going down. Once this is done, stop shower water and dry your face with a clean dry face towel.
  • Apply aftershave:- This should be applied when your skin is dry, it calms down the skin and at the same time kills germs which might find their way to the skin. When I apply aftershave, I never get bumps or ingrown hair, so that is why I suggest it.
  • Get out the shower, dress for work, take your brake fast and rush to work.



  • Safety Razor
  • Hair Shampoo / Soap
  • Mirror
  • Clean dry towel

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