How to Stop Grinding Teeth at Night Naturally

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Medically, teeth grinding is known as BRUSXISM, it affects people while in their sleep. So you might not know that you have brusxism not at until you get a spouse. A person affected with bruxism will have no trouble sleeping but those they sleep with will feel uncomfortable because as the jaws & teeth move during sleep, irritating noise is made and this can cause discomfort to the other person you’re sleeping with. Single people might take long to know that they have bruxism because they sleep alone or they have one night stands. The only way of knowing that you bruxism is by asking your partner if they hear you grinding your teeth while asleep. If they say yes, then follow steps outlined in this post.


  • Reduce on stress: – This might sound funny because I also did not believe it but it’s true. Stress is one major cause of bruxism (commonly known as teeth grinding). There so many ways you can get rid of stress in your life. It is very difficult to avoid it but you can get rid of it if you do the following.


  • Remove / Eliminate stressful things around you. For example, if you sleep with a person who stresses you all the time, get rid of them or talk to them and come to an agreement before going to bed. Many times couples fail to resolve their differences before going to be and they carry the all stress with them to bed. Our bodies are wired in a different manner, once you fall asleep, you will have less control of what goes on during sleep, so a stressed body will remain active even when asleep and your jaws will keep on moving. I have no scientific proof about this but it’s true.


  • Always go to be at the same time and also wake up at the same time. I can connect this to eating, when you get used to having your launch at 1:00pm, your brain will get used to that and you will feel angry when that time of the day approaches. Now it is the same thing which happens when you set a specific time to go to bed and when to wake up. For example; I sleep at 12:00am and wake up at 9:00am, but every time it gets to 12:00am, my eyes start closing and I’m forced to rush to the bed. The advantage with this is that you will go to bed when your body is ready for sleep. Stress comes when we go to bed and fail to get asleep; you start thinking or this and that and end up getting stressed.
  • Get entertained:- The best way of killing stress is to laugh and enjoy yourself. Sometimes we can’t avoid stress because it can be triggered by a phone call or any bad news. But what you have to know is that things have to happens, either good / bad. That is how life is designed, and worst of all we have a death date, so don’t waste your precious time thinking of bad news or arguing with your spouse. Say what you like and have fun. If you mind about what other people think of you, stress will take you down. Play a video game, spend time with your friends, watch a movie / comedy etc….this will eliminate stress and give you a smooth night sleep.


  • Reduce or completely stop taking caffeine:- Oops, this might sound difficult to some people. Coffee / caffeine drinks are addictive but they’re not good to take when you’re going to bed. Caffeine works like a stimulant, people take it when they don’t to sleep, it keeps you alert and sharp. Now if you take it during bed time, it will keep your body awake much as you go asleep. Your muscles and jaws will stay awake and active hence cause teeth grinding.
  • Don’t take alcohol:- Some people claim that when they take alcohol they sleep easily. I have tried that trick too but I can’t say I fell asleep, I was knocked down instead but my body remained active. Alcohol is a depressant, you might have trouble sleeping well if you go to bed drunk and this can cause / worsen bruxism / teeth gridding.
  • Stop chewing gum and non related foods:- We all love chewing gum and the top of our pens but that is a bad habit. When you chew gum all the time, you put stress on jaws and teeth and hence cause teeth gridding. So to prevent / reduce on teeth gridding, say no to chewing gum. Chew only when it necessary.
  • Train yourself not to move your jaw during day time: – At first I thought it was difficult to do this but it’s easy because when you’re awake, you have full control over your body movements. The easiest thing you can do is to put your tongue between your teeth, please don’t put pressure on the tongue, let the teeth sit comfortably on the tongue; this will prevent the jaw & teeth from moving unnecessarily. Continuous practice will train the jaw & teeth from moving while asleep.
  • Rest / Relax before bed time:- You can lay down on the bed before bed time and switch on soothing music, it keeps your brain calm and relaxed. Soothing music can relieve you from stress hence reduce on teeth gridding.


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