How To Tone The Butt With Walking

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Walking is a great and simple exercise that can be done by almost anyone in order to keep the body fit and healthy. In fact, walking has a lot of health benefits which include toning the butt, reducing on weight, reduces on heart-diseases, diabetes and osteoporosis. However, if you really want to tone your butt with a walking-exercise, then you will have to-do some extra work in order to achieve effective results. All in all, toning your but will involve walking on inclined-levels, doing some butt-firming moves and sticking to your walking-routine so as to achieve the best results. So, below are some of the steps that you may follow during the process of toning your butt while walking.

SECTION-1: How To Prepare For A Walk Outdoors:

  1. Select a walking-route that is challenging: choosing a route that involves hills, uneven-terrains and stairs will actually help to make your workout more challenging and even fully engage your gluteal-muscles. In fact, if you decide to walk on a flat track then you should know that you won’t be fully working on the gluteal-muscles in the butt but you will get the other benefits of walking. So, try to look for routes with hills or consider walking up-stairs in order to fully engage your gluteal-muscles.


  1. Make a walking-schedule and commit to it: you try to commit yourself to walk for at least 30-minutes a day for about 5-times a week in order to get the best out of your walking-routine. In fact, with walking results are not instant and this means that you have to walk frequently and for longer periods-of-time in order to achieve the best fitness-results.


  1. Look for a friend to walk with: finding or asking someone to walk with you actually helps to motivate you and this implies that you will be able to walk for longer without getting bored thus achieving all the health benefits of walking. In fact, having a walking-partner will make it much easier for you to stick to your walking-routine. However, if you’re new in the area or fail to find someone to walk with, then consider searching for a walking-club in your area and join it.


  1. Start walking slowly and then improve gradually: you will actually have to start walking slowly and for a shorter period of time and then gradually increase on your walking speed and time in order to get the best out of your walking. In fact, you should not jump into an intense walking-routine in case you haven’t been exercising in while. For example, try start by walking on a leveled-terrain and then work your way up to walking on inclined-routes or stairs. This will actually help to improve on your stamina over time and even avoid injuries from over-exercising.


  1. Warm-up before walking: you actually need to warm-up or stretch your body before and after having a walk in order to prepare and keep the muscles in good-shape. On the other hand, try to stay alert to any traffic or any other hazards while walking so that you may not get injuries.


  1. Wear the right fitness-gear: this involves acquiring the right walking-shoes coupled with great sports-wear in order to make your walking-routine more comfortable and amazing no matter the weather-conditions.


  1. Consult the doctor: you need to first talk to the doctor in order to know whether you’re in a perfect condition to go for a simple-walk or intense-walk. In fact, the doctor will let you know how much you need to exercise in order to achieve the health-results from walking.


SECTION-2: How To Incorporate Butt-Toning Moves Into Your Walk:

  1. Squeeze the butt-cheeks periodically while walking: in order to engage your glutes more during a workout, you will need to tighten and release your butt while walking. In fact, you should try to squeeze your butt in intervals of 10-seconds and then release while walking in order to achieve best results. However, don’t over tighten your glutes for longer period as you walk because this can lead to hip and back pain.


  1. Integrate a walking-lunge: adding a walking-lunge to your walking-schedule will actually help to tone-up your butt in the shortest period of time possible. This can be done by walking for 5-minutes and then switch to walking-lunges while doing 25-reps per leg. In fact, lunges will help to improve on your walking-balance, stretch-up your muscles and even work-out your legs and butt. However, while doing walking-lunges try to keep proper-form so that you don’t injure the knees and lower-back section.


  1. Add squats into your walking-routine: squats are one of the most effective-workouts that will help to shape-up your body. However, you should first practice squats at home in order to master a correct-form before trying-out a walking-squat. Additionally, when making squats you should sink the hips and then keep your back-straight while sticking the butt out behind so that you don’t injure the knees.


SECTION-3: How To Tone The Butt While Walking On Treadmill:

  1. Set your treadmill to an inclined-level: walking on an inclined-surface of a treadmill will actually force your butt and legs to work harder. In fact, walking on an incline also prevents the knees from getting injured while working-out. On the other hand, you will have to start walking on a flat-surface and then increase on the incline-level every 5 minutes until you reach a 10-percent incline-level.


  1. Go for an interval-training: doing interval-trainings over a treadmill will actually help you to burn-up more calories without reducing the muscle-mass. In fact, a steady cardio-workout will lead to muscle-loss and this is not what you need when trying to shape or tone your butt. So, interval-training will involve alternating between periods of walking and sprinting for best results.


  1. Try walking backwards on a treadmill: you may also need to walk backwards over a treadmill in order to engage your glutes. However, you need to pay extra-attention to what you’re doing so that you don’t fall or walk at slower-pace like before. On top of that, you may also incline your treadmill to make your workout more challenging.

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