How To Shave Your Pubic Area – Trim It Like a Pro

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Both men and women should stay clean and well groomed, if you let your pubic hair to grow without control, you will get funny odor and diseases. We all know that bacteria love wet and warm areas, so when you grow hair around your genitals, these bacteria find it as the best home to breed from, and the results will not be good. Not only should male or females shave because of hygienic reasons, but you should shave for beauty purposes as well. Ladies, Imagine a man with a bush around his genitals or balls; that can irritate you and affect your mood.

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I know of men who want to see a woman with lots of hair down there, it looks cool to them, but ladies, don’t assume that all men love hair down there, actually don’t take the risk, you can do a Brazilian wax, this will leave some little hair, see what he says, if he loves it, continue with that, but you can tease him and ask him if he wants more hair down there. Me as a male, I would like my lady to have moderate pubic hair, it is kind of interesting because it makes that particular area unique and sexy. 


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NOTE:  ”All instructions listed here can be used by both men and women to shave their pubic hair. I have made all points clear and simple without focusing on one gender. All products suggested in this post can be used by both men and women, you can give us your thought about what has been pointed out here  by using the commenting box below this post, on the other hand, feel free to share with us some of the techniques you use to shave down there, may be some of them might be helpful to other readers like you, but keep this post clean and helpful”.


  • Decide on wet / dry: – In this preparation stage, you need to define your needs, do you want to have a dry / wet shave. If you want a dry shave, then you have to trim that pubic hair with sharp pair of scissors. It does not matter if you’re a male / female; don’t practice dry shaving when removing pubic hair. If you still want to have some hair, trimming will be the best option and do it when your hair is dry. On the other hand, if you want to clear off everything, a wet shave is the best option and this case you will invest some money in a shaving cream, In this case, you should use an anti-irritation-pre-shaving-cream like PRORASO, it will not cost you an arm and a leg, so go ahead and get it on Amazon >>>>
  • Clean Your Self: – I guess this should not bother you at all, you have to master it as a basic, whenever you want to shave or trim your pubic area, you have to clean it first. Use the usual soap and water to clean this area, and then dry it with a towel. When you clean it with soap, bacteria will be irritated and the soap will clear them off. It can be dangerous to shave / trim without cleaning your genitals, the bacteria can find their way into your skin if you cut yourself while shaving / trimming.
  • Choose to Shave / Trim: – It’s time to remove hair from down there, but which option will you go with, shaving / trimming. I will leave that decision to you because you know what is best for you. Trimming is safe, it does not expose you to risks of getting razor bumps, if you have very long hair, you should trim it short before using a razor or clipper, because when hair is too long and thick, it might clog the razor, so it is better to trim it first and then shave it off with a razor / clipper. To trim your pubic hair well, pull it gently away from your skin with your fingers and then cut it, if you don’t want a clean close shave, then trim your hair to a favorable length.  However, for men, it might not be that easy to use a scissor on / below your balls, so the balls should be shaved with a safety razor, the same applies to bikini area in women, you can use a scissor around this area, a safety razor is the best tool for this job.
  • Apply a Shaving Foam:- It is advisable to use a shaving foam or gel before shaving, lather it up over the pubic hair and surrounding areas, if you can’t get reach of shaving gel, you can try to use normal soap. Please, when buying shaving foam / cream, make sure you chose one for pubic hair not facial hair, a good example is the Proraso Shave Foam, this works on both beards and pubic hair. If you have a very sensitive skin, please  try out the shaving foam on some other parts of the body with hair, for example (legs), if you don’t see any reaction, then that cream can work well on your pubes.   Guys, if everything fails, go to your wife’s beauty kit and look out for her shaving cream, trust me, female shaving cream is gentler and less reactive compared to that of men. But remember to return it back before she wakes up, because women tend to be furious when you play with their beauty tools.



  • Use a Razor / Scissor / Clipper: – Now this is a decision you have to make, after applying shaving foam, your pubic hair will be soft and ready to shave; however, the tool you pick will determine how to shave that pubic hair. For example, if you opt for a scissor, you need to wash of the shaving cream with warm water, this will clear the area and make the pubes soft hence making it easy to cut / trim them, remember, when trimming your pubes, you have to pull them off the skin and then mark the length to be cut. On the other hand, if you choose to use a safety razor / clipper, you have to leave the shaving cream in place; this will reduce on the irritation which might be caused by the razor / clipper. After using your razor / clipper, clean it well with water, this will remove both hair and shaving foam. Let the razor / clipper dry before storing it.


