How To Steam Clean Carpet

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Do not bother steam cleaning a carpet unless you know what you are doing, this method of cleaning the carpet is very effective in getting the carpet clean as leaves it makes it spotless clean but if done wrongly your carpet will be gone. Using a steam cleaner wrongly can make the carpet dirtier than it was and badly damage it. After using a carpet for a long period of time it gets really soiled and stained and if you get lazy to do something about early enough your carpet will change color and make your home look really dirty that is why you must clean your carpet often. Steam cleaning is not an easy task because it involves too many activities so keep stretching your back out to avoid the possibility of getting body pains. With that given, I will directly get into the best ways in which you can steam a carpet and get the best results out of your effort.

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Prepare well for the process:

There is a lot you have to before starting to steam clean your carpet so I have put everything you need to do as preparation under this step;

Invest in a high quality carpet cleaner: however good your steam cleaning skills are, if you do not have a good machine you will definitely not get the best results. Therefore the very first thing you should do is to make a lot of research to find some of the best steam cleaners out there and put those dollars to use. A good steam cleaner should be able to absorb up most of the water in the carpet and not make it too wet and be excellent at soil removal without causing any kind of damage to the carpet so look out for those features.

Check if the weather is convenient: if the carpet stays wet for too long it will get mildew and begin to smell funny this is why you must steam clean during a weather in which the carpet will easily dry up.

Use a very small amount of a gentle carpet cleaner: adding too much of the cleaner will be difficult for you to rinse off and if it is not gentle enough it may badly affect the dye or color of your carpet.

Carry furniture off and pick up any other large items:carry all furniture off the carpet to leave the whole room just free and ready to be cleaned. Also use your hands to pick any other items that may have been left on the carpet. This helps you to clean with no obstacle in your way and also helps you to spot all those heavily soiled areas.

With all that preparation done, you are now ready to start steam cleaning.

Steam cleaning procedure:

Pour hot water in the cleaner’s water container: let the cold water run first from the tap then when wait for the hot water to flow. Pour hot water in the steam cleaner to make it really full.

Add some detergent or cleaning product: do not add too much of the detergent just a little will be enough to make the carpet as clean as you want it to be.

Begin with the furthermost corner: the essence of starting with the far most areas is to make sure that once you are done cleaning, your exit is at the door way this will prevent you from stepping where you have already cleaned.

Make another pass or more passes: the more you go over the carpet the more detergent you will extract, detergent contains chemicals that may damage the carpet so you must extract it all.

Rinse the carpet: you can use auto rinse agent or just plain water but personally I think plain water is a much better choice since it contains no chemicals at all unlike rinse agents that may attract more dirt into the carpet if left in the carpet.

Switch the air conditioner on as well as the fans: after steam cleaning it is best if you carpet dries within 12 hours so turn the air conditioner and fans they will help in making the carpet dry much faster. If you have a humidifier then even better, also switch it in so to help out in drying the carpet faster.

Steam cleaning tips:

  • Always try the cleaning product you want to use on small part of the carpet you go ahead and use it on the whole carpet. This will help you to know how the cleaning product will react with your carpet before you regret ever using it.
  • Wait to put furniture back into the room before the carpet dries completely as furniture that is stained may add stains to the carpet or even change its color.
  • Do not walk over the wet carpet with shoes or bare feet, wear socks or plastic bags and then safely walk over the carpet with no worry at all.
  • Use only a reasonable amount of cleaning product, some people think adding more detergent is what makes the carpet clean but this is totally wrong. In fact it simply makes the carpet even dirtier than it was before. Make sure to use cleaning agent as directed by the manufacturer do not use more or less.
  • Check with the manufacturer of your steam cleaner to be well conversant with things like how much cleaning product you should add to the machine and which cleaning product to use in the steam cleaner for best results.
  • Vacuum the carpet before you steam clean, vacuuming will help to suction away most of the dirt that would have made steam cleaning difficult for you. Yes it might seem like too much work but at the end of the day you will feel less impact compared to when you steam clean the carpet with all the dirt and dust.
  • Remove any stains or spots before you steam clean: use an enzyme based cleaning product to remove any stains or spots because steam cleaning can push the stains further into the carpet fibers.

In conclusion, much as steam cleaning does a good job in getting the carpet really clean most people prefer dry cleaning because it mean less waiting since you do not have to wait for the carpet to get dry and it is much easier process that does not involve too many activities.

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