How To Treat Neck And Back Pain Naturally

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Back and neck pain is common especially amongst people who work for longer hours while seated and this can really hurt. In fact, back and neck pains happen to everyone at some point in life but the good thing is that they can treated if noticed quickly. Additionally, it’s very rare to find young people with back and neck pains because these kinds of people are always active and stronger compared to old-people who always experience these pains. Therefore, if you are experiencing any neck and back pains, then try to read through this article in order to know some of the ways that can use to reduce or eliminate this problem.

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  • Consult a physiotherapist, chiropractor or an osteopath: consulting one of these experts is actually important when it comes to back and neck health because they will advise you on the natural treatments to use in order to eliminate back and neck pains like; using healthy-oils, going for massage, exercising and many other ways.
  • Check-out a massage therapist: try to see massage therapist but before doing this, first get a recommendation from a health professional. In fact, going for a massage will offer you an immediate back and neck relief but it may feel uncomfortable at first though it’s very effective when you are done. Likewise, you can even massage your own neck and back or you may even ask for help from a friend in order to carry out the massage.
  • Read some articles that offer advice on treating neck and back pain: try to search and read articles or books that provide you with different ways treating neck and back pain. Such articles are readily available on the internet and if you are looking for a book, then you can actually find it in book-store.



  • Do exercises that aim at relieving neck and back pain: try to consult your health-expert in order to get advice on the exercises you need to do in order relieve back and neck pain. Additionally, you can read articles that talk about exercises which can eliminate back-pain.
  • Physical therapy: physical therapy is effective to almost all forms of neck and back pains. In fact, physical-therapy and exercising are the first therapies when you consult a health-expert and they even help to manage chronic back and neck pain. All in all, physical therapy helps to heal your back and neck pains more quickly and even avoids the occurrence of these pains again.



This method involves using liniment, scented-oils, ointments and other products that are meant to sooth and relieve back and neck pain. However, at times these products can alleviate the pain especially if they have feature medical-properties aimed at soothing.

  • Use commercial-preparations: try using a commercial preparation like tiger balm because such a balm is medically-proven and greatly works to heal your back and pain. However, try to follow the instructions that with the balm on how to rub the affect areas and you even ask for help from someone else.
  • Make your own balm: there are many different recipes of creating your own balm but try to focus on a recipe that contains pain-relieving properties or on one that helps to keep your back and neck feel more relaxed.
  • Make an avocado and carrot rub: this is a natural recipe that will help to heal your back and neck pains. This will involve cooking the carrots for about 5-minutes to make them soft and after blend these carrots with olive-oil and avocado. After, you will have to apply the mixture onto your back, neck or any other area where you feel pain but leave the rub on for about 20-minutes then clean it off with warm-water and also use a towel to pat the body dry.



  • Lie on your back while on the bed: lie on your back while sleeping and try using a flat pillow as a rest for your head. Place a big pillow under the knees in order to lift the legs as you sleep. All this will help to straighten the back and neck when sleeping thus offering your spine with the support needed in order to eliminate any back and neck pains.
  • Sleep on a hard, flat surface: try to sleep on a hard and flat surface because this is an effective way of easing on backache. Sleeping on very soft materials is not that good for your back and neck so you have to take not of what you are sleeping on.



  • Use temperature-controlled objects: using temperature-controlled objects will help to ease on your back and neck pain. Additionally, in case the area is sprained, only use cold-temperatures by applying a cold ice-pack directly onto the area in pain. But if you feel a lot of pain then you can use warm-temperature or heat by applying a hot-compress or wheat-pack the area in pain.
  • Try taking a long bath: taking a long bath while making sure that you are in a comfortable position will greatly help to relieve your back and neck from any pain while refreshing your entire body.
  • Take some time out: try to take some time out and away from people and demands because these can actually lead to stress which is the major cause of most body illnesses. However, during this free time, try to exercise or do some yoga in order to relax your body and mind.
  • Deal with depression: people from chronic illnesses or pain are usually more depressed than healthy individuals. So try to get rid of depression and other things related to it like anxiety, anger and fear because they are the main cause of body diseases and pains.
  • Keep posture in mind: it is very easy for someone to forget about posture when on the phone, while sitting or when doing any other daily activity. But it’s always important to keep a good posture when doing any daily activity because this will help to greatly heal or eliminate any back issues.
  • Consider nutrition and diet: diet and nutrition go hand in hand with maintaining a healthy weight which plays a big role in preventing several back and neck problems.
  • Quit smoking: People who smoke are actually more likely to experience lower-back pain and in fact over 80-percent of such people are more likely to develop degenerative disc-disease than non-smokers. So, try to quit smoking in order to keep you entire body healthy.

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