  • Pull your skin and Shave: – Skin around your genitals is to soft and it’s not stretched. If you use a razor / clipper without pulling the skin, you might end up with injuries. To avoid this mess, you have to pull the skin upwards; this will make the area to be shaved flat and easy to shave with a safety razor or clipper. I know some of you might want to use electric shavers, but these machines have a high voltage and they feature foils which grab and stretch the skin to give a close shave, much their functionality is good for shaving facial hair, it is not good on pubic hair, because the skin around the genitals is too soft, the foils will grab your skin and expose it to inner blades, I guess you know what will happen next, so , a clipper & safety razor are the best tools to use to get a close shave around the groin


  • How To Shave Pubes Without Getting Razor Bumps? After stretching your skin, you can go ahead and shave / trim off that pubic hair (the best tool for trimming pubic hair is ‘ Philips Norelco BG2040/34 trimmer). However, if you want to prevent bumps while shaving that pubic area, you have to shave with the grain not against it. Men with very sensitive skins are more likely to get razor bumps around their genitals after shaving, so practicing safe shaving will reduce on the chance of getting razor bumps. On the other hand, you have to practice wet shaving, apply some shaving foam; this will reduce on direct interaction of the razor with your skin hence reducing on skin irritation. Both men and women suffer from painful skin irritation, bumps are caused when underlying hair is blocked from growing out of the skin. The best way of shaving without getting razor bumps is to follow your grain ( the direction to which your hair grows too), sometimes it might be difficult for you to notice the exact direction where your hair grows too, but when you take a close look at your grain, you will notice its flow. When shaving your pubes, make sure you follow the direction of your grain, this will not pluck hair out of the skin with force and hence reduce on irritation and prevent razor bumps. Another natural method of preventing bumps around your pubes / genitals is not to over shave. Much as you want to be clean all the time, that area has to have some pubes, all you have to do is to keep them at a moderate length, I see no reason why a person would shave their pubes completely off, and the other thing, when you shave today, and you see that in the next two days pubes have started growing back, don’t wage war on them immediately, let them be, or trim them with a scissor.
  • Shave your butt: – Ladies and Gentlemen, I guess you’re not lost when it comes to this area, I will give a credit to ladies because they seem to take care of each and every area with pubes, but majority of men including me, care less about the looks of our butts, that is a fact, may be a few men do care how that section looks like. To live that aside, it’s very nice to shave every part down there; it will leave no room for germs and bacteria to breed from. Pubes in this area don’t grow so first like in other areas, so you can shave it twice a week. The best tool for shaving your butt is a double edge safety razor like the Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor, it can shave in all angels without causing any nicks or pain, but I don’t recommend epilators when shaving pubes. The other thing you don’t have to forget is applying after shave around the area you have shaves, this will prevent bumps from developing, but choose after shave which gets rid of bikini bumps, just like the one I have featured below. I personally shaved my bum area before, but I didn’t like the experience, it was so itchy and i felt uncomfortable, but when you apply after shave, this kind of irritation does not occur. You can learn more on how to shave your butt here..
  • Clean up the area you have shaved from: – For now I will say congratulations, you have got rid of the bushy area and your spouse will celebrate tonight, but don’t leave everything messy just because you did something brave. The best way of saving yourself a lot of clean-up work after shaving, is to shave while in the bath-tub or shower. If you shave while in the shower / bath-tub, flashing water will clear all hairs and leave the place 99% clean. Please, don’t stop the water from running, if possible increase on its pressure so that your pubes don’t clog the bath-tub.


  • Try a Natural Faux Hawk: – If you don’t know what a Faux Hawk looks like, check out the picture below, the African American lady features more hair at the top and less on the sides. Now when it comes to shaping pubes, you will leave more hair at the top but shave it to a minimal level down there. In this case, you will use a pair of scissors too trim the top section, but when it comes to shaving those areas with angles, use a clipper (Wahl 79300-400 electric clipper ) and then when it comes to creating a lovely shape on the pubes left at the top, you can use (Ladyshape Shaving Stencil)



Other styles Include:

  • Brazilian Style
  • Speedo Style
  • The Manzilian Style
  • The Hollywood Style
  • A Landing Strip
  • A Full Bush
  • Shaped patch
  • Bare (nothing is left on with this styles, to get a close shave, you need to use a safety razor, but apply shaving foam before shaving and then using a good after shave to prevent bumps and red heads from forming.)

