How To Use A Coffee Grinder For French Press

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If you really love taking coarsely ground (French-press), then it is better to grind for yourself fresh coffee-bean while at home using a coffee-grinder. In fact, the aroma and flavor of home-ground coffee-beans is far better than that of pre-ground coffee from supermarkets and this is why you should try to create your own French-press. Additionally, you should figure-out the grind-level that matches your coffee-maker (French-press) in order to achieve the best results. In fact, if really need coarsely ground coffee (French-press), then you actually be able to pick the right coffee-grinder for doing this job and that is why I have also decided to list for you some of the steps that you can actually follow while using a coffee-grinder for French-press.


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  1. Use a very coarse grind for French-press pots: in case you have French-press coffee maker, then you actually need a very coarse grind from your coffee-grinder. In fact, coarsely ground coffee will be a bit the same size as black-pepper corns hence you will have to use a coarse-setting on the grinder in order to achieve this grind. Additionally, larger pieces of ground coffee will create a cleaner cup of coffee whereas a fine grind will result into muddy or thick cup of coffee.
  1. Choose a grinder that matches your coffee-maker(French-press): after determining that you need coarsely ground coffee for your French-press pot, make sure select coffee-grinder that get you the desired coarse-level. in fact, there actually 3 main types of coffee-grinders to choose from and each grinder will actually provide with different grind-levels:
  • A blade coffee-grinder: this grinder is great and perfect at creating very coarse, medium-coarse, coarse and medium grinds. This is actually the coffee-grinder that works well for French-presses, drip-coffee makers and cold-brew makers. In fact, you have to pour the coffee-beans into this grinder and then select a coarse grind-setting in order to activate the blades that chop your coffee-beans into coarse texture.
  • A burr coffee-grinder: this grinder is most useful in case you want to achieve fine, medium-fine and very fine ground coffee. This actually the burr grinder perfect for creating espresso or Turkish-coffee and even burr-grinders more expensive than blade-grinders because you can set them to any level of grinding. Therefore, you can purchase a burr-grinder incase precision is important to you when creating coffee.
  • A hand coffee-grinder: in case you like grinding your coffee-beans in an old-fashioned way, then a hand-grinder will work perfectly for you. However, this hand coffee-grinder will not give you precise grind like electric-grinders but hand-grinders are actually fun to use and let you determine the coffee-texture from fine to coarse levels.


  1. Measure the coffee-beans: it is very important to measure out the coffee-beans to be ground for French-press. In fact you should measure about 2-tablespoons for coffee-beans per cup but this may differ slightly depending on your preferred taste although it is the general rule for coffee-making. For those who like strong-coffee, use 2-tablespoons of beans per 8-ounces. Additionally, your coffee-grinder and French-press maker will also play a big role in the strength of your coffee but it recommended to experiment first to figure-out the exact amount of beans to grind for French-press in order to achieve coffee that tastes great. On top of that, try to put the coffee-beans into the grinder according to the manufacturer’s instructions in order to achieve a perfect grind.


  1. Always grind the coffee-beans before brewing: try to grind coffee before brewing every time you are making coffee. However, most people are usually tempted to grind-up more coffee that is enough to last for a week or longer because this can be convenient and eliminates the noise of the grinder which may wake-up people every morning but its recommended to grind coffee regularly because it will actually taste better in case you use freshly ground-beans. In fact, if you bought whole-beans and you even have a coffee-grinder, then try to grind you coffee everyday in order to achieve the most out of your French-press.


  1. Grind the coffee-beans: grind your coffee-beans according to the manufacturer’s instructions. With a blade-grinder, press the pulsing-button to grind the beans until they reach a proper grind and you will even need to lift it and shake it up a bit between pulses in order to ensure that the beans are well-ground. In case you have a burr-grinder, then all you need to do is setting the grinder to a fine, medium or coarse level so that it can perform a proper grind. And with a hand coffee-grinder, pump the handle until the coffee-beans are ground to a desired level. However, it will take you a few tries and errors before you figure-out how to use a particular coffee-grinder in order to achieve exact grind you need to achieve a perfect cup of coffee.


  1. Put your ground coffee into a French-press maker: after grinding your coffee-beans to a desired coarseness, pour the ground coffee into your French-press pot and then add hot or cold water depending on what you prefer in order to create a perfect coffee-mixture. Begin serving your coffee.


  1. Clean your coffee-grinder: always clean your coffee-grinder after using it to grind the coffee-beans because this will help to remove any residue inside the grinder and even keep your coffee-grinder in a perfect condition for longer period of time.




  • Use a burr coffee-grinder in case you prefer getting a uniform size of ground particles because such particles ensure a full aroma brew.


  • Always make sure that the coffee being ground will be used within the next 2-3 days if you wish to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee daily. This is because coffee that is stored for a longer period of time tends to lose its taste and flavor which are the main aims of making coffee.


  • Most regular supermarkets/stores actually sell coffee-grinders of different types and you can acquire one for yourself for such stores. Additionally, in case you don’t have the time for purchasing a coffee-grinder from a store/supermarket, then you can actually acquire a grinder from an online store like Amazon and eBay.

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