How To Shave Your Genitals Men (Ball Shaving Tips)

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Ladies like a man who is well groomed and clean down there. Agree with me guys, majority of us would bet for a clean woman, so why is that we don’t want to give them the same offer, it doesn’t hurt to shave your genitals, however, you have to be very careful because any single mistake you make can become disastrous. So you have to know what to do and what to use to get that close shave down their. In this post, I will describe ways you can shave your genitals and at the same time suggest relevant tools to use.

How to shave your Genitals Men

  • Trim hair on your genitals short:- Before waging a war on your genital area, I suggest you trim that hair short, I know it might sound like a waste of time, but it will make it very easy for you to shave those pubes. When you use a safety razor on very long hair, the possibility of it getting clogged by long hair is very high. Some men prefer trimming their genital hair with scissors, but this is very risky, because is the scissor slips off, you will end-up cutting your scrotum / genitals. The best option is to use a beard trimmer, set the right length and start shaving. When you get to the scrotum, pull its skin gently so that it becomes flat and easy to trim, I say this because skin on your scrotum is wrinkled, so a trimmer can miss out on some hair.  If you don’t have a beard trimmer, you can use a clipper, though, you have to choose the right length settings, because if it’s left at 0 length, it will shave as close as a razor.
  • Don’t use shaving creams or chemical depilatories: – Why? Because the skin on your genitals is very soft and sensitive. If you use shaving cream or any chemical depilatories like NAIR, your genital skin will get irritated and this might result into an infection. However, you can’t dry shave this area, so you can alternate shaving cream with normal bathing soap, it works very well.
  • Choose where to shave from:- Privacy has to be your number one priority, get a room which is private enough and my best guess is a bathroom. The process is not that long, so other people in the house can wait for you until you’re done. If you have a bathtub, that will be pretty, shave will in the tub and flash water to wash of the hair, this leaves you with a messy free bathroom. On the other hand, those with showers, you can find something to sit on, but make sure you have easy access to your genitals / balls. However, the only way you can avoid messing up the all bathroom with your pubic hair, is to sit close to the drain in the shower room, open the knob and let water keep on flowing as you shave, this will prevent your pubes from clogging the grain.
  • Leather up with ordinary bathing soap:- Remember, I said you don’t have to leather up with shaving cream / soap, because your genital skin is very sensitive and it’s not familiar with any of these two products. But, you can use what it’s used too, for example, mix water with your normal bathing soap, this will create foam which you can use for lathering up your genital area. Men who are not circumcised, you need to fold that fore skin and clean it well before shaving, it adds up to your cleanliness as a guy.
  • Start shaving your genitals:- The best tool to use is a safety razor, it is so effective and genital on soft skin. Avoid using multiple blade razors to shave your genitals / balls, these razors have more than two blades which pull hair under the skin and cause irritation plus bumps. I suggest you use a long handled razor like Merkur 180 Long handled razor, this will allow you reach all sections of your genitals and annual area as well. However, when shaving your genitals, make sure you shave towards the grain; I know this might require you to make more than one stroke to get a close shave, but it’s safe for the skin. Some men prefer shaving against the grain to shaving towards it because you make only one stroke and get a quick close shave. I will not deny because sometimes I do the same thing, but I make sure I pull the razor slowly and leather-up very well with bathing soap to soften the pubes and skin.
  • Clean shave above the Penis area:- This option works for those who want a super clean shave down there, but if you want to leave on some hair at the top, simply trim it short and give it an amazing shape. Now guys who needs a clean shave down there, you have to pull the penis down so that the skin becomes flat, making it very easy to shave with a safety razor.
  • Hold the penis up and shave on the sides: – Pubes grow on the sides and the best way of shaving them off is by holding your penis to the side and shave, you might as well pull the scrotum to the side and get a clean shave.
  • Now shave between the scrotum & penis:- There is a gap between your scrotum and penis, that area has pubes too and it needs a real close shave. Hold your penis upwards and let the balls hang down, start shaving downwards towards the scrotum but be very gentle and careful.
  • Stretch the skin of the scrotum and shave it:- Now it’s time to shave that scrotum, it is a very sensitive part, so you have to deal with it carefully. Since the skin on your scrotum is soft and wrinkled, you have to stretch it very well so that it becomes flat and easy to shave, glide that safety razor over the scrotum gently, but make sure it’s well lathered up.
  • Rinse off the soap: – After shaving your genitals, you can turn on the shower and rinse off both the soap and hair. Use cold water to close skin pores and then clean the bathroom so that the next person to use it enjoys their stay. Dry your genitals with a clean soft cotton towel and apply after shave to calm down the skin and kill germs.

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