How To Use A Blender Properly

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Blenders come in many different types and proper use of the blender will greatly depend on the type of blender that you have. While blenders can be used for a variety of things such a puree, blend, blend liquids and solid soft foods, chop among many others, it has some dos and don’ts that you must always keep at the back of your mind. Because of the very many tasks that the blender can get done perfectly, it is one of the most important machines that your kitchen must have. You must always be very careful with the staff you crush in your blender, the features that the blender has will always guide you on what and what not to blend in your machine. The blender’s manual usually has instructions that guide you on how to use the blender but in addition to those here are some basics and tips that will help you use your blender really well.

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  • Ensure that the blender is in perfect condition: in this you must check the blenders cord to see if it is not faulty at all, see if the blender is thoroughly clean and if it does not have any cracks or damages. If the blender has all these requirements then you can go ahead and use it for whatever you want.
  • Pour in your ingredients: to make your process fast, have all your ingredients nearby and put then inside the blender. If you are blending solid staff pour in some water first because they may prevent the blades from rotating well. The same applies for those that want to blend ice because ice alone will be too tough in the blades hindering them for moving perfectly.
  • Put the lid back and hold tightly: after you have placed all whatever you want to blend, cover the blender with its lid. The reason as to why you should hold the lid tight is to ensure that when you start blending the cover does not jump off sometimes the lid is not tight enough for the process to get done while it’s still closed.
  • Begin blending: the blender has different button such as puree, chop, mix among others, so press on the one you want to use and choose the speed setting of your choice. If the setting you have chosen is not giving you the results you want then go in for the high speed setting.
  • Pour away the dirt: after getting what you need the remainder will not be necessary so open the blender and pour it away. Turn the blades in direction opposite to the one they go when blending to be able to remove anything that may stick in them and at the bottom.
  • Wash the blender:you can either wash the blender in your dish washer or run it under running tap but you must wash and blades separately to make then thoroughly clean. Only wash the blades and jar, the base in which you sit your blender is not supposed to washed at any one point.

Blender use tips:  

  • Run the blender for the specified time: always run the blender for the exact period of time specified for it, running the blender longer than it is supposed to be run weakens it. It is only safe to exceed run time of your blender has the overload protection.
  • Be very cautious about the lid: even if your blender’s lid fits really tightly you have to hold it tight on to the blender. Another important thing is that you must never start the blender without the lid.
  • Pour water in the blender before any other ingredients: before you place any other ingredients into the blender pour water or any other liquid ingredient you ought to use. Solids prevent the blender blades from rotating well.
  • Do not fill the blender to maximum: leave some room for the ingredients to blend well even if they expand.
  • Remove the lid carefully: the first thing you should do is turn the blender off, wait for the blade to completely stop rotating then go can ahead and remove the lid.
  • Cut solids into smaller pieces first: when you are going to blend vegetable or any other solid foods then first cut them into smaller pieces so that it becomes easy for them to rotate around the blades.
  • Do not change a speed setting before the blender stops: if the speed settings you chose in the first place is not working the way you want then wait for the blender to stop then you can change the speed setting but do not do interrupt it if you have already started.
  • Do not deep the base in water: if you wish to clean the blender only wash the jar and the blades but just wipe the base of the blender. Never attempt to soak the blender’s base in water.
  • Only chop ice cubes in the blender if it has that function: only chop ice cubes in the blender if it allows you to and make sure to pour in water first before placing the ice cubes.
  • Add liquid if the blades are struggling: using low speed setting does not make the blades struggle so in case you notice that they are, it means they are having hard time to move through the ingredients. Add some more liquid to make the ingredients softer.
  • Be very watchful while blending hot liquids: as soon as you pour hot liquid in, wait for a few minutes so that the steam evaporates. Also remember that you cannot start at a high speed. The lower speed setting is more advised when blending hot staff then you can adjust later.
  • Ensure that all the parts of the blender are intact: make sure that the jar is perfectly fitted into the base before you start blending. In any case the blender is most likely not to start if it is not perfectly fixed into the base.

In conclusion, much as the blender can be used for a whole variety of things, there are some things that you are not allowed to do with it such as grinding raw meat and foods, mashing potatoes or whipping heavy cream because they can spoil the blender. But this does not mean you cannot get creative with your blender, you can try out making cocktails, making puddings, making jam or butter, making different soups and a lot more.

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