How to Shave When You Have Acne

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A skin infected by acne is very delicate to shave, it needs special care and treatment otherwise you might end up hurting yourself. In this post, you will learn how to shave when you have acne.

How To Shave When You Have Acne

  • Clean your face:- Before shaving a face with acne, it is better you wash it well with cold water so that beards get soft and become very easy to shave. You can as well exfoliate before washing your face; it also softens the beards & hair follicles.
  • Use a warm face towel:- After washing dirt and sweat from your face, you can now damp a clean face towel in hot water, let it cool down and then apply this towel on your face. A warm towel will get rid of some pimples, kill germs and at the same time soften your beards.
  • Lather up you face:- You have to use a friendly shaving cream for sensitive skins. Put moderate amounts of shaving cream in your hands and apply it evenly on your face. Don’t use a shaving brush to leather up, the bristles on the brush will irritate your skin. Simply apply shaving cream with your hands.
  • Choose the right shaving tool:- You have to be very careful when choosing a shaving tool for acne. Avoid multiple blade razors; they’re too aggressive and not friendly on a sensitive skin. Use a double edge safety razor to shave a skin with acne, but it is better you get one with some weight so that you don’t have to apply any pressure when shaving. In recommend Parker 96r Butterfly Razor / Merkur Long Handled, those two will do well. On the other hand, if you want to use an electric shaver, you should opt for foil wet & dry shavers like Braun / Panasonic, these two models have smooth and ultrathin foils, the blades are beneath the foil so they have no direct contact with your skin which prevents skin irritation. However, don’t forget to inspect the status of your shaving tool, if you have opted for a safety razor, make sure it clean and well sterilized, the blades are supposed to be new and sharp.
  • Start Shaving:- Start with areas without acne and then go to other areas with acne. When you reach that sensitive area, reduce on the pressure and move the razor / shaver slowly, it’s not a matter of having a quick close shave, the main goal here is to have a clean non-irritative close shave. Hold the razor lightly and shave towards the grain. Make sure your face is lathered up very well to reduce on irritation.
  • Rinse off shaving cream:- Wash off shaving cream with cold water, it will help close skin pores and at the same time show you areas which have not been shaved well. If you spot such areas, apply shaving cream / gel to those areas and pass a razor slowly over them. Wash it off again and dry your face with a clean soft dry face towel.
  • Don’t over shave:- The possibility of getting a real close shave on an acne infected skin is not high, but as long as you’re happy with the results, go with that, avoid over shaving.
  • See a Doctor:- If your acne is too serious and painful, please see a doctor and get treated. On the other hand, the doctor might recommend waxing as a permanent hair removal method.



  • Safety Razor
  • Electric Foils Shaver
  • Shaving Gel
  • Warm Water

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