How to Shave Your Bikini Area – Without Getting Bumps

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How to Shave Your Bikini Area

Ladies, you should always keep that bikini area clean because once it gets bushy, it will become moist and harbor lots of germs which might cause you serious infections. Once this area is hair free, you will find it very easy to clean it and your confidence levels will increase especially when interacting with your loved one. However, if you shave this area with a wrong shaving tool or use poor grooming methods, you will end up with bumps and ingrown hairs which are painful and uncomfortable. In this post, you will learn how to shave that bikini area completely without getting any razor bumps or cuts.

  • Choose a shape:- When it comes to shaving your bikini area, try to be as creative as you can, because, that area will be seen by someone important in your life. If you’re single, you can shave it all and leave no pubic hair at all, however, if you have a partner, try to entice them with some creative styles. Leave on some pubes at the top of the Vagina, but let the area around the vagina be clean, this will keep away germs and moisture from that area. I can suggest a style for you but my favorite is a landing strip. This looks like a line, it extends up from the labia toward the belly, you can leave it thick but trimmed, wider / thinner, the choice is yours, but that is my favorite style.


  • Choose the right tools:- If you want to create a shape around your bikini area with your pubes, I suggest you use two grooming tools and these include; a safety razor & a pair of sharp scissors. If the pubes are too long, I suggest you trim them first with a scissor before shaving them. Trimming is the most effective way to avoid bumps or irritations around your bikini area. If you fear using scissors, the use an electric hair trimmer, set an average length and attach the comb before trimming those pubes.


  • Wet your Pubes:- Ladies, if you want to get a bump free shave down there, you have to wet those pubes before shaving them with a safety razor / a disposable razor. These two tools are aggressive, so if they find your pubes when they’re dry, your skin will suffer, because instead of shaving them, hair will be pulled out with force. To avoid any issues, simply take a shower, those with a bathtub, you can sit in the tub for a while. Use your finger to clean each and every section down there. Wetting your pubes will soften hair follicles and make it easier to shave that bikini area.


  • Exfoliate / Leather up:- You might read around and discover that some ladies exfoliate their bikini area before shaving it, this process has to be done like 2 days before shaving, because it’s purpose is to clean and remove any dead cells around your pubes. But when it comes to lathering up, I don’t recommend any shaving cream / soap, because once it finds its way inside your Vagina, the story will be once. May be you can use regular bathing soap which is not medicated, mix it with water to make soap foam, apply this foam to the top section, and make sure it does not flow downwards.


  • Wet that safety razor:- I know this might sound funny, but I have tried it myself, when I shave with a dry shaver, it pulls and nicks my skin, but when I run tap water over it before using it, everything goes on smoothly. It not matter whether the razor is new / old, just wet it before using it. If possible you can sterilize it in order to kill germs. After using that safety razor, make sure you clean it well using water and then dry it before storing it. Avoid slant razors, they tend to be very aggressive, use a close comb razor like Merkur 180 Long Handled or Parker 96r safety razor, these two have long handles so you will have a chance to reach each and every section down there.


  • Start shaving:- I don’t want to waste most of your time, let’s get down to business and get to the next step. Clean shave areas which you want to remain hair free. If you want to leave a landing strip, trim it with scissors, but cut its edges with a razor, this will guarantee perfection down there. Please, remember to shave towards the grain, I know this method requires you to make more than one stroke to get a real close shave, but at the same-time it saves you from getting razor bumps and ingrown hairs.


  • Shave In between your thighs:- Right, hair does not grow in one area, I personally have it in most areas around my Bikini area. It makes no meaning when you clean your bikini area very well and Ignore surrounding areas like the thighs. The best way of shaving between your thighs is by lifting one leg and let it stand on top of a bath tab or anything rose. Wet the area to be shaved to soften hair follicles and then start shaving towards the grain. I have noticed that when I shave against the grain, I either get bumps or ingrown hairs.


  • Apply aftershave:- Choose the right aftershave for bikini area:- After shaving with a razor, your will be irritated a little bit, calm it down with good aftershave. But before using it, wash the shaved area with cold water to close skin pores. If you notice some hair standing, shave it off again with a safety razor.


  • Wait for your pubes and hair around your bikini area to grow before repeating the same process again. On average, you can skip like a week without shaving your bikini area.


  • A Safety / Disposable Razor
  • Pair of scissors
  • Electric Trimmer
  • Soap
  • Water
  • After Shave

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