How To Use A Beard Trimmer – Get Good Stubble

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How To Use A Beard Trimmer

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Not every man wants to have a clean shave, these days, maintaining good stubble is more fashionable than having a real close shave. In the near future, beard trimmers will replace both safety razors and electric shavers, I can’t predict when, but it will happen. It is very easy to use a beard trimmer. Less preparation is required compared to using an electric shaver / straight razor and safety razor. By the time you’re reading this post, you either own a beard trimmer but you have no idea on how to use it or you want to get away from clean shaves and you’re planning to buy one.

Beard trimmers differ in types, some work in dry and wet conditions while others are just dry trimmers. When it comes to cost, multipurpose trimmers tend to cost more than normal dry beard trimmers, this is because of the ability they have to give you good stubble in all ways possible. With that in mind, let’s see how you can use a beard trimmer, follow these steps and get a good stumble.


  • Preparation: – If you want to trim your beard, you have to do preparation even before the day for trimming gets close. As you grow your beard, condition and exfoliate it every week, this will make it easy to trim. A thick course beard can be trick to trim, so you have to exfoliate that beard a few weeks before trimming. This will lift the beard very well and at the same time clear off dead skin.
  • Decide on the style of beard to have:- When you opt for this beard trimming option, you need to get the best beard style which goes well with your face shape. Men with long faces, you have to opt for a goatee because it pulls down the length of your face and makes it look shorter. However, there 3 factors which determine the style and structure of your beard and these include:

(1)Face shape

(2) – Growth of your beard ( how long and thick is your beard)

(3) – Naturalness of your beard

  • Choose the right tool: – You can trim your beard with either a clipper or a beard trimmer. On this website, I have featured some of the best beard trimmers and clippers from which you can choose from. Clippers are cheaper than beard trimmers, but it’s not easy to use a clipper unless when it has head attachments which you can use to set the level of your stubble, on the other hand, beard trimmers are tailored for this job, so you can easily adjust stubble length, some have 6 settings while others have 9 settings. Check out our listing of the best beard trimmers
  • Comb your beard: – Before trimming that beard, it has to be brushed out neatly; this will ensure that all underlying strands straighten up for trimming. You should brush your hair towards its grain (the direction to which it grown too), this prevents irritation and pulling of the skin. After combing your beard, you will notice that some hair is shorter than the other; this will give you a clear plan on how to trim specific sections of your beard.
  • Attach a trimming guide: – Every trimmer comes with a trimming guide, its role is to help you get a good stubble. You should trim your beard in different length, the first length should be longer, keep on adjusting the trimmer until you get the exact beard length you want, I suggest you trim your beard in 3 stages. However, the only way you can get better results is to start with your side-burn, this will give your beard the right edge, after that trim the all beard, but let your strokes start from the side burn as you go downwards toward the neck.
  • Adjust the trimming guide:- If the beard is still long after making several adjustments, adjust it to a shorter level, for example , you can set it at 4mm, this will give you a short beard, if that is not what you want, you can go up-to the last setting which is about 2mm, now this is the right setting for a stubble. Once you get this stubble, the next goal is to maintain it so that it doesn’t grow longer, but we shall cover that in another post.
  • Remove off that trimming guide:- After getting the right stubble, you should remove off that trimming guide and rotate the beard trimmer to cut the edges of your beard. After that, you can perfect certain sections of your beard; you can start with your chin and then go to the neck. If you want to clear beards on the neck, you should use a safety razor, but leather up the neck before shaving with a safety razor, this will prevent skin irritation and save you from getting bumps.

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How To Use A Beard Trimmer


Options I have listed above will help you get a general stubble look, but you also need tips on how to trim that mustache, but I will be brief in this section because there is less to do.

  • Brush out your mustache.
  • Define the line of the mustache by hold the trimmer towards its edges.
  • Put an attachment on the trimmer to give your mustache a desired level, the closer the setting the shorter the mustache.
  • After trimming it, remove the trimming guide and use bare blades of your beard trimmer to create perfect lines for your mustache.

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