NOTE: While choosing a style, try to ask your partner what they like most, you can both go through some shapes and let him choose. Men tend to be attracted to women in various ways, but this is one of them, please, don’t assume he likes what you like, tease him with different styles and wait for his compliments.



Since men are not so into shapes and styles down there, I suggest you shave it all off or leave just a few of it. Do it evenly but make sure the balls remain hairless. You imagine how wired balls can look when they have hair on them, I guess you don’t like the imagination..Lol…now leave the area smooth and clean. However, guys who are into styles, you might consider these suggestions:

  • Boy Briefs Style: This is the opposite of women bikini style shaving. You have to trim your pubes evenly and then clean shave whatever grows around. This means when you wear those fancy boy briefs, no hair shows up on the sides.
  • Faux Natural: – Also men can try out this style. Keep everything simple and clean, hair at the top will be longer than the hair below the b*a*l*l*s, use scissors to do the trimming and run a wide toothed comb through trimmed pubes. (I think I will try this style)
  • Brazilian: – Go bare, use electric trimmers and clean everything, but make sure you follow the grain; this will save you from razor bumps.



  • Keep it clean: – After shaving / trimming, you have to keep that area clean and dry all the time. It’s advisable to use an after shave or a natural moisturizer which contains natural ingredients like coconut oil, aloe Vera, and so much more. If you fail to get a good moisturizer in the nearby grocery store, try this ”Hempz Herbal Moisturizer”, it sooths the skin and it is enriched with Shea butter and other natural ingredients.

NOTE: – When choosing after-shave or moisturizer, opt for one without perfume of alcohol, because the skin around your genitals is too soft and fragile, it can react badly to these two chemicals. The good thing about natural / organic products is that they have ingredients which act as medicine, so if you have cuts down there, the ingredients can speed up the healing process down there.

You can as well exfoliate with normal soap. Soak your pubic area with soap; this soap will help in removing dead skin which might prevent hair from growing. I doubt if there is a person who can stand ingrown hairs, there are so painful yet their steps you can take to prevent them from growing.



  • Exfoliate Pubic Area

You should exfoliate after shaving, this will clear away dead skin and it will also help prevent ingrown hairs. When you use this sugar scrub, it will leave your skin smooth and clean just like a baby’s skin. Ladies, don’t apply this scrub beyond the labia, it’s not friendly to the inside part, that area is naturally catered for by body fluids, so don’t get tempted to clean it with a cleanser. Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub is infused with sugar grains and ground Walnut shells which will repair any damaged skin and leave it smooth. The vitamins and natural ingredients like nut oil, avocado will heal any open / broken skin caused by a razor while shaving.


  • Pubic Hair Trimmer

Philips Norelco BG2040-34 Bodygroom 7100

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With its pivoting head, this body groomer will cut through any thick hair down there, so if you want to get a clean shave without getting any irritation, this is the best trimmer for you. It has a dual-sided shaving design which lets you shave from any desired angel. If you use a pair of scissors to trim your pubes, you might end up cutting yourself, so to stay safe, you have to use this body groomer, its foils are smooth and tender. Remember to stretch your skin while shaving and don’t forget to use baby powder, it makes the hair and skin soft.


  • Use Razor To Get Close Shave

Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor

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When it comes to getting a real close shave, no safety razor can compete with Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor. It’s double edge design will give you the opportunity of shaving in different angles. You don’t have to go bare down there, even though this safety razor can make it possible, simply use it hand in hand with an electric trimmer, let the razor do the job of clearing hair from unreachable parts and then trim hair at the top with an electric trimmer. Let’s say you want to get a Hollywood pubic style, this safety razor will trim the edges on your pubes and give you the best Hollywood pubes style.


  • Trim With Scissors

Hair Cutting Scissors Precision 3-piece

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I highly recommend this three-piece baber shears, they come in different sizes hence making it easy to shave those pubes. Some areas might require you to use a long scissor yet other areas like the balls might require you to use a short scissor. When ever you think of trimming those pubes, don’t think of any other tool, scissors are the best tools for trimming pubes down there. If you alwayss have issues with ingrown hairs, red head and bumps, then get rid of razors and start trimming your pubes with scissors. However, to avoid cutting your self, you need to stretch your skin, and also don’t for get to wet the pubes before trimming, this will make them soft and easy to cut, but dry them with a towel before trimming.


