How to Shave Your Head – Get a Buzz Smooth Cut (Razor & Clipper)

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How to Shave Your Get Like Tyrese GibsonSHOULD I SHAVE MY HEAD?

Both men and women ask themselves this question, it’s quite a tricky question to answer, because head shaving is a personal choice, some do it because they want to look unique and attractive, others do it because of health issues and so much more.  Below this post, I have featured a few examples of both men & women with shaved heads may be when you look at these pictures, you will decide on whether to shave or not, at least a picture can speak thousand words and it will help you make the right decision.

On the other hand Men / Women with thinning hair and bald heads, you will find head shaving as the best option. It hides that bald head and people will think that you naturally like shaved bald heads yet in actual sense some parts of your head lack enough hair, but the only way you can make it even is to shave it bald. However, before shaving it clean, I would suggest you ask your barber if you really look nice with a bald head, if not, ask them for another option, because the end goal is to look nice, so once they can suggest a better option, go with that. Once you get a well shaved bald head, results cannot be reversed on instant, unless when you wear a wig. That is to why I argue you to consult with your barber.

However, getting this look is not as difficult as you might think, because there is no styling involved, all you need to shave off everything, but, you have to be careful when choosing shaving tools. Some of the tools you can use to get a clean close head shave include: safety razors / electric head shavers / straight razors/ clippers and shavette razors. But in this post, we shall cover only two ways of shaving your head, (1) shaving with safety razor (2) shaving with clippers.



Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor

  • Preparation:- Before shaving your head with a safety razor, you need to first prepare the head by washing your hair very well with men’s shampoo, this will make  your hair very soft and easy to shave. Rinse out the shampoo and dry your hair with a towel. If you have a very sensitive scalp, I suggest you wet shave your head so that you reduce any irritations that might occur during the process.  During this preparation stage, you need to buy shaving cream or soap, but if you already have one you always use on your beards, then that can work. This shaving cream should be applied only when your hair is dry and clean, free from dandruff or any other dirt. If you relax your hair, I suggest you wash out all hair products, because chemicals in most hair products don’t react well with chemicals found in shaving creams. Don’t forget to buy after shave, this is used after shaving, it kills all germs and treats small wounds found on the scalp after shaving. Last but not least, you have to buy the best safety razor for shaving head, one with a shorter grip and heavy weight like Merkur 34c Heavy weight or the Merkur 180 Long Handled Razor can work, these two brands come with a free pack of safety razor blades, but if you don’t get any, try to buy any of these razor blades suggested here>>>>
  • Apply shaving Cream:- In the preparation stage, you washed your hair with shampoo and rinsed out the shampoo using cold water. Once your head is dry, put moderate amounts of shaving cream in your hands and later apply it in your head evenly. But if you have very long thick hair, this method might not work, so what you have to do is to trim your hair short using a clipper or beard trimmer, this will reduce on the level & length of your hair, which means you will use less shaving cream to wet the all head and at the same time, it will become very easy to shave with a safety razor after trimming your hair short, I know the process might sound complicated, but in 10 minutes you will have a super clean shaved head.
  • Start Shaving:- You can either shave your own head or ask a friend to help you out. The advantage of asking someone to shave you is that ”they will have access to all sections and sides of your head better than you. I don’t mean you can’t shave your own head, it’s pretty possible, but you need to use a double mirror, one which can show you different sides of your head at a go, this will help you see each and every section. But don’t forget to shave towards your grain, I know it’s not easy to get an instant close shave when you follow the grain, but this is the safest way of shaving with a double edge safety razor. If you decide to shave against the grain, you have to be very gentle, because when you use too much pressure, the razor will just pluck out hair instead of cutting and this will result into bumps and ingrown hairs.
  • Wash your head:- After getting that close head shave, you now have to wash the head with cold water, this will rinse off shaving cream and at the same time close skin pores helping your scalp retain more moisture & oils which keeps that bald head shinny and smooth. If you use warm water to wash of shaving cream & hair from your head, it will open pores and at the same time clear off all essential oils needed by your scalp to moisturize and smooth-en your head.
  • Apply After shave:- Now everything has been done well, thanks for following instructions, but I guess you have got the best close head shave and you feel proud of your new looks. That is not all, finish the all process by splashing your head with Aftershave, but stay away from aftershave which contains alcohol, this will dry your scalp, I highly recommend ”Taylor of Old Bond Street St James Collection Luxury Aftershave”, it’s a luxury aftershave for men with class and test for nice things.




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  • Prepare:- In most cases, when you shave with a clipper, you might not need to use a shaving cream, unless when your skin is to sensitive. Most clippers are not wet and dry, but you can try Wahl 79300-400 hair clipper, it’s voted as the best hair cutting machine for men, it has different settings and its stainless-steel blades will withstand any condition, so give it a try and see if it can work as a wet clipper.
  • Set up the sink or any other place where you want to shave from:- Clippers are not like electric shavers which keep hair which has been cut, expect to have a mess after getting that close shave. Let’s say nothing good comes without paying a price, now the mess you will have on the floor will be a mess. A clipper is very fast and smart when shaving your head, but it leaves a lot of mess. So, the best solution is to cover the floor / sink with old news papers, this will make it easy to clean the area after shaving.
  • Start by trimming your hair short:- It is not advisable to go short immediately, first trim your hair short, this will make it easy to shave your hair perfectly. In most cases, when you shave very long hair at once, it gets clogged in the clipper and this slows down the speed of the clipper.
  • Shave:- After trimming your hair short, you can now use the clipper to shave it off completely. The angle from which you start from doesn’t matter, but make sure you follow the grain. Hold the clipper firmly but don’t press to hard on the head, be gentle, but apply moderate pressure to get a real close shave. When it comes to shaving the back of your head, you can ask someone to help you on this. but if their is no body around, you can use double mirrors to see at the back of your head. Shave upwards from the neck to the head, this will help you clear everything around this area.
  • Wash your head after shaving:- You can use some soap and shower water ti wash off hair from your head. This will also show you areas you have missed, go back to those areas and shave them neatly.
  • Apply After shave:- This will calm down the scalp and kill germs or treat small cuts caused by the clipper. But apply this after shave when your head is dry. Use a towel to remove water from your head.
  • Stay safe during hot seasons:– When the sun is too much, protect your head from direct sunlight by wearing a hat or use sunscreen. You should always avoid losing too much moisture, because your head should not be dry even when it has no hair.



He leaves on a goatee to balance his looks, if you have the same face shape like him, you can style your beard like him and shave your head clean. Women love men with shaved heads, so stay confident.

Guy with shaved head 2


He’s fully shaved; even the beard is well shaved but not too close.

Guy with shaved head 3


African American men look nice with bald heads, I just love this guys looks.


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