2 Steps On How To Trim A Long Beard With Clippers

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Some men actually love growing long beards since such beards are one of the things that that show someone’s manhood. However, trimming and shaping a long beard is not that easy and it requires someone to have certain trimming skills if he really wishes to do it at home or personally. In fact, a well-groomed long-beard will make you look great in this civilized society and even make you feel more confident. So, I have decide to list for you some of the steps that you may follow in order to keep you’re maintain and keep your long beard in shape and you will actually learn a lot from these steps if you carefully follow them:



  1. Acquire the needed beard-trimming tools: in order to achieve a a well trimmed and groomed beard, you will need to acquire and use the right trimming and styling tools which include; a fine tooth-comb, quality beard clipper/trimmer, barber-scissors, beard balm/oil, shaving-gel, aftershave and a lot more.


  1. Wash-up your beard: you will now have to clean-up your beard using clean water and a good quality shampoo in order to remove any dirt from it. In fact, you will have to gently scrub your beard until you notice that all the dirt is out and then rinse it out using warm or cold water.


  1. Dry-up the long-beard: get a clean bathroom towel and then gently pat the beard dry. in fact, you should make sure that the beard is completely dry and clean before you begin working on it.


  1. Comb through your beard: use a comb to remove any tangles from the beard and to make sure that all the hairs are lying down in the same direction that hair grown before you begin the trimming process. Be careful when doing this because removing tangles form beards can feel a bit painful especially if the beard is very long.



  1. Prepare your electric hair-clipper: get your electric clipper and then snap on it a longer-length guard so that you can trim less hair from your beard or when try when trying to grow-out beard. Make sure that the electric-clipper you’re using is of high-quality and features several cutting-length settings in order to achieve perfect trimming results.


  1. Lightly trim your beard using the electric-clipper: you will now have to lightly trim your longer-beard using the electric hair-clipper with a longer-length guard snapped-on.


  1. Shave below the jaw-line carefully: when trimming hair below the jaw line, try to gently stretch-out the skin in order to achieve a more precise and even cut. Additionally, you need to be extra carefully when trimming below the jaw-line so that you don’t hurt or irritate your skin.


  1. Shave the hair on cheek and cheek-line: when trimming the hair on the cheek, you need to snap on a short-guard onto the electric-clipper. However, if it’s your first time to use clipper to trim-off hair, then start with a larger guard while reducing to smaller-guards until you achieve the desired beard length. Additionally, the guard number/size you use to trim sideburns and cheeks should be the same guard number/size your barber uses on the sides of your head. This will actually help to blend your facial-hair and head-hair seamlessly hence making you look more attractive. Lastly, try to fade the cheek-line in by simply applying gentle pressure while shaving.


  1. Brush and trim your mustache: this involves brushing-out your mustache in a direction your hair-grows and then begin trimming the excess hair using an upward stroke but only do this after lowering the guard-setting. Additionally, brush-out your hair and re-trim it again until you achieve the desired beard length.


  1. Create tighter fades on the edges if necessary: in case you really want to create tighter-fades at the edges of your long-beard, then consider taking-off any guards from your clipper in order to achieve perfect results. However, this is optional process and this means that you can do it or not depending on the beard-style you’re creating.


  1. Do some finishing touches: this will involve trimming every last stray-hair popping-out of a neatly trimmed beard by using a pair of barber-scissors or you may even use the electric-clipper but after removing any guards from it. Additionally, trim any excess hair around the neck and trimmed beard using your electric-clipper in order to achieve a clean/neat shave.


  1. Apply some beard oil/balm: applying some beard-oil to your beard after trimming it will actually help to replenish and keep moisture within the well-trimmed long beard. In fact, this beard oil will give your beard a shiny, richer and fuller appearance that makes you look more attractive and classic. Additionally, you may even apply an aftershave or lotion to your face because this will help to soothe up a freshly shaved skin. However, remember to brush your beard ounce more in order to make it look awesome and good to go.


  1. Clean-up the area you shave from: after trimming your beard, the area where you were working from will be messed-up with small particles of hair and this means that you will have to clean it up in order to remove any remaining debris from the shaving. In fact, other people may get irritated by the trimmed-hairs in the bathroom-sink in case you don’t clean-up your mess after shaving.



  • You need to trim your beard regularly like for at least once a week. however, trimming your beard may depend on how quickly your grows and this means that there isn’t a specified amount of time for you to perform regular trims on your beard but you only have to see or notice when its growth and then trim it again.
  • Always keep your electric hair-clipper oiled and also remember to brush-out any remaining hairs from it after using it to shave your beard or facial-hair.
  • Remember to remove any stray-hairs from the face like on the cheek and neck. In fact, you may consider using a straight-razor or safety-razor to achieve a clean shave in these areas.
  • Make sure that your electric hair-clipper is fully-charged before you begin shaving your beard. If it’s not well-charged, then expect getting inconvenienced as you shave your beard and this is not good.

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