  • Get Brazilian Wax

Many ladies prefer waxing too shaving because waxing will get rid of pubes for a longer time. When you shave / trim, your pubes will grow much faster, and in most cases, some ladies or gents shave 3 times a week, that is horrible and time consuming. However, you can save yourself from the mess by using this ”Surgi Brazilian Waxing Kit”, it comes with detailed step-by-step instructions to help you get a perfect wax. It also comes with a Pre-Epilation Oil which ensure that wax adheres to the pubes and not the skin.




Now that you have mastered how to shave your pubes, let’s see some of the benefits of shaving pubes (down there).

  • Appearance of your shaft / baby girl: – For men if you don’t shave, pubes cover a certain part of your shaft and hence make it look small, when ladies look at a small shaft; it drives a negative message of dissatisfaction and hence deny you the right to have fun with them. So if you want your shaft to look big naturally, shave whatever is around it, let it stand alone. And then for ladies, if you shave that baby girl very well, it looks pretty to us (MEN), at least we can see the treasures in full swing.
  • Hygiene: – Many people take care of areas which everyone sees, but cleaning some parts and living others bushy and filthy, does not make you cool, because at one point B, someone close will have to encounter with your mess. To save yourself from any embarrassments at the last minute, keep your pubes in control, trim / shave them at least once a week. When you shave, your pubic area will become clean and dry, so it will not accommodate bacteria which might because you skin infections.
  • Shaving Improves on Attractiveness and Appearance: – When you start dating, you can feel the fire inside you; this fire can’t last for long especially when you start leaving together. However you have to be very creative and keep the interest and existent, your hygiene will play a big role in this. Alternating pubic styles will keep the other partner interested, don’t stick to on style. May be the other thing you can do to improve on your love is to shave the other partner, it’s wired but fun, simply dress them with lots of gel and start shaving them with a safety razor, tease the razor in an interesting manner.
  • Increases Confidence: – If you’re the kind of lady or guy with self-confidence issues, then you have to shave those pubes, otherwise, you will feel embarrassed when your partner bumps into the room when nothing is on. If it is your first date, make sure you leave no room for failure; you don’t have to do the bare style, leave on some little pubes, well groomed and styled.



  1. Use disposable razors to shave that pubic area. I say this because some people forget to separate the razors they use on their pubes from the rest of the razors, when they get mixed; you end up using the same razor on your beards. To avoid this mess, you have to use disposable razors which can be dished after use.
  2. Use baby power when dry shaving. For some reason, baby powder reduces on the irritation caused by a razor.
  3. If you get irritations after using a safety razor blade, then try to use a clipper or body groomer, please, don’t to shave towards your grain. (Direction to which your hair grows too)
  4. You might need aid of a small mirror while shaving, this will help you some hidden parts down there.
  5. It is better to shave while in the shower / bath tub, this will save you from the burden of removing pubic hair from the floor. Flashing water in the bath tab / shower will clear the place in minutes.
  6. Waxing is the best solution especially for females. It will remove pubes for some good period of time. Guys you can also get a male bikini wax.
  7. You should always stretch your skin while shaving, because the skin around this area is too soft. Please, don’t use straight razors to shave pubic area; you might end up cutting yourself.
  8. Use only after-shave & gel meant for this area, some of these after-shaves & lotions have strong chemicals which are not friendly to your genital area.




Now that I have preached about shaving your pubes, I guess most of you have pulled out your cards to buy all necessary tools I have listed here. But before you even start shaving, ask yourself if it is that necessary to clear off that bush. Looking clean and bare might be your goal, but make sure it doesn’t turn out as an obsession. Shaving is not bad, but over doing it might result into injuries and infections. You have to be very careful when applying creams/ gels and after shaves around this soft area, some of them contain strong ingredients like alcohol which might be harmful and dangerous.

According to , pubic hair removal causes irritation and inflames on follicles left behind, as a result, open wounds are left behind. When you wear pants, this area gets warm and wet, so the combination of open wounds and the wet condition cause unbearable skin irritation around the groin, it can even result into an infection.



Shaving down there is not bad, but we have to do it moderately, don’t over shave. Also try to exfoliate before and after shaving, this kills germs and heals open wounds cause by a safety razor. Love your bush down there, but remember it’s not yours alone, so let the other person enjoy it too, give it a shape and trim it to a normal level.

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