How To Troubleshoot A Summer Baby Monitor

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For one reason or another, your summer baby monitor might stop working as perfectly as it should but that does not actually mean it is spoilt or has completely stopped functioning. There might something slight that you will eventually have to do to make your monitor function as well as it should. If the battery is completely fine, the monitor did not go through an electric shock as you were charging or the camera just won’t work however much you try then you need to look through some of these ways of how to trouble shoot your summer baby monitor.

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Lack of a picture or sound on the monitor:

  • Check if the monitor is turned, one of the reasons as to why your monitor could be having no sound or picture might be that you forgot to turn it on. There is no way you will see anything if your monitor is off therefore be certain that your monitor is switched on.
  • Ensure that the AC adapter is plugged in, this is in the case of corded baby monitors. If your summer baby monitor is not wireless then properly plug all AC adapters in to be sure that they are now the reason for your monitor’s failure to perform.
  • Check your sockets and power outlets, sometimes the problem is actually nothing to do with your baby monitor but rather the power outlet could be having a problem.
  • The monitor and camera should be synced perfectly, it is from the camera that data is transferred to the monitor therefore if they are not synced well then it could be the cause of the monitor not receiving sound or images.

Getting images without sound:

  • Check if video mode is turned on, there is a button on the monitor that allows you to turn the monitor on or off. Turning on the video mode of your monitor will help you get images in case you were not getting them.
  • Adjust the brightness of your monitor, the environment you are in will dictate the brightness level for example if you are under the sun then increase the brightness so that you can properly view the images. And when you are in darkness try to reduce on the brightness.
  • Switch the monitor or camera to another location, it sometimes be poor reception that is causing failure to receive images on your monitor. Look for the best location where both the monitor and camera can perfectly link.

Receiving images without sound:

  • The biggest cause for you not getting sound is that your monitor could be low volume therefore just the turn up the volume of your monitor. On the volume control you can adjust

Screeching sound:

  • This sound is very irritating and prevents you from properly hearing your baby’s sound therefore if you are experiencing sound the squeals then try to keep the monitor a distance away from the camera. If they are too close to each other they will cause that squealing sound that is very distracting.

No signal or out of range:

  • Try to place the camera and monitor just inches away from each other and check if they are all perfectly plugged in. if the camera and monitor are so far away from each other there could be a possibility of loss of signal.
  • Both the camera and monitor must be turned on, once one of the two is off then there will definitely be no way you will receive any data. Perfectly check and make sure that you have switched both the monitor and camera on. Try to stop any other wireless devices using the same frequency as the monitor to avoid interference.

For adding a camera:

  • Place the camera and monitor in perfect position near each other and ensure that they are both plugged into power and turned on.
  • In order to add the camera, look at the touch menu and select the add camera features or button. With the up and down arrows, you should check the add camera features and from there choose check mark icon so as to add cam menu. Do not forget to enter the option you have chosen.
  • Sync the camera with the help of the left and right buttons, on touching the check mark icon images from the camera should start to blink on the monitor.
  • Check at the back of the camera head to find the code button, touch and hold the button for around 20 seconds to make the camera sync. Be patient for perfect results, do not release the button before it is time for you to do so.
  • Check to see if the images from your camera are clearly showing on your monitor, the only way you will know that the camera perfectly synced is after viewing the a picture of the camera you just added.
  • Failure for the camera to sync perfectly will call for repeating of the whole process and ensuring the monitor and camera are as close enough as they must be. They will only sync if they are in perfect positioning and not too far away from each other.


To get rid of a camera:

  • Activate the monitor by pressing the control panel in case you need to remove or delete any camera.
  • Highlight the CAM menu icon by touching the right arrow
  • To delete CAM touch the plus icon for highlighting this option
  • The square button should the last you should press so as to delete the particular camera that you want to delete.

Battery low beeping:

As soon as the baby monitor starts making the battery low sound then simply recharge it, as long as the battery is low the monitor will continue to make that beep not until your plug the monitor into power to charge it. On a full charge which takes between four to five hours you will get four hours of usage.

Getting feedback:

This is also a sign that the camera and monitor are placed too close to each other hence that frustrating feedback therefore as much as possible to keep both units on the right distance between each other. too close together is when the camera is less than 15 feet next to the monitor and too far away is any distance beyond 600 feet.

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