How to Shave Without Shaving Cream – For Men & Women

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The possibility of running out of shaving cream / soap is high so you need to know what you should do when none of those two is available. In my past post I explained how you can wet shave with a safety razor using shaving cream / soap but this time you will learn how to use that manual shaving tool without using any shaving cream. All points are clear. Simply read through up to the end and note down each step, implement what you have read.

  • Wash the area to be shaved: – I’m not sure which part of your body you would like to shave, but this should be the first thing to do before applying anything. Remember this time you don’t have shaving cream, but you would like to wet shave because it prevents razor bumps. Washing your face, legs, chest or armpits will soften hair around those areas and make it very easy to shave with a safety razor. However, you have to use warm water because it opens up skin pores and art the same time lifts up flat-laying hair.
  • Apply a conditioner before using shampoo:- Since your skin does not do well with hair shampoo, it’s better you coat it with an organic conditioner which contains jojoba / olive oil. Natural oils are very friendly and they don’t irritate or cause any skin complications. Coating your skin with natural oil will prevent that strong hair shampoo from burning your skin.
  • Use normal hair shampoo:- It does not matter which type of hair shampoo you have, it will do a great job. Lather up that area to be shaved using your fingers. Put moderate amounts of shampoo in your hands and apply on your skin. This should be done after coating your skin with a natural / organic conditioner. The main purpose of this shampoo is to soften hair / beards to be shaved. Please, don’t use strong shampoo when shaving your genital areas / bikini area because skin found around these two areas is too soft and ladies have a skin opening down there which does not deal with shampoo or any shaving cream.
  • Get the right manual shaving tool:- I’m sure you have a manual shaving tool but are you sure it’s the right one. Multiple blade razors have become very common but every man / woman who used them complains about their aggressiveness. Yet on the other hand, a double edge safety razor is gentle and friendly on skin, it will not pull your hair while shaving and at the same time it does not cut hair under the skin saving you from getting bumps and ingrown hairs. After buying the right manual shaving tool, insert brand new double edge safety razor blades.
  • Wet that razor:- This is an optional step, though I always wet my safety razor every time I start shaving. I think it prepares it for the tusk and it also reduces on the aggressiveness of the blades.
  • Shave towards the grain / against it:- Each of these shaving methods has its own pros and cons. For example, when you shave towards the grain (direction to which hair grows too), you will not get an instant close shave in minutes; it requires you to make more than one stroke. On the other hand, when you shave against the grain, you get an instant clean close shave, but chances of cutting yourself, irritating the skin and getting razor bumps are high
  • Finish with Aftershave: – Before applying aftershave, rinse off that shampoo & conditioner from your skin using cold water, this will close all skin pores preventing germs from entering your skin and at the same time it will leave your skin smooth and clean. But after washing your skin, dry it well with a clean dry towel, once it’s dry, apply moderate amounts of aftershave to kill any germs and calm down the skin.



  • Safety Razor
  • New double edge safety razor blades
  • Conditioner & Shampoo
  • Aftershave
  • Warm & Cold Water
  • Clean Towel

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