How To Use A Coffee Grinder For Weed

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Weed can actually be ground to create marijuana-tea which is soothing and even helps to calm/relief pain or stress which is very common amongst people today. However, to grind and extract the THC-chemical in marijuana, butter or another form of fat must be heated with the tea. Additionally, you can even flavor your marijuana-tea by adding regular tea-leaves in order to create a blended chai-latte or even make a potent-drink from ground marijuana buds by simply putting them into plain hot-water in order to achieve a perfect herbal-drink that is very relaxing. Therefore, I have decided to list for you some of the methods you can use to grind weed using a coffee-grinder in order to achieve prefect marijuana-tea.

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  • Prepare your weed: begin by separating the stems and seeds from the weed if necessary and then use a sharp-knife to chop-up the buds to a reasonable size.
  • Grind the weed (marijuana-buds) using a grinder: place the chopped weed or marijuana-buds into the coffee-grinder and then select the desired grind-setting in order to begin the grinding. In fact, you will receive either a fine-ground or coarse-ground depending on the setting selected.
  • Fill the ground weed into a tea-bag: empty a tea-bag by simply using scissors to cut off the top the bag, empty the contents and then use a spoon to fill this bag with the ground marijuana. Fold the bag in order to prevent the marijuana from spilling-out. However, you can even decide to use a metal tea-bag or a coffee-filter in case you have one.
  • Place the tea-bag into a cup/mug: put 1 or 2 tea-bugs filled with weed into your cup or mug and then add boiled hot-water from either a stove on microwave. However, it’s recommended to use at least 2 regular teabags into your cup in order to enhance on the flavor.
  • Steep your cup of tea: after pouring the water into the mug, let the tea steep for about 3-5 minutes because the longer it steeps, the better the flavor will become.
  • Remove the weed-teabags: remove the tea-bags and stir in some sugar, honey or even milk in order to add a great taste to your tea. In fact, plain marijuana-tea has a nice herbal-flavor but it will not produce a high because it is recommended to use fat to extract the THC so as to get a full effect.



  • Sort-out your weed: sorting actually involves separating the seeds and stems from the weed if necessary and then chop-up the buds using a knife.
  • Use a coffee-grinder: pour the chopped weed-buds into the grinder and then select a desired grind-setting. Press the start button to grind the buds to a preferred grind-level.
  • Remove the ground weed (buds) and mix them with butter: get you your ground buds and then pour them into a bowl then use a spoon to mix-up the ground-buds and butter. Make sure that everything is mixed-up whereby all the ground-buds should be coated with butter but not too-much because this may hinder the release of THC.
  • Empty a teabag and fill it with a weed-butter mixture: get a pair of scissors and use it to cut off the top of the teabag and after empty the contents. Use a spoon to put the marijuana-butter mixture into the teabag then fold this bag in order to prevent the marijuana from spilling. On the other hand, you can also use a metal teabag or coffee-filter during this process in case you have one.
  • Boil water using a stove: pour water into a small pan and then place it over an oven set to a high-heat level but this water should only come to a simmer not a full-boil.
  • Simmer the weed teabag in water: simmer the teabag containing the weed-butter mixture in hot-water for about 30-minutes but try to reduce the heat in case the mixture starts to boil. In case the water is getting low, then try to add a little more so that it does not completely evaporate.
  • Remove the teabags: take the water off the heat-source and then remove the teabag, leave the marijuana-tea to for about 5-minutes then use it to prepare your tea.
  • Add honey or sugar to your tea: you can actually stir some sugar or honey in order to add taste to the marijuana-tea and then you will be ready to enjoy it. This marijuana-tea will take about 45-60 minutes to come into full effect. In fact, even with only 1.5-grams, this weed-tea will create a strong high.



  • Prepare your weed: start by separating out the stems and seeds from your weed if necessary and then chop-up the buds using a sharp knife.
  • Grind the weed in a coffee-grinder: pour the chopped-up weeds into the grinder and then begin crushing them but make sure that they are not ground to a completely powdered texture.
  • Mix-up your weed with other ingredients and then blend it: remove the weed from the grinder and then mix it milk, butter and vanilla. Place the ingredients/mixture into the blender and then blend until the mixture is completely smooth. Leave the mixture to rest for about an hour because this offers the flavors a chance to meld.
  • Pour the mixture into a saucepan with water and then simmer it: you will need to add water to mixture in a pan and then simmer it for about 30-minutes. But try to monitor the saucepan to make sure that it doesn’t start to boil or evaporate away. Additionally, add extra water if necessary in order to keep the level of the liquid constant.
  • Add a chai teabag to the mixture: remove the mixture from a heat-source and then add a chai-teabag to it. Steep the chai-teabag for about 5-minutes and during this period the tea will begin to cool.
  • Strain the mixture: strain the mixture using a fine-mesh sieve or piece of cheesecloth by simply placing it over the bowl and then pour tea through it in order to remove any small-pieces of bud. However, you can actually skip this step in case you don’t mind about the texture of your mixture.
  • Serve your weed-tea: pour the marijuana chai latte tea into a cup/mug and then enjoy. You may even stir-in some sugar or milk to enhance on the taste. Additionally, just 1/2-gram of this weed-tea will create a strong high.

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