How to Shave Your Legs – Without Getting Bumps

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How To shave your legs

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There are many different ways in which you can shave your legs without getting bumps, so there is absolutely no reason as to why you have to move around with your legs all hairy. Most times people do not shave their legs because of the fear of going through the pain of using electric shavers and manual razors but that is not the only way you can have that hair off. And this exactly why I have come up with this post that will take through the various ways in which you can shave your legs easily. If you are afraid of shaving with razors or shavers, you can go in for wax or chemical depilation all depending on how fast the hair on your legs grows. Now we can straight to the point since I know how much you need to have your legs all feeling smooth.


Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl Lined Detail Chrome Plated Double Edge Safety Razor

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  • Verify the razor you are going to use; in most cases after the first or second shave with your disposable razor it is most likely that it will not be as sharp as you need it to be and whenever you use a blunt razor you will experience a lot of tugging and pulling of hair which is very painful. Ensure that you get a new razor before shaving or if you are going to use the old one then it should be sharp and clean enough to give a gentle and smooth shave.
  • Wash your legs with warm water; the main essence of washing your legs is to ensure that your skin pores can open up in order for you to achieve a really close shave and at the same time make hair soft so that with each pass that you make, hair easily gets removed. Take about three to four minutes in the shower or bath tab and use warm water but keep in mind that your legs should not stay too long in that hot water.
  • Apply shaving cream; for best results it is recommended that you should use shaving cream that contains a lot of moisturizers and free from any fragrances, this will help to prevent your legs from running dry and also reduce the risk of skin irritations. This will also be of great help in keeping your skin smooth and feeling silky after shaving.
  • Start from the bottom of the legs up wards; you are now ready to starting shaving and you must always start from the ankle upwards. You should also shave against the grain for a much closer shave however you need to be extremely careful and gentle when shaving against the grain to avoid cuts and nick and risks that may come along with that. Another thing is that you should make smooth long strokes when shaving so that you do not have to go over the same area multiple times.
  • Recurrently rinse the razor; whenever you are going to make another stroke, rinse the razor in hot water to remove all the dirt from the previous stroke and prevent the razor from getting clogged.
  • Go to the feet; with the same exact procedure that you used on your legs, you should go ahead and shave your feet and the toes and be even more careful than you were when shaving the legs because there is almost no flesh on the feet and toes.
  • Rinse that leg you have finished shaving; when you are completely sure there is no more hair on the leg you can now rinse with cold water and start shaving the other leg. To be totally sure that your legs are smooth, use your finger to feel the entire shaved area and if you feel any remaining hairs go ahead and shave them then you can rinse your legs completely and dry them gently with a clean dry towel.
  • Make use of after shave lotions and moisturizers; to reduce on the possibilities of you getting red bumps or any other skin irritations, apply a moisturizer, oil or preferably after shave balm.



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  • Ensure that your shave is in perfect condition; for a smooth shave free from irritations, hair tugging and pulling, you must make sure that your shaver does not contain any clogged dirt or hairs and if it does ensure to thoroughly clean it before shaving.
  • Wash the legs; you know electric shavers will only capture hair if it is standing up and moisturized and the only way to achieve that is by washing your legs before you shave.
  • Start shaving; with extreme gentleness press the shaver down on your legs to get that close shave you want so much keeping in mind that you cannot apply too much pressure or else the hair will flatten and you will get almost no hair off. Applying too much pressure will make your shave really painful and at the end of the day your legs will have irritations. A little pressure on the other hand will help to remove all unwanted hair without pain and irritations.
  • Avoiding holding the razor at an angle, the skin on your legs is straight so you just have to hold the shaver flat as you shave for best results.


leg waxing

  • Let your hair grow; to get the best out of this method, your hair must be grown to a certain level therefore spend some days away from all the shaving so that your hair can be able to grow up to about to about 1cm long.
  • Exfoliate the skin; this should be done days before you wax, do not wake up in the morning or the night before and exfoliate because this will surely make you regret you actions. Use body scrub to do this but first of all make sure that it is mild enough not to cause your any skin problems.
  • Apply baby powder; your skin produces oils that is why you have to apply powder so that it can soak up any oils on your skin and make the wax stick easily.
  • Get your wax ready; slightly heat up the wax following each and every instruction given to you by the manufacturer and get yourself a really comfortable seat where you can start working on your legs.
  • Carefully apply the wax; with your applicator properly held at a good angle most preferable 90 degrees, start applying thin layers of the wax on to your legs and feet. Wax should always be applied in the same direction as you hair growth if you want to have the best results.
  • Pull off the wax; stretch out your skin with one hand and use the other to pull off the strip but be very fast when pulling off the strip to reduce the pain. To get all hair off you should pull the strip in the direction opposite to that of your hair growth, this might be really painful but it will definitely leave your skin feeling super smooth.
  • Clean up your legs; first of all use a cloth damped in cold water and hold it against your skin to calm it down from the strain then you can start removing all the wax remainders from your skin. Apply some oil on your legs using a cotton pad to ensure that your legs do not suffer worse irritations.
  • Spray the legs with an antiseptic; this newly waxed skin can easily get infected so you have to apply the antiseptic to prevent it from getting any skin infections, painful ingrown hairs and relieve the skin.



  • Check your skin; with this method you must ensure that your skin is in perfect condition, it should be extremely clean so that no oils from your skin stop the depilatory from as well as it should. Also check out for any injuries on the skin because the chemical could worsen the irritation.
  • Hold a warm cotton cloth against your skin; do this for about five or three minutes in order to make hair really soft and well moisturized, you can after wards dry your legs.
  • Apply the cream on all the areas with un wanted hair; just apply the cream and leave it that do not rub it against your skin because it will burn or badly irritate your skin. These creams are made in such a way that even when you do not rub it against your skin it still gives you effective results.
  • Let the cream stay on as long as instructed; leave the cream on and keep your watch next to you so that you do not by any chance exceed the time instructed or remove it before the real time. But in some exceptional cases you can remove the cream before for example if you feel your legs starting to burn especially those with sensitive skin quickly rinse off the cream.
  • Clean off the mess; after this you should ensure to remove the entire cream or if you have feel it is remaining on any part of the body, use a damp cloth to get off any remaining hairs and leave your skin overly feeling smooth.

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