Tips On How To Travel By Car With An Infant – Suggested by a Mom

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Travelling by car with an infant can actually be stressful most especially when going for longer-trip. So, you will need to carefully plan your journey/trip in case you’re going along with an infant because this will help you avoid making common mistakes associated with travelling with kids/infants hence achieving a smooth and comfortable journey. So, below are the steps that you will have to follow in case you wish to achieve the best road-trip or journey with your infant.

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  1. Select an infant car-seat of your choice: when purchasing an infant car-seat, safety should be a top-priority and after consider factors like the infant’s size and age. There are actually 3 basic-types of car-seats on the market and these include; rear-facing car-seats for babies under 35-pounds, infant-toddler car-seats which can be used as rear-facing and forward-facing seats for babies under 45-pounds and booster car-seats little-children over 4-years. So, try choosing the right car-seat depending on your kid’s weight and age.


  1. Take time to install the car-seat correctly: car-seats should always be carefully and properly installed into the back-seat or middle-seat of the vehicle. In fact, try to checkout the installation-instructions in your manual in order to make sure that you have correctly installed the car-seat. Additionally, make sure that the latches and belts are securely installed and also ensure that the car-seat rear-facing in case you have an infant because this happens to be the safest position for babies.


  1. Learn the laws that govern usage of car-seats: laws that regulate usage of car-seats vary from state-to-state, so you need to take-off some time to check-out these laws in order to ensure that your infant is having a safe and appropriate car-seat.



  1. Get the vehicle inspected: in case you going for a long-trip, then take your car to a mechanic for service before travelling. In fact, it’s best to find-out about the car-faults before leaving for the trip than when you run into unexpected car-faults in the middle of your trip along with the infant. So, try to repair and replace any faulty within your car if necessary before going for the trip.


  1. Buy some removable sun-shades: purchase some sun-shades and mount them onto the car-windows in order to shield your infant’s face and eyes from direct sunlight when travelling on a sunny-day.


  1. Remove any hazardous objects from the vehicle: you need to make sure that there are no any sharp-objects around the infant car-seat no matter if your little-child can reach them or not. This is because these objects can be dangerous to your child in case he/she gains access to them during the trip. So, it’s recommended to remove these sharp-objects from the vehicle-seats in order to keep your little-child safe while travelling.


  1. Set-up the front-top mirror in your car: set the mirror at front-top section of the vehicle so that you can be able to your little-child clearly from the front-seat on the vehicle. This will enable you to easily check-on your infant and the infant will also be able to see you through this mirror during the trip.


  1. Decorate the car-windows: try decorating the car-windows with some brightly-colored, removable images because these will help to keep your infant busy/occupied during the trip. But don’t choose large-decorations because they will interfere with your ability to see outside the vehicle during the trip.


  1. Ensure that there is a light-source within the car: in case you will be travelling at night, then consider switching-on the light at the top of the car so that the infant doesn’t get scared during the trip. However, make sure that the light isn’t too-bright otherwise, it may interfere you while driving.


  1. Fill the vehicle with enough fuel/gas: you should actually begin your trip with the car-tank fully filled with gas/fuel because this will actually save you from making extra stopovers during the trip for gas/fuel refilling.



  1. Pack-up plenty of baby-wipes and diapers: always take a lot of wipes and diapers in order to avoid getting stuck without any of these items during the trip.


  1. Take any required feeding-supplies: when travelling with an infant, always pack-up some bottles and also take enough milk-formula in case that’s what your little-child consumes. Likewise, if the little-one has already started eating solid-foods, then take some of these foods with you.


  1. Pack some snacks and water for your consumption: in case you’re a breastfeeding mother, then you will have to eat and drink a lot of water in order to keep your body hydrated and to facilitate on milk-production. Likewise, in case you’re not breast-feeding then you still need to eat and drink so as to stay in better condition while travelling.


  1. Carry some towels and blankets: blankets will actually help to cover the infant while sleeping and towels will be of great use in-terms of creating a diaper changing-surface. Additionally, you can even use the towels to wipe-up/clean the baby when he/she gets dirty.


  1. Take extra-clothing for the baby and yourself: babies are known for being messy whereby they spill-food and spit-up. So, it best you come along with extra clothing in order to change-up the baby and even yourself.


  1. Carry some garbage-bags: these will help to keep things like trash, dirty-diapers and leftovers. You will actually have to put the trash-bags in the car-boot until you reach a place of disposal.


  1. Pack some toys: taking some soft-toys will help to keep your little-child occupied during the trip. In fact, toys will help the little-one to fall asleep but don’t give kids hard-toys because they can cause danger while driving.


  1. Carry a first-aid kit and other required medications: before you start your trip, make sure that your vehicle is equipped with a standard first-aid kit and also try to carry other medications like; rash-creams, pain-killers, thermometer and many others.



  1. Consult a pediatrician: first take the baby to a pediatrician for medical check-up in case you’re going for a longer-trip. The pediatrician will even provide you with some of the health-tips to consider while travelling with an infant.


  1. Place the baby into the car-seat: carefully put the baby into the car-seat and then buckle him/her up securely before starting the trip. However, if you don’t travel by car more-often then you may consider getting the baby used to sitting into a car-seat.


  1. Know your health-status: before you leave for the trip, make sure that you’re healthy and feeling well especially you’re the one going to drive for the whole trip.


  1. Plan for any delays: you actually need to create room for delay since you will have to make frequent stopovers to feed, comfort and change-cloths of the infant. So, if a trip is meant to take 6-hours, then consider it taking about 8-to-9 hours if you have an infant.


  1. Go with someone if possible: incase it possible, then try going with another adult on the trip because he/she will help to give you company and even entertain or help you with the baby hence making the trip less-stressing but just enjoyable